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Blogoversary Tomorrow!

Posted by RightWingRocker on January 31, 2008

Yes, I know I’ve been quiet, and it hasn’t necessarily been due to a lack of time or thoughts.  Still, I plan to keep blogging – and being as loud a voice as I can for the cause of the Founding Fathers, which seems to be in some serious jeopardy.  Realistically, four candidates remain for President of the US, and all of them are liberals, including the Republicans.

We vote here on Super Tuesday, and Fred Thompson, though withdrawn from the race, is on the ballot.  I will be casting my vote for him, both on Tuesday, and as a write-in in the November election.  Pro-Thompson advertising will continue on this site as well.

What, you say?  Rocker not vote for the Republican in an election this crucial to America’s future?  Consider the following: My vote will not influence the outcome, and we’re stuck with a useless liberal in the White House regardless.  I can cast a “statement vote” with no need to worry about its ultimate effect on the outcome.  New Jersey consistently goes to the Democrat in election after election.  The people of this state consistently elect liberal governors (the last “conservative” governor was Tom Kean), and ones that are as dangerous as Hitlery (Florio, McGreevey, Corzine).  Even Christine Todd Whitman was RINO to the max.  As as result, we already have here what Hitlery, Barack, Mitt, and McCain are trying to get for America.  The reason I stay here is family and friends.  Roots are roots.  Not much you can do at this stage of life except to do what you can to change things in the hope that there will be some benefit for your children and grandchildren.

Which is what I intend to do.  The Founding Fathers did not put their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor on the line so that we could all just sit here and piss their dream away.  It is up to ALL who cherish that dream to stand up to these liberals and win back the freedom that these men fought and died for.  I am up to the task.  I will do everything in my power to rescue this ideal from those who threaten it.  I believe in the wisdom of the American people, and that once reality sets in, the America of our Founders will be at hand.

I do believe that the time is finally here for conservatives to form ourselves a new party – one dedicated to re-establishing the freedoms that our forefathers gave us, and that the Left has taken away.  It seems to me that that will be the only way Americans will listen.  The major parties are finally devoid of all credibility when it comes to American history and ideals.  If Mitt Romney is the best the Republicans can do, then they’re just as out of touch as the Democrats.  I would suggest naming the party the “Federalist” or “Patriot” party in honor of those who stood up for freedom over two centuries ago.  THIS will be the true party of Ronald Reagan, not these idiot liberals who consistently try to portray themselves as the next Reagan when they aren’t even fit to lick his decomposing ass.

The education of America must begin now, and without delay.  I’m up to the task.  Are you?



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The Future of the Thompson Conservative

Posted by RightWingRocker on January 25, 2008

Folks, this is really simple.

Fred’s taken his hat out of the game (I’d argue he took it out right after Iowa). Ron Paul is still nutty as a fruitcake. The rest of the field just isn’t conservative. John McCain? Please. If that guy’s the nominee, I’m writing my own name in on Election Day.

Still, the message of Fred Thompson’s candidacy rings true, and his influence on the debate is clear. Everyone’s trying to be Reagan, even John McCain, who Bonzo would probably punch square if the face if he were alive today to do so. Who brought Reagan conservatism to the debate? Fred Thompson. Now all the liberal Republicans are trying to out-Reagan each other. What a joke. The truth is that the Republican Party just isn’t conservative anymore. Rush has even started saying so (though I’ve been saying that about the Republican leadership – especially George W. Bush – for some time now).

So what’s a conservative to do? Who does a conservative vote for? I’ll be looking at that a bit more closely in the near future, but if I’m not satisfied, I’m voting write-in. Never mind loony third parties like the Libertarians who for all of their good ideas can’t find the votes to run a candidate for dog catcher.

Perhaps it’s time for conservatives across America to unite. Time for Reagan Federalists to invite Libertarians and the Constitutionites (who should be called the Religion Party) to the table to create the new Federalist party here in America to implement the New Federalism advocated by Reagan2020.org. If there won’t be a voice for those of us who revere the Founders’ vision in the two major parties, then maybe it’s time to take our ball and go back to Independence Hall. President Reagan often said he did not leave the Democrat Party, but rather that the party left him. The Republicans have done the same thing to us. A new party would perhaps give the Democrats victories for some time, but the end result would be better, with America knowing the truth about the Constitution and those who sacrificed so much for us to have it. It will be our job to educate America, and it will be a lot of work. Maybe a Hitlery presidency would be helpful, as was the Carter presidency of the 1970’s.

America’s best days are ahead of her. Still, the dark period that seems to be the result of the 2008 election will be a formidable obstacle to overcome.

Who’s with me?


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Fred Wants to Win

Posted by RightWingRocker on January 14, 2008

Perfect message, but just a little too late, say some South Carolinians.  I say bullshit.

If you agree with the message of the candidate, whether that candidate is Fred Thompson, Ron Paul, Rudy Giuiliani, Mitt, McCain, or even Hitlery, then you have a RESPONSIBILITY to vote that way in the primaries.  That’s what primaries are for – finding out which candidate is most in line with the beliefs and philosophies of the party’s voters.  If you think Fred’s message is perfect, then you absolutely MUST cast your primary vote that way.

Interestingly enough, Fred’s message is the one that happens to be closest to President Reagan’s (I’m bringing that up since the South Carolina debate seemed to be a contest of who could be the most Reagan-like).  Don’t you just love Rudy’s statement that he would mount a 50-state campaign to win the election just like Reagan did – made on the very same day he pulled all his staffers out of South Carolina and Michigan?  Nice 50-state campaign, you dork.  Rush often says that conservatism wins every time it’s tried, and I do believe he’s right.  Americans gravitate toward it, and its implementation is always successful.  Indeed, when a conservative president gets into trouble, it’s almost always for doing something liberal – like raise taxes.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Fred Thompson wants to win this election.  None at all.  However, his campaign staff stopped sending emails right after the Iowa caucuses.  How exactly do they expect to raise the needed funds to get anywhere?  How do they think we’re going to get the only electable conservative elected by just sitting around on their asses and doing nothing?

To the Thompson campaign, I say this:  Get off your sorry asses and get them into gear.  Fred is the last hope we have of having a conservative president take over in 2009 after 20 years of liberal bullshit in the White House.  Other than Fred, neither party offers anything but liberals.  This election should be a breeze – and the primaries should be the easy part.  Why are you idiots making such a farce out of it?


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Iowa: Winners and Losers

Posted by RightWingRocker on January 5, 2008

The results are in in Iowa.

With all the resources she poured into Iowa, it’s a HUGE loss for Hitlery, and just as huge a win for Barack the Schlock. Make no mistake about it, Democrats there went for the newcomer, and BIG.

On our side, Fred Thompson was the clear winner of the three conservatives in the race, and if this caucus meant anything to Duncan Hunter, he’s done.

I also don’t see this as a huge win for Mike Huckabee, as he has a following in Iowa that simply cannot be discounted. Congratulations to him on the victory, but he’s not looking at doing as well elsewhere. Romney was as big a loser as Hitlery, thank God. Mitt was counting on Iowa, and will now have to rethink his strategy.

So, the biggest winner of the day was obviously Barack Obama. Hard to say whether the bigger loser is Hitlery or Mitt, as they both had put a lot into this one, and were both counting on easy wins. Hell, even The Breck Girl edged that witch out by a few tenths of a point!

As a note here, most analyses of Huckabee will show that he generally believes in conservative principles, but he also advocates using the government as an engine for applying them, even where the Constitution doesn’t allow it. This is the reason I have not been including Huck in the “conservative” camp. Abortion is the perfect example. Huck and real conservatives like myself (yes I know every conservative considers his own brand of conservatism as the only “real” brand of conservatism, but at least those of my stripe have the Constitution to stand with) both agree that abortion is the termination of a human life that should have been protected, and I applaud his work in getting a human life amendment passed in Arkansas. While I do support a federal amendment of that nature, I do not support any language contained therein making abortion a federal crime. After all, murder isn’t a federal crime, so why should abortion be? Let the states have that jurisdiction (which can easily be included in any human life amendment, by the way). Huckabee has explicitly stated that the states shouldn’t have this power, even though the Constitution doesn’t offer it to the fed – one size fits all, the typical liberal way of doing things. The overall analysis of Huck’s lack of conservative application of his conservative beliefs is material for another post.

Here’s something Sage will love to hear: Ron Paul beat Rudy 10.1% to 3.5%. I’m liking this too, except for one little detail: Rudy didn’t bother campaigning in Iowa, so who could have expected him to perform there? This makes it hard to gauge how successful he may have been, as he obviously didn’t care much how he did there – and I have NO information on what the Paul campaign was up to in Iowa.

As for the Thompson campaign, we did do a lot of work in Iowa, and were expecting somewhere between 10 and 15% of the vote. With that accomplished, we can move on to New Hampshire understanding that we have reached our goal so far. This caucus pretty much shows that Fred is the best-chanced conservative in the race.

In the meantime, it’s on to New Hampshire. Congrats to Mike and Barack. Go Fred!


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The Phone Rang Today …

Posted by RightWingRocker on January 3, 2008

Not usually a big deal at all – the phone ringing, that is. Actually, it was a message in the voicemail. It must have come in while I was shopping for musicians for an upcoming gig.

I figured it was one of the prospective musicians calling in, and prepared to inform him that I had found someone. Instead, I come to find it was one of the RWRepublic’s most faithful readers – one I have been promising a beer for well over a year now as a token of my appreciation for his awesome service to our great nation, as well as his support of my winning efforts in a bet with a certain liberidiot who will for now remain nameless (you can see the whole thing if you know where to look).

Not many of my readers actually have my phone number (I think Sage does – I hope Sage does). Given the description of the above conversation, it shouldn’t be hard for anyone who’s been around a while to know who called me today …


He’d been busy with a lot of things and had gotten out of touch. Still, don’t be too surprised if you find a comment or two from him on this thread. He’s doing great, folks. He’s taken on a new job (defense-related if I’m not mistaken) as a civilian, and living within a couple of hours of the RWRepublic! Looks like I’ll be getting that beer for him soon after all (did he say Guinness was his beer of choice?? – BRILLIANT!!). The move has had him going every which way, and it looks like there may be as much as a month or so before things calm down. In any case, I’m really excited to see him so close to home.

Bryan, if you’re reading this, welcome to the Northeast! Be careful, though. The moonbats here are more annoying than you may have imagined!!


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