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Evil and Inhuman

Posted by RightWingRocker on September 21, 2006

Am I the only one who sees the contradiction in this???

Christian churches in the Middle East are vandalized, a Catholic nun in Africa is killed and Muslims have demanded that the Pope convert to Islam – all because he read a quote from a medieval text that described Islam as “evil and inhuman.”

Well DUH!

Vandalizing churches – evil and inhuman.
Killing a nun in Africa because she’s Catholic – evil and inhuman.
Demanding that someone convert to a religion he/she doesn’t believe in – evil and inhuman.

A new group called “The sword of Islam” contacted reporters and said it had fired gunshots at a Christian church in the Middle East during a demonstration over the comments.

Christians outgrew this nonsense centuries ago. I don’t know about all Muslims, but it’s pretty clear to me that these Islamic terrorists are as EVIL and INHUMAN as it gets.

We want to make it clear that if the pope does not appear on TV and apologize for his comments, we will blow up all of Gaza’s churches,” the group said in a report.

Who’s evil and inhuman?

And now, a report in the Jerusalem Post said that Muslim religious leaders in the Gaza Strip are warning the pope that he must “accept” Islam if he wanted to live in peace.

You don’t see the Pope demanding that Mr. Ahmagaynutjob convert to Catholicism every time he makes a threatening remark towards the West. You don’t see Catholics going around vandalizing mosques every time some assholes plant bombs on planes. You don’t see Catholics murdering innocents in the name of Jesus every time a car bomb goes off in Iraq.

I pray for these terrorists. I pray for their speedy destruction in the name of people’s right to live and worship as they please. May God have mercy on their souls.

I pray in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.



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