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Thanksgiving 2007

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 22, 2007

Posting has been light lately because of a new job.  I’ve also started an internship at the school from which I recently graduated, so even a lot of evenings are being eaten up …

Still, I have no intentions of falling silent at this critical time in the history of our great Nation, and I hope all of you will hang in there and keep the RWRepublic strong.  There’s a lot to do.  Hitlery must be beaten, a Federalist must be elected, socialism must be stopped – and that’s just the beginning!

On the musical front, we just booked our New Year’s show in Atlantic City, NJ.  It’s going to be awesome.  Plus, there’s all the church work I typically do around the holidays, which is also going to happen as usual.

Today, however, we celebrate Thanksgiving, which, behind Independence Day, is probably the single most important holiday our Nation celebrates.  Wouldn’t it be nice if Americans today would learn the same simple lessons learned nearly four centuries ago??

So here are my usual Thanksgiving links.  I haven’t added any new ones for obvious reasons this year, but these are incredibly important, so enjoy!

RWR, 3/10/2005
Mike Franc, Human Events Online, 11/21/2005

Happy Thanksgiving!



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