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A Reasonable Liberal

Posted by RightWingRocker on October 19, 2007

OK, so I bait the hook for the trolls and they don’t show up. Guess the heat in the kitchen was too hot for them.

Instead, I get a reasonable liberal (read the thread on the last post). Reasonable meaning one who’s willing to actually come here and have a debate instead of just being a dickhead and a loser.

Someone has actually decided to try taking TripleNeck’s challenge.


First of all, let me say that Matt has done a great job in trying to get me to understand that there’s nothing wrong with what he believes. He has failed, though, because he hasn’t shown me that what he believes is in any way good for America, friendly to the philosophy of the Founders, or even legal under the Constitution to begin with.

Matt has admitted to being in favor of:

* Nationalized socialized healthcare
* Nationalized socialized education
* Nationalized socialized Socialist Security
* Nationalized socialized MediScare
* Illegal gun control laws
* Restricting the religious freedoms of some Christians

He has NOT:

* Encouraged race-baiting
* Championed non-existent rights for illegal aliens
* Engaged in Bush Derangement Syndrome-like bullshit
* Made any false accusations with regard to the War on Terror
* Invoked children

Areas we just can’t be sure about:

* Whether all-out socialism is really what he’s about. He said he doesn’t advocate socialism, but somehow found it quite all right to say he’s for much of the socialist agenda.
* Whether he believes the federal government should be responsible for the well-being and livelihood of the people living in the United States of America.
* Whether he holds any disdain for people with money.

I got a chuckle out of his idea that I shouldn’t refer to his party’s likely standard-bearer as “Hitlery”. My fusion of her name with that of ol’ Uncle Adolf is DELIBERATE. I do it to illustrate the truth about her ideology. If she’s allowed to do everything she wants to do (and the American people had better stand firmly in her way), you’re looking at Nazi Germany all over again. Exactly where do you think she gets away thinking stuff like Hitlerycare is ok? Even Matt, the “reasonable” liberal, supports that Nazi scheme.

I won’t beat up too terribly on Matt, though. He was a good sport and defended his positions without the usual liberal name-calling. Of course, his defense of these positions was flimsy at best, and reflected much of the usual “people shouldn’t have to be swamped with bills just because they got sick” kind of drivel. The idea that people get so swamped with bills because oppressive government regulation (largely from the fed) has made doctors so expensive seems to h ave never occurred to him.

As for the trolls, the hook remains baited. Any idiots care to take a taste??



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