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Dismantling the Mirror

Posted by RightWingRocker on February 22, 2008

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve had any problems with Blogger, and I’ve had enough of the headaches involved in maintaining two virtually identical blogs.  One of them has to go, or at least become more or less dormant.

The RWRepublic will remain at its current Blogspot address (with rightwingrocker.com also available), and the mirror site at wordpress.com will remain, but will not be updated.  Should this change for any reason, I’ll let you know.  TheWordPress site had few, if any, regular readers as far as I can tell, so anyone who’s been visiting there can come here to the Blogger site.

The WordPress site will continue to exist in case there are problems in the future, and maybe I’ll update it from time to time.  If you’ve been coming to the WordPress version of the RWRepublic, I enthusiastically invite you to come see us at the home of the RWRepublic!



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Iowa: Winners and Losers

Posted by RightWingRocker on January 5, 2008

The results are in in Iowa.

With all the resources she poured into Iowa, it’s a HUGE loss for Hitlery, and just as huge a win for Barack the Schlock. Make no mistake about it, Democrats there went for the newcomer, and BIG.

On our side, Fred Thompson was the clear winner of the three conservatives in the race, and if this caucus meant anything to Duncan Hunter, he’s done.

I also don’t see this as a huge win for Mike Huckabee, as he has a following in Iowa that simply cannot be discounted. Congratulations to him on the victory, but he’s not looking at doing as well elsewhere. Romney was as big a loser as Hitlery, thank God. Mitt was counting on Iowa, and will now have to rethink his strategy.

So, the biggest winner of the day was obviously Barack Obama. Hard to say whether the bigger loser is Hitlery or Mitt, as they both had put a lot into this one, and were both counting on easy wins. Hell, even The Breck Girl edged that witch out by a few tenths of a point!

As a note here, most analyses of Huckabee will show that he generally believes in conservative principles, but he also advocates using the government as an engine for applying them, even where the Constitution doesn’t allow it. This is the reason I have not been including Huck in the “conservative” camp. Abortion is the perfect example. Huck and real conservatives like myself (yes I know every conservative considers his own brand of conservatism as the only “real” brand of conservatism, but at least those of my stripe have the Constitution to stand with) both agree that abortion is the termination of a human life that should have been protected, and I applaud his work in getting a human life amendment passed in Arkansas. While I do support a federal amendment of that nature, I do not support any language contained therein making abortion a federal crime. After all, murder isn’t a federal crime, so why should abortion be? Let the states have that jurisdiction (which can easily be included in any human life amendment, by the way). Huckabee has explicitly stated that the states shouldn’t have this power, even though the Constitution doesn’t offer it to the fed – one size fits all, the typical liberal way of doing things. The overall analysis of Huck’s lack of conservative application of his conservative beliefs is material for another post.

Here’s something Sage will love to hear: Ron Paul beat Rudy 10.1% to 3.5%. I’m liking this too, except for one little detail: Rudy didn’t bother campaigning in Iowa, so who could have expected him to perform there? This makes it hard to gauge how successful he may have been, as he obviously didn’t care much how he did there – and I have NO information on what the Paul campaign was up to in Iowa.

As for the Thompson campaign, we did do a lot of work in Iowa, and were expecting somewhere between 10 and 15% of the vote. With that accomplished, we can move on to New Hampshire understanding that we have reached our goal so far. This caucus pretty much shows that Fred is the best-chanced conservative in the race.

In the meantime, it’s on to New Hampshire. Congrats to Mike and Barack. Go Fred!


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The Phone Rang Today …

Posted by RightWingRocker on January 3, 2008

Not usually a big deal at all – the phone ringing, that is. Actually, it was a message in the voicemail. It must have come in while I was shopping for musicians for an upcoming gig.

I figured it was one of the prospective musicians calling in, and prepared to inform him that I had found someone. Instead, I come to find it was one of the RWRepublic’s most faithful readers – one I have been promising a beer for well over a year now as a token of my appreciation for his awesome service to our great nation, as well as his support of my winning efforts in a bet with a certain liberidiot who will for now remain nameless (you can see the whole thing if you know where to look).

Not many of my readers actually have my phone number (I think Sage does – I hope Sage does). Given the description of the above conversation, it shouldn’t be hard for anyone who’s been around a while to know who called me today …


He’d been busy with a lot of things and had gotten out of touch. Still, don’t be too surprised if you find a comment or two from him on this thread. He’s doing great, folks. He’s taken on a new job (defense-related if I’m not mistaken) as a civilian, and living within a couple of hours of the RWRepublic! Looks like I’ll be getting that beer for him soon after all (did he say Guinness was his beer of choice?? – BRILLIANT!!). The move has had him going every which way, and it looks like there may be as much as a month or so before things calm down. In any case, I’m really excited to see him so close to home.

Bryan, if you’re reading this, welcome to the Northeast! Be careful, though. The moonbats here are more annoying than you may have imagined!!


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A Few Questions

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 3, 2007

I had a few thoughts this week, and wanted to see if I could put together a little quiz, since there are so many on the Internet today …

Which of each pair of statements are you more inclined to agree with?

1. a. It is the responsibility of the state to provide the opportunity for a livelihood and way of life for the citizens.
b. It is the responsibility of the people to provide for themselves and their families.

2. a. The US government should be responsible for elevating national health standards.
b. Americans would be better served with less government intervention in the health system.

3. a. Unearned income should be taxed at a high percentage.
b. Taxing dividends discourages investment and hurts the economy.

4. a. Business should be heavily taxed, regulated, or controlled outright by the government.
b. The government should avoid involvement in any business matters.

5. a. Freedom of religion for all religious denominations is ok so long as they do not oppose the moral senses of any non-religious person.
b. Thre should be no restrictions on the freedom of religion.

6. a. Anything that can be done to help Social Security do more for seniors should be done, and without hesitation.
b. Social Security was a bad idea in the first place, and should be done away with.

7. a. We should insist upon a healthy middle class and its conservation.
b. The middle class is completely capable of maintaining its own economic health, as well as increasing its prosperity on its own.

8. a. For the purposes of public utility, it is acceptable for the government to expropriate land from private citizens, as was done in Kelo v. New London.
b. Kelo v. New London was an unacceptable violation of citizens’ constitutional rights.

9. a. We should substitute a common law in place of the materialistic world-order that has been brought about by American capitalism.
b. There is nothing wrong with a little materialism in life. It does a body good!

10. a. The US government should be responsible for our whole national education program, to enable every capable and industrious American to obtain higher education.
b. The US government would be wise to vacate its current involvement in the education system, and leave the business of educating kids to the States.

Just curious to see how my readers, liberal and conservative alike, think. Please answer in the comment area.



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One Year Later

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 25, 2007

I swung by today before typing my class notes for the week and noticed I had as many hits as I would typically have had on an average blogging day – and I haven’t had an average day blogging for quite some time. I realized that a year had passed since the last time I posted about having won that bet with Freder_Frederson, and figured some people may have come by to see if I had anything to say about it.

Not that I have much to say. CENTCOM still isn’t reporting anything about a civil war raging in Iraq, Bryan has been quiet (and I do know that he’s been re-deployed somewhere, possibly even Iraq), Omar’s most recent mention of it was this past June, and it went something like this:

For over a year the media and many officials were spooking us with the exaggerated ghost of civil war.

Mohammed, also this past June:

Attacking the Askari shrine for the second time emphasizes how those who ordered the attacks have been betting their money on this tactic to spark civil war in Iraq.

So … Still no civil war in Iraq.  And, of course, still no steak dinner from Freder.  No surprise.  For Freder, the civil war started the day President Bush took the Oath of Office.

All this talk of civil war was for the purpose of discrediting the President.  Why not discredit him for laying off Iran and Syria?  Why not discredit him for refusing to secure the borders?  After all, if you want to discredit President Bush, those are two areas in which he is particularly vulnerable.

Of course, the answer to those questions is simple.  Liberals are even LESS credible on those issues than the President.  The criticism he gets from Iraqis isn’t from dethroning Saddam or failing to contain the terrorists there.  The Iraqis are all too aware that these kinds of problems were going to exist.  Iraqis complain that President Bush didn’t cut off the “insurgency” at its source (Iran and Syria), not that he dethroned Saddam.

The libs are also on the same side as the President when it comes to securing the borders.  They’re mostly for amnesty and against fencing off the Southern border.  They’re just as fucked up as the President when it comes to that as well.

Still, imagine what we would have had with a President Gore or Fuckweasel.  I shudder to think.  I’ll take ANY of the candidates running for the Republican nomination over Hitlery or Barack the Schlock, and you can rest assured that that’s where the Donks are headed – right into Hitlery’s concentration camp.  I’ll take eight years of a liberal Republican over her socialism any day – better to complain about the erosion of rights over time and have it eventually be reversible than to have to live under a Hitlery regime that could possibly convince America to give up our sacred Constitution and never go away.  If you don’t think Hitlery is capable of that, you had better look again.

She and people like Freder are the greatest threat our Constitution has faced in the history of our Republic.


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Keep Your Head Up, April

Posted by RightWingRocker on July 30, 2007

My recent post, in which I explained what the Donks were REALLY saying when they said certain things, brought forth some commentary from a newer reader who came to us via Moonbat Monitor’s blog.

“Progressive”. So, is that the ne politically correct way of saying America hating, socialist, f**k the Constitution, I’ll change the laws to suit my nanny state ideas, do it my way or else, liberal? And will we be charged with some kind of ‘ism’ if we use the L word now?


April is pretty much always right on point. I often wonder why I don’t see a blog out there with her name on it. Maybe she has one and I just don’t know about it. I responded as follows:

That’s the new word, April. You’re right on top of it, as usual.

HAHA … Yep. Do we get to pick which ism? Make mine Catholicism. It’s just too provocative and right to pass up!

Go Benny!



I had to have a little fun! Any why not Catholicism? Sure beats socialism, liberalism, communism and, of course, progressivism. April didn’t seem consoled:

The fact that I’m on top of it makes not a whit of difference. The left has taken over this country by changing the laws over the past thirty years to suit their agenda, and my voice (and the majority of Americans’) has been sufficiently stifled. Who’s Benny?


Again, she’s right on point, mostly. The Left hasn’t changed the laws per se to suit their agenda. What they’ve done is ignored and usurped them, particularly those laws that impose limitations upon what powers they may have once elected to office.

After I submitted and re-read my response to this, I realized that there were some really important points in it (which I believe warranted creating this post):

Ahh … Forgot you’re new here …

“Benny” is my nickname for Pope Benedict XVI. Most people don’t have any idea of the influence he had in the administration of JPII. He was the perfect choice at the time, and will certainly prove one of the great leaders in the history of the church, despite the size of the shoes he now must fill.

The Left’s assault on America started long before LBJ. It’s only since then that people have noticed. Your voice is important, April, because without it, the voices of the true Patriots in this country would be further silenced.

This is the one positive I see in the Ron Paul candidacy. He’s brought out a bunch of conservative voices that have avoided participation for decades. Even though his chances of winning the primary or the general election are less than nil, his conservative voice (and that of his following) is a strong magnet pulling the debate in its proper direction – the Right.

Though I sincerely fear a Schlock or Hitlery presidency, I know in my heart of hearts that the conservative movement has the upper hand in this election, just because of the power of the conservative voices shouting to save the freedoms the Left would force us to surrender.

There’s a reason the Right is called the Right. And it has to do with more than just the direction.



Of course, it was only fair that I let her in on who “Benny” is.  After that, a brief history lesson.  The assault on the Constitution began in earnest in the early part of this century when FDR tuned the Constitution on its head.  Those of us who adore and respect President Lincoln have to shoulder a small part of the blame for this, due to his doing the right thing for all the right reasons but without the real authority to do it (freeing the slaves).  FDR simply applied that concept to his belief that implementing socialism was the right thing to do, and that his intentions were good, even though he had no authority to do it.

Still, two wrongs don’t make a right, and there’s a BIG difference between releasing people from slavery that they never should have been forced to endure and forcing an entire nation into government servitude simply because its people are having difficulty on the economic front.

April’s voice, like those of Moonbat Monitor, MrMinority, Emperor Misha, and others, are necessary for the defeat of this onslaught of socialist extremism we face today.  We simply cannot have her voice go silent like so many have.  We will need every conservative to stand firmly against socialism in the coming election cycle, as Hitlery does have a shot, and a big enough one that we cannot afford to stand by aloof.

I also refer to the Ron Paul candidacy.  This is a very important reference, as Ron Paul is a very important candidate in this race.  While I stand a better chance of throwing a snowball from Philadelphia to Hitlery’s home in Illinois, Arkansas, or New York (pick one – I can’t reach any of them from Philly) than Mr. Paul does of winning the primaries, he and his following are serving an EXTREMELY important purpose – FORCING THE DEBATE TO THE RIGHT.

Say what you want about the nutcases that actively support Mr. Paul.  Lord knows I’ve said plenty here at the RWRepublic, but make no mistake about it – these people are not going to go away just because their candidate loses the nomination.  They’ve been a silent but frustrated lot, and now they are returning to activism.  That means more conservatives involved in the discourse.

That can only be a good thing, even if some of them toss their vote to the Libertarian Party (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as there’s a corresponding siphon party on the Left having the same effect).  Most will support the winner of the Republican primary, given the fact that they, through their candidate, had the real and fair opportunity to influence the party’s direction, and will continue to do so in the future.

That’s why I say conservatives have the upper hand.  It’s not in the bag by a long shot, but we do have the upper hand.


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Another Great Voice Goes Silent

Posted by RightWingRocker on July 25, 2007

What’s with bloggers these days?

At each and every turn, another voice of the right goes silent. This weekend, Katey announced that her blog will be shut down in the very near future.

Kate was truly one that belonged to the GLOB (Gorgeous Ladies Of the Blogosphere). I’ve seen pics.

With the voices of Delfts, Paul, CJ, Mama, TripleNeck, and Fox all going silent, I’m going to need to have a new section of the BlogRWRoll for “The Silent MajoRWRity”.

Folks, I promise to hang in there as long as you are reading, despite my current lapse in productivity. It’s the school thing. Studying is eating up all of the time I used to devote to research and writing.

In the meantime, all my best wishes and a musical prayer go out to Kate.

The Lord bless you and keep you
The Lord lift His countenance upon you,
And give you peace, and give you peace;
The Lord make His face to shine upon you,
And be gracious, and be gracious;
The Lord be gracious, gracious unto you.

– Peter C. Lutkin (1858-1931)


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Exam Prep …

Posted by RightWingRocker on July 24, 2007

I was going to send blogger kudos to the Pope for his relaxing restrictions on the Latin Mass, but I realized that was all I knew about current events, due to my intense studying for the next big tech exam.

Another interference is the performing world. We went from nothing to rehearsing two nights a week and from no active clients to three, all in the space of a couple of weeks. Not that it’s a bad thing or a problem, but it does cut into blogging time (and time to read anything other than the current tech manual).

After the exam, I’ll make a run around the blogosphere and get something up. I should be taking it sometime late next week.

Say a prayer. Failure is not an option.


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Fred’s Going to Run

Posted by RightWingRocker on July 17, 2007

Well, The Washington Post (yeah I know – lots of credibility … NOT) says so. Actually, they quoted Thompson advisor Mary Matalin (who IS credible) as saying this:

“He has made up his mind,” she said. “And one can appreciate that planning the announcement of what’s on his mind needs to take place in a deliberative fashion.”

I’m not sure about the strategy. It seems to me waiting until September may not be the best idea. Still, Matalin and Thompson, et. al. are more experienced in campaign matters than I.

Let’s hope they’re right.


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Comment Spam from the Ron Paul Crowd

Posted by RightWingRocker on June 19, 2007

The Ron Paul campaign has it all wrong.

They somehow are running with the notion that hitting every blog post that takes a position critical of Ron Paul with nasty comment after nasty comment. Somehow they figure this is going to get their candidate elected. All it’s really doing is exposing the Paul campaign and its supporters for the nutjobs that they are.

First, let’s make it very clear that I have no problem with Ron Paul. In fact, I posted my recent piece with the intention of proving him to be the most conservative candidate among the three I was analyzing, and even said so (proof that these comment spammers didn’t read my post before throwing around their nasty comments).

My hypothesis at the beginning was that Paul would run away with the “most conservative” label, despite his non-support of protecting Americans from terrorists, with Thompson and Hunter coming in second and third, with second place being too close to call.

After all, I do consider Libertarians in general more conservative than Republicans or (God forbid) Donks. Instead of reading my thoughtful analysis and commenting on it, these idiots decided to hit me over the head with their foolishness.

Ron Paul wants to get rid of the IRS and replace it with NOTHING! No more income taxes is that conservative enough for you? The other two neocons are just that NEOCONS! Ron Paul is the ONLY true conservative on the republican ticket. He’s the ONLY reason I am going to change my party affliation to republican and you can thank HIM for that not the NEOCONS! Thank you very much.


Yup … and I support Paul and anyone else who wants to do just that. Still, what can you say to defend your position that Paul is more conservative than Hunter or Thompson? This is not a place where you get to throw words around and put up campaign slogans. If you’re going to say something, then you had better be able to back it up.

I am fairly certain that ontheissues.org does not take into account all of the pork and unconstitutional amendments tacked on to these “conservative” bills. There is a reason that Ron Paul received the nickname of “Dr No” from his fellow congressmen. He consistently votes against unconstitutional bills, even if the bill has good intentions. Strictly following the Constitution is about as conservative as you can get. Agree with him or not, study the man, and you will find he has principles.

May I suggest (No you may not).


“No you may not” was my addition, removing a campaign commercial for Ron Paul. This is a classic example of attacking the messenger when you can’t argue on the facts. How about Paul’s non-conservative YES votes? Read the information. It’s there.

Principles, my ass. Ron Paul is the same guy who made clear that he agreed that 9/11 was the work of Islamofascist terrorists, yet he kisses as with the “truther” crowd again and again. If that’s what you call “principles”, then you’re much better off hanging out at DU.

What a joke. You don’t even explain what in the hell a so-called “conservative” position is. I wonder if you would even know it if it bit you on the tookus.

Here’s a hint: nuking Iran != conservative position. Here’s another: getting support of Bush family != conservative position. I think that just about says it all right there.


Here’s another idiot who has no clue.

I explain rather clearly what I consider a “conservative” position.

In deciding what to call conservative, I considered factors such as a position’s constitutionality (which the Republicans ignore and the Libertarians obsess over) and its relevance with regard to said constitutionality and/or freedom (getting the government out of places it doesn’t belong – like your wallet).

Didn’t read the post. You’re lucky I didn’t delete your sorry-ass comment.

Nuking Iran = conservative position? Yup. It is the responsibility of those in the government to secure the rights of the American people. That includes Life, Liberty, and Property. Ahmagaynutjob has made it abundantly clear that he will involve himself in the destruction of these rights by any means possible. Just read anything the guy says any given day for the proof. If nukes are necessary to keep him at bay, then so be it.

As far as supporting Bush being a conservative position, I challenge anyone – and I do mean ANYONE – to demonstrate that I have in any way been blind in support of this president, or even that I consider him conservative to begin with. Find it. Go on. You have two and a half years worth of posts here to draw on.

*** crickets ***

I’m waiting …

*** crickets ***

You won’t find it because it’s not here. If I disagree with the president, I don’t change my opinion to comply. I criticize the president often. Of course, if I agree, I make that clear, too. I don’t just blindly disagree with him, either, as many Libertarians, and even more Donks, are apt to do.

If you think Ron Paul took the non-conservative position on guns 3 times out of 6, you have the positions labeled incorrectly. He has never voted against the Second Amendment, and never will.


OnTheIssues.com’s listing of Ron Paul’s gun control positions:

* Ease procedures on the purchase and registration of firearms. (Nov 1996) – conservative
* Allow law-abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms. (Nov 1996) – conservative
* Voted NO on prohibiting product misuse lawsuits on gun manufacturers. (Oct 2005) – NOT conservative
* Voted NO on prohibiting suing gunmakers & sellers for gun misuse. (Apr 2003) – NOT conservative
* Voted NO on decreasing gun waiting period from 3 days to 1. (Jun 1999) – NOT conservative
* Support the Second Amendment . (Dec 2000) – conservative

Easing restrictions is a conservative position. Ron Paul voted AGAINST protecting gun manufacturers and sellers from lawsuits arising from the sale of their product – TWICE. He also voted AGAISNT easing restrictions on people’s ability to acquire arms in a timely manner. That’s three out of six. If you want to bring forth arguments as to reasons Paul may have been justified in so voting, so be it. You may even change my mind. Still, until you do, Ron Paul is 3 for 6 on conservative votes on gun control.

Hear, Hear once again! Hawkins has exposed his bias in terms of HIS idea of a conservative which ignores the fact that it used to include classical liberals of which, I am glad to report Ron Paul can be counted. He has simply ignored the information about Paul that does not suit his(Hawkins) agenda.


In the interest of full disclosure, Sage is a friend of mine, and a very good one at that. He is by far the most conservative person I know, and a Bush-hating Libertarian. In our own personal discourse, however, he seems more suited to the Tom Tancredo crowd, and I’m not sure why he isn’t riding that bandwagon instead of going with these loonies. The main position that Sage takes (and you wouldn’t get this from his comments here at the RWRepublic) that causes me to think that is his position on the War on Terror. He doesn’t agree with it. He thinks it’s the wrong thing to do. But he hopes those that are prosecuting the war – those that agree with it and believe it is the right thing to do – are right. Sounds much more Tancredo to me than Paul.

That having been said, Sage, you are mistaken in pinning this on Hawk. I did this research hoping to prove Hawk wrong. It only served to prove him right (at least when it comes to Paul and his buddy Hunter). This post is entirely about what I think about the candidates and the information given. I don’t claim it to be complete, but given what I see in the reports on ontheissues.com, which has been VERY fair to ALL the candidates EVERY time I’ve gone there, this is what I see.

What bothers me is the hate speech that these people engage in. You’d think they would want to attract more people to their candidate who, by the way, despite my findings here, is still a very good one. Instead, they engage in these shady practices and turn people away.

Is there anyone here who would deny that Ron Paul would be a better president than Hitlery? I don’t think so. All I did was research the level of conservatism in the voting and position records of three candidates and offered my opinion of them. Don’t you think someone who wanted me to vote for their candidate would show a little respect for that position?

I guess not.


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Ron Paul: The LEAST Conservative??

Posted by RightWingRocker on June 17, 2007

John Hawkins submitted last week that Ron Paul (whom I am not supporting) is “the least conservative member of Congress running for President.” Hmm … I’d have to look into that. Maybe a little side-by-side of Paul with Hawkins’ buddy Duncan Hunter. Oh, and don’t bother following Hawkins’ link. There’s NO information there about either candidate’s voting record. For good measure, I’ll put Fred Thompson’s voting stats up as well. After all, he’s the one I currently support. Stats are from ontheissues.org, a really good site for issue-by-issue voting record research. Let’s just see who’s who here.

Issue#1: Abortion

Paul: Of 14 votes/positions, 10 Conservative – 71%
Hunter: Of 14 votes/positions, 12 Conservative – 85%
Thompson: Of 3 votes/positions, 3 Conservative – 100%

Issue #2: Budget & Economy

Paul: Of 3 votes/positions, 2 Conservative – 66%
Hunter: Of 1 vote/position, 1 Conservative – 100%
Thompson: Of 3 votes, positions, 3 Conservative – 100%

Issue #3: Civil Rights

Paul: Of 7, 4 Conservative – 57%
Hunter: Of 7, 5 Conservative – 71%
Thompson: Of 9, 7 Conservative – 77%

Issue #4: Corporations

Paul: Of 2, 0 Conservative – 0%
Hunter: Of 1, 0 Conservative – 0%
Thompson: Of 0, 0 – 0%

(note: Bankruptcy votes were not clear enough to make a proper comparison, so they were omitted)

Issue #5: Crime

Paul: Of 3, 1 Conservative – 33%
Hunter: Of 6, 3 Conservative – 50%
Thompson: Of 5, 3 Conservative – 60%

Issue #6: Drugs

Paul: Of 5, 4 Conservative – 80%
Hunter: Of 3, 1 Conservative – 33%
Thompson: Of 2, 0 Conservative – 0%

Issue #7: Education

Paul: Of 8, 5 Conservative – 62%
Hunter: Of 8, 5 Conservative – 62%
Thompson: Of 8, 7 Conservative – 87%

Issue #8: Energy & Oil

Paul: Of 10, 9 Conservative – 90%
Hunter: Of 10, 7 Conservative – 70%
Thompson: Of 6, 3 Conservative – 50%

Issue #9: Environment

Paul: Of 3, 1 Conservative – 33%
Hunter: Of 4, 4 Conservative – 100%
Thompson: Of 4, 2 Conservative – 50%

Issue #10: Families & Children

Paul: Of 2, 2 Conservative – 100%
Hunter: Of 2, 1 Conservative – 50%
Thompson: Of 1, 1 Conservative – 100%

Issue #11: Foreign Policy

Paul: Of 9, 7 Conservative – 77%
Hunter: Of 6, 4 Conservative – 66%
Thompson: Of 7, 7 Conservative – 100%

Issue #12: Free Trade

Paul: Of 8, 8 Conservative – 100%
Hunter: Of 8, 6 Conservative – 75%
Thompson: Of 7, 2 Conservative – 28%

Issue #13: Government Reform

Paul: Of 13, 13 Conservative – 100%
Hunter: Of 12, 8 Conservative – 66%
Thompson: Of 7, 2 Conservative – 87%

Issue #14: Gun Control

Paul: Of 6, 3 Conservative – 50%
Hunter: Of 3, 3 Conservative – 100%
Thompson: Of 4, 4 Conservative – 100%

Issue #15: Health Care

Paul: Of 11, 6 Conservative – 54%
Hunter: Of 11, 4 Conservative – 36%
Thompson: Of 8, 3 Conservative – 37%

Issue #16: Homeland Security

Paul: Of 17, 14 Conservative – 82%
Hunter: Of 13, 7 Conservative – 53%
Thompson: Of 9, 7 Conservative – 77%

Issue #17: Immigration

Paul: Of 6, 6 Conservative – 100%
Hunter: Of 6, 6 Conservative – 100%
Thompson: Of 3, 3 Conservative – 100%

Issue #18: Jobs

Paul: Of 4, 4 Conservative – 100%
Hunter: Of 5, 4Conservative – 80%
Thompson: Of 3, 2 Conservative – 66%

Issue #19: Socialist Security

Paul: Of 3, 3 Conservative – 100%
Hunter: Of 3, 3 Conservative – 100%
Thompson: Of 4, 3 Conservative – 75%

Issue #20: Tax Reform

Paul: Of 14, 14 Conservative – 100%
Hunter: Of 13, 13 Conservative – 100%
Thompson: Of 4, 3 Conservative – 75%

Issue #21: Technology

Paul: Of 4, 3 Conservative – 75%
Hunter: Of 5, 1 Conservative – 20%
Thompson: Of 2, 2 Conservative – 100%

Issue #22: War & Peace

Paul: Of 5, 0 Conservative – 0%
Hunter: Of 5, 5 Conservative – 100%
Thompson: Of 4, 3 Conservative – 75%

Issue #23: Welfare & Poverty

Paul: Of 4, 0 Conservative – 0%
Hunter: Of 4, 4 Conservative – 100%
Thompson: Of 4, 2 Conservative – 50%

I really expected Ron Paul to perform better in that last category. I would think any scaling back of the welfare state would be a yes vote for a Libertarian like Paul, yet he voted for $70 million in grants for just that – the welfare state. He also voted no on a number of conditions that would be placed upon welfare recipients – conditions that would make it harder to be on welfare – conditions that would have amounted to a significant scaling back of the welfare state, possibly even to the point of its phasing itself out.

I also expected Hunter and Thompson to be more conservative. Not more conservative than Paul, but I noticed in general that Hunter may, in fact, have turned out to be the most conservative, even of the three. So now with that having been said (these were mere thoughts), let’s tally the result:

Before doing this, let me emphasize that I consider Libertarians to be conservative – and MORE SO THAN REPUBLICANS. I don’t see the political spectrum as a big square upon which you could plot points in quadrants. I see it as a simple line along which you would plot your point as in a number line. Libertarians are CLEARLY to the right of Republicans, especially if you look at things this way. Call it two-dimensional if you like, but it is correct and a whole lot more accurate than any attempt to three-dimensionalize a political position. In a nutshell, it’s either conservative, or it ain’t.

In deciding what to call conservative, I considered factors such as a position’s constitutionality (which the Republicans ignore and the Libertarians obsess over) and its relevance with regard to said constitutionality and/or freedom (getting the government out of places it doesn’t belong – like your wallet). Also, Thompson’s votes, unlike Paul’s and Hunter’s, were made in the Senate, where there could be significant differences with regard to the actual vote. I tried to keep this in mind as well. Here we go …

Conservative Average

Ron Paul – 66% Conservative
Duncan Hunter – 70% Conservative
Fred Thompson – 72% Conservative

This study turned my understanding of the candidates upside-down. I had previously viewed Paul as a staunch Libertarian type who could seriously out-conservative any of the major candidates – certainly Fred Thompson, a Senator. My hypothesis at the beginning was that Paul would run away with the “most conservative” label, despite his non-support of protecting Americans from terrorists, with Thompson and Hunter coming in second and third, with second place being too close to call.

Instead, I do wind up seeing Hunter as the more conservative congressman (between himself and Ron Paul, at least – kudos to Hawk for picking up on that), with Thompson actually coming in a little more conservative than Hunter. Of course, as a Thompson supporter, this is a very pleasant surprise. To this point, my support for Thompson has been largely on the grounds that he is optimistic, ELECTABLE (Hunter and Paul are not), and a supporter of one of the most important philosophies of our culture (federalism), which has been coming under attack by powerful, greedy liberals. His open support of Federalism is a strong point that no other candidate has expressed.

And now we learn just how conservative he really is.


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Opus: No Dad?

Posted by RightWingRocker on June 15, 2007

I grew up a fan of the Bloom County Comic Strip. I wish I had more access and time to its newer incarnation, “Opus”. The thing I really liked about the strip was that it was just downright silly and idiotic at times (“Real cats don’t eat lasagne.”), and Bill the Cat was the perfect antidote to a world obsessed with that annoying cartoon cat Garfield, the mere thought of whom still makes my skin crawl.

It seems this week Berkeley Breathed touched a nerve when he published this strip featuring Opus and a couple of kids. Feminazis gloated. The anti-male-bashing crowd bitched. I might have as well, except for one thing: I read the strip. I have a completely different opinion, one a bit closer to Kathleen Parker’s position in her column today. You see, Breathed did more than put up just one more overexaggeration of the dark side we all have (both male and female). He called attention to the foolishness of those who depict men (and fathers in particular) so consistently in a negative light. He expertly implemented Rush Limbaugh’s technique of “demonstrating absurdity by being absurd”, and aroused thoughts and emotions in people. Never mind what those thoughts and emotions were – everyone is going to react differently, and a cartoonist knows that – he forced Americans to THINK for a minute.

Some got the message, others didn’t. Some simply applied whatever ideology was most convenient for them, as always happens. Ultimately, and hopefully, the end result of this cartoon will be renewed debate on the merits of fatherhood. Hmm … hold on a minute while I go hug my daughter …

You know, my girls give the best “Daddy’s Girl” hugs you would ever imagine …

The merits of fatherhood, and more importantly, the fact that a bad father is more often than not better than no father at all (as long as we’re not talking abuse). In many ways, that’s my point about this week’s edition of “Opus”. Still, I think Ms. Parker said it best.

Two mommies may work out fine for some children. And some men, just like some women, are contemptible slobs or worse. But neither observation diminishes the larger truth that children need fathers, most of whom are not, in fact, the cartoonish characters we love to loathe.Breathed’s comic strip, intended or not, revealed where we have arrived as a society in our attitudes toward male role models, otherwise known as fathers: Two lesbian mommies are cool, while dad is a violent, profane, impulsive, substance-abusing slob. In such a world, we can be grateful for an existential penguin whose voice offers a counterweight to the know-nothingness of children.

Opus Penguin asked the appropriate question: “No dad?”

No dad? I couldn’t imagine.


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RWR Troll Poll: Serious or Satire?

Posted by RightWingRocker on June 14, 2007

OK. We’ve had some pretty interesting discussions here about “John Brown”, a lib-troll blogger/commentor (hasn’t commented here) who is just so far out there that I just don’t see any way he could be anything but a very clever satirist. Still, there are others who beg to differ. They think he’s serious and real.

Soooo … Have a look at John Brown’s blog, and let’s have your vote. Poll comments are enabled, so please be sure and leave them on the poll instead of in the comment area.

Serious or Satire?
Is “John Brown” of Savage Justice a satire troll or a serious liberidiot troll??
Dude. This guy is HILARIOUS! Satire for sure!!
Probably satire, but ya know there’s always a chance …
Whoa, man. Ya know I just can’t tell.
Probably a lib-troll, but who knows …
Lib-troll for sure. Only serious people can be this seriously sick (and stupid)!
View Result
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Sorry. This is not coming up properly on the wordpress site. Please vote at BlogSpot. Thanks!


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THIS will drive the Left NUTS !!

Posted by RightWingRocker on June 13, 2007

Our new reader, Nanc put up a link or two that I checked out. A reader on a blog that she frequents had this article linked in the comment area. It doesn’t appear to have a URL of its own, so I will paste the whole article here:

Memorial To Be Dedicated June 12
Rep. Tom Lantos Will Deliver the Keynote
President George W. Bush Invited

“The world has been reluctant to acknowledge the horrors of Communism… Now at last they will be memorialized.” – Washington Times

The Victims of Communism Memorial will be dedicated on Tuesday morning, June 12, 2007, in Washington, D.C. Rep. Tom Lantos, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, will give the keynote address while Rep. Dana Rohrabacher will deliver remarks. President George W. Bush has also been invited to speak. A crowd of 1,000 including Congressional leaders, members of the diplomatic corps, ethnic leaders, foreign dignitaries, and Memorial supporters, is expected to attend the historic event.

The dedication will take place at the Memorial site at the intersection of Massachusetts Ave., N.W., New Jersey Ave., N.W., and G St., N.W., two blocks from Union Station and within view of the U.S. Capitol. A reception will follow the ceremony.

The day’s activities will conclude with a gala dinner at the J.W. Marriott Hotel, at which a Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom will be presented to William F. Buckley, Jr., and the late Senator Henry M. (Scoop) Jackson. Senator Joe Lieberman will present the Medal of Freedom to Senator Jackson’s daughter, Anna Marie Laurence.

To make reservations for the day’s events and for further information, please contact [name deleted] at [contact information deleted].

June 12 will be an historic day for the victims of communism and for those who love liberty. We hope to see you there!

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, Copyright 2007

A monument in Washington memorializing the victims of communism – Just when you thought America was already in the shit from things like communism on our soil, a (hopefully) big monument goes up alerting the world to its evils. Do you think America will get it now?

Don’t hold your breath. The handouts that communists and socialists promise are far too tempting, and those who have taken advantage of those already in place have allowed themselves to become dependent upon them.

You know, this tinfoil hat just isn’t making me any more liberal. I think it’s time to retire it.


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Blogging in a Tinfoil Hat

Posted by RightWingRocker on June 11, 2007

I dunno …

Maybe I’m just too conservative for the world. Maybe I need to become more liberal. But how? The world isn’t going to change just because I said it should. Maybe I need a little help …

Until further notice, I’ll be doing all my blogging wearing this tinfoil hat. Hopefully Reynolds is a good enough brand.

I just don’t know, though. Does anyone believe this will change me????



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This was Fun

Posted by RightWingRocker on June 5, 2007

While studying tonight, I took frequent breaks and followed John Hawkins’s LiveBlog of tonight’s Republican Debate.

What made it most fun was reading the LiveBlog without watching the debate. So John would comment on something someone said without quoting him, and I’d just be reading what he had to say about it. Hilarious!

Well come on. Any Republican debates going on now are a total waste of time and energy for the candidates and for us. Same for the Donks. What does anyone really expect to accomplish NOW? The likely primary winner on the Republican side hasn’t even joined the race, Giuliani and McCain are RINOs, Hunter and Gilmore are nobodies, so are Tommy, Sam, and Huck, and Tanc and Paul are Libertarian nutjobs who will get elected MAYBE if all the liberals in the Democrat and Republican Parties can be killed off in time for the primaries.

It’s all a big joke. We have a war on in this party. Rush is absolutely right about that. We federalist conservatives MUST win it, and BEFORE the primaries, so that there is a true winner standing for the principles of freedom and federalism that have made America great on the ticket to beat Hitlery and Barack the Schlock. This is MUCH more important than these silly irrelevant debates.

The Revolution has begun, and it WILL be televised.

It will be hard work, but saving America from those who would turn it over to the government will be well worth the effort.


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How the Blogosphere Has Changed

Posted by RightWingRocker on May 29, 2007

They say that the only thing in the world that’s constant is change, and oh, how right they are.

Over two hundred years ago, we had a group of patriots who were willing to sacrifice everything for the cause of freedom. Many did just that. Today, there are very few willing to take that stand. Sad enough, but that’s not what I sat down today to lament.

This weekend, as I was thinking about those who have given their lives to protect my freedom from foreign adversaries (while those funding the effort systematically and ironically work to dismantle that same freedom from within), I realized that the blogosphere as I know it has changed drastically in the two-and-a-half years since I joined the chorus.

The RWRepublic officially came into being February 1, 2005. I had been cruising around cooperforpresident.com (no longer around), Little Green Footballs (which I stopped visiting in the early going), and the Rottie (still the most powerful voice around … you go, Emperor!), and was inspired to add my voice.

Some really great minds found their way here in the early going, and many stayed as regulars. Sadly, many of these great voices have either fallen silent or have scaled back their involvement considerably. This isn’t a complaint. People have to do what they have to do. It’s just sad when a friend has to move on. Paul has a new baby, who is surely keeping him busy. TripleNeckSteel has found bigger things with his new business. Delfts has had major health problems and can’t post as often as he used to. Mama had gone silent as well, but has posted recently about the horrors being wrought upon the world by the Chinese government. Even RantingFox went silent for a while, and seems to be taking another (much-deserved) vacation.

The right loses power when voices like these go quiet. CooperForPresident was some seriously awesome comic relief. Thank God Misha is still around, though I wish I could be more active in my commenting there.

Thank God also for those voices that have stuck around, and the new voices that carry us still. Van Helsing still posts a great site, though his comments around here are missed. Sage has been pretty quiet at R&S, but has kept the fires burning with his commentary here. Ol’ BC still pats me on the back quite often, and for that I’m grateful. Moonbat Monitor’s rants are on point and rival those of the great Emperor himself. RWN is still a great place to go for serious discussion of the issues of the day, even though I disagree with Hawk’s choice of candidate, and MrMinority will always be a favorite of mine as well.

I guess I’ve just been missing the people that inspired me to keep going back in the beginning. I wish everyone well, and hope to enjoy everyone’s commentary here for the long haul.


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Memorial Day 2007

Posted by RightWingRocker on May 26, 2007

Last Memorial Day, I linked over to Delftsman, who had up a really great cartoon that catches the essence of people’s screwed up priorities this day and age. So, I’ll just re-post last year’s post as a reminder of WHY we all stay home and barbecue. There is a reason, you know. There is someone being honored.

Sunday, May 28, 2006 4:48 PMMemorial Day

Delftsman has said it better than any could.

I regret that loss of meaning. This is supposed to be a day of reflection, a day of honoring those that died in the defense of everything we hold dear; a day to realize that freedom isn’t free and that we are blessed that so many brave patriots in the past were willing to pay that ultimate price so that we may feel secure in our land.

Why is it that a foreign-born American has more of a clue than many of those born here? Too many people take this country for granted.


Delfts is always right on the mark.


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Questions 21-23 Revisited

Posted by RightWingRocker on May 21, 2007

I did think of something just a few minutes ago while I was going over the “look and feel” of the page. It had to do with this post from last week. “Grumpy Old Fart” had basically called this questionnaire, given to Idaho judges who were all seeking appointments “political”. Most of the questions dealt with the knowledge each respondent had with regard to the Idaho Constitution itself, and a few (questions 21-23 in particular) dealt with the philosophy of the candidate.

I wondered how “GOF” might feel if the same questionnaire were presented not by a conservative group (allegedly to weed out liberals), but rather by a liberal group (allegedly to weed out conservatives). In other words, what would an IMPARTIAL observer say about the answers to these three questions??

21. Which one of the current or recent U.S. Supreme Court Justices most reflects your judicial philosophy?

___ Ginsburg

___ O’Connor

­­___ Kennedy

___ Scalia

___ Other ___________________________

I think a liberal would call this question (as I, a conservative did) HIGHLY RELEVANT. After all, wouldn’t a liberal want to know if the judge seeking appointment were more aligned with Ginsberg or Scalia? Wouldn’t a liberal hope that the judge being appointed would be more Ginsberg-like, just as a conservative would want someone more Scalia-like? HIGHLY RELEVANT – to BOTH sides.

22. Rate your judicial philosophy on a scale of 1-10 when approaching the constitution, with “living document” being a 1 and “strict constructionist” being a 10.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Again, your “living document” liberals and your “strict constructionist” conservatives are both going to find this question EQUALLY RELEVANT. After all, if you advocate the “living document” philosophy, you are going to try for judges who think the same way, aren’t you?

23. Which of the following former U.S. Presidents best represents your political philosophy?

___ Jimmy Carter

___ Ronald Reagan

___ Bill Clinton

___ George W. Bush

___ Other ___________________________

I had to laugh when I saw this one … Jimmy Carter?? Exactly whose political philosophy does he represent? HAHA Same for W. These two are the poster boys for the “smile and kiss ass” ideology that the rest of Washington exploits day in and day out. Your choices are socialist Clinton, or patriot Reagan. Let’s face it. A liberal wants the answer to that question, too. Again, HIGHLY RELEVANT to BOTH sides.

Exactly what that grumpy old fart was talking about, I’m not sure.  Maybe he just has it in for WorldNetDaily and conservative organizations who aren’t afraid to ask important questions.



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Yeah … I Know

Posted by RightWingRocker on May 21, 2007

Yes, things have been quiet around the RWRepublic. I’m too busy to research the “Immigration Bill” and too bored with everything else to post anything about it. What I’m really looking for is something “pithy” to comment on, not some long-winded treatise that I don’t have time to read in the first place.

There just isn’t much of that.

Any suggestions?


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