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Big Brother goes to Court … Again

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 30, 2005

via Yahoo News

Justices Step Into Abortion Rights Case
By GINA HOLLAND, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court is considering its first abortion rights case under the leadership of Chief Justice John Roberts, with an unpredictable outcome because of the court’s changing makeup.

…and thank God for that changing makeup. Maybe now we can see the court start to do the right thing every now and then on this issue.

The stakes are significant in the dispute over a New Hampshire law requiring minors to tell a parent before ending a pregnancy, although the case does not challenge the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that said abortion is a fundamental constitutional right.

OK … Two things here …

1. Do parents not have the right to know if their minor children are having sex, getting pregnant, and having abortions? The are, after all, obligated to their care and feeding as minors. If parents are responsible for their children’s healthcare, which they are, doesn’t it make complete sense that they be notified if/when their minor children are having this done? If abortion is nothing more than a “medical procedure”, then don’t parents have the same right to know when their children are having this done as when they are having a broken arm set, another “medical procedure”?

2. Gina, you screwed up. Roe v. Wade does not say that abortion is a fundamental constitutional right. Maybe it would help the accuracy of your reporting if you would read the document you are referring to. What Roe v. Wade says is that the courts’ concocted right to privacy is violated if an abortion is disallowed without regard to the stage of the pregnancy. This is, of course, a clear case of judicial activism, but it is not what you said it is.

The outcome is likely to signal where the high court is headed on an issue that has been emotional and divisive among the justices and around the country.

For the sake of the children, I hope the direction is different from the one Justice Blackmun headed.

Abortion was a prominent subject in Roberts’ confirmation hearings and has emerged as a major issue in President Bush’s nomination of appeals court Judge Samuel Alito to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. O’Connor has been the swing vote in support of abortion rights.

Go, Alito!

If Alito is confirmed by the Senate early next year, his vote could be needed to break a tie in the New Hampshire case being argued before justices. Abortion cases generally draw large crowds at the Supreme Court, but buzz around Wednesday’s argument was particularly frenzied because the court until this fall had no turnover for 11 years.

Alito will be confirmed, period. This case shouldn’t even be before the courts. How dare the government intrude upon a parent’s right to know what is going on in his/her son or daughter’s life?

Abortion rights protesters held signs that said “Save Roe!” while anti-abortion activists sang hymns in front of the court before the argument.

In case you didn’t know, Gina, Ms. Roe is now a pro-life activist. Take your pro-murder agenda and shove it up your ass.

New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte told justices in a filing that the law “provides pregnant minors with the benefit of parental guidance and assistance in exercising what is undoubtedly a difficult choice.”

Yes, and it preserves a parent’s right to determine what the rules of the household will be.

O’Connor, a supporter of Roe v. Wade and the first woman named to the court, is retiring after 24 years and will likely leave the court before the case is decided. A Senate vote is planned for January on Alito, who is expected to be more receptive to abortion restrictions.

I vote to confirm.

It is unknown how Roberts or Alito would vote on a rollback of Roe v. Wade.

My guess, knowing what I know about both of them, is that they will sit down and read the Constitution, looking for the “rights” that are supposedly there in support of Justice Blackmun’s decision. They will then rule based upon what the Constitution says. This is what has all the pro-abortionites so pissed off. They KNOW there is no constitutional right protecting people who want to kill their kids this way.

Meanwhile, the court could use this case to make it extremely difficult for abortion rights groups to challenge restrictions, without dealing with the sticky issue of overturning Roe. At issue is the legal standard for courts in handling lawsuits over abortion laws.

Ain’t America great??

The New Hampshire case is being closely watched by the dozens of states that require minors to tell a parent or get permission before having an abortion.

Hoefully they can rest assured that the federal government will stay out of their business.

Justices were told that 24 states mandate a parent’s approval and 19 states, including New Hampshire, demand parental notice.

Not nearly enough.

The court is considering whether the 2003 New Hampshire law puts an “undue burden” on a woman in choosing to end a pregnancy. O’Connor is an architect of the undue burden standard, and was the deciding vote in the last abortion case five years ago, when justices ruled that a Nebraska law banning a type of late-term abortion was too burdensome.

This is laughable. Facing your parents and confessing that you have been careless with your life is now an “undue burden”? Puh-LEASE! Furthermore, what right does a Supreme Court justice have to establish a standard not set forth in law? Where does the Constitution grant that authority?

That law, like the one at issue Wednesday, did not have an exception to protect the mother’s health. New Hampshire argues that exceptions are permitted when the mother’s health is at risk, and that should be enough.

And we’re not even expecting the woman’s (make that GIRL’S – this law applies only to MINORS) life to be threatened, only her health.

The law requires a parent or guardian be notified when an abortion is planned for someone under 18, followed by a 48-hour waiting period. A judge can waive the requirement.

Fair enough. If the girl’s parents are scum, or worse, involved in the pregnancy, they should not have to know.

“In an emergency, a woman needs to go to the hospital not a courthouse,” justices were told in a filing by Jennifer Dalven, attorney for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England which challenged the law.

So have the hospital call Mom and Dad. What the fuck is the big deal?

The Supreme Court agreed to allow news organizations to air audio recording of the court’s argument immediately after its conclusion, giving the public its first chance to hear the new chief justice on the bench. Cameras are not allowed in the court.

I won’t be listening. Courts are interesting, but tedious. I’ll just read the transcripts if I think there is anything that needs checking out.

Roberts, 50, replaced Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, who died in September after a yearlong fight with cancer.

Justices agreed to hear the New Hampshire case before Rehnquist’s death – and before O’Connor surprised colleagues with news that she was stepping down.

The case is Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood, 04-1144.

So we have here a case where some kid got herself knocked up and doesn’t want her parents to know. That’s basically what this case is about. This case is not about abortion. It’s about parental authority in the home. These people want to raise your children for you, and they want to do it their way. They don’t want you to have the power and/or authority to live and raise your family as you see fit. This is a clear case of the Left trying to impose its sorry-ass excuse for “values” on everyone else and cram it down our throats.

With any justice at all, the law will be upheld.



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Oh, Canada!

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 29, 2005

No Confidence.

Yeah, they took the vote. Big deal. Martin’s going to be re-elected anyway because the new parliament will most likely be dominated by his own socialist party again.

What will you do then, Ottawa?? Another vote of no confidence?

Why not use this opportunity to kick the socialists out of office for good in your country.

Yeah, wishful thinking I know.

We have enough trouble getting socialists in America to understand how their ideas are hurting us. There are more of them in Canada. Hopefully it’s not a lost cause.


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Go Get ‘Em, Marcus

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 28, 2005

I just found this on the NewsRWReel …

Marcus Borden, a high school football coach in New Jersey, has filed suit against his employer. The school district that employs him was prepared to fire him for, of all things, saying a pre-game prayer with his team, a clear violation of his (and his players’) First Amendment right to free practice of religion.

Provided Mr. Borden did not force any of his players to participate in the prayer, and allowed anyone to choose not to participate, he deserves to win this case handily. The First Amendment protects his right and his players’ right to pray, whether in public or not. The ACLU can go fuck themselves.


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Posted by RightWingRocker on November 28, 2005

Article III, Section. 3.

Clause 1: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. (my emphasis)

Given the constitutional definition of treason, explicitly set forth in Article III, Section 3 (quoted above) of the United States Constitution, I call today for the immediate arrest and trial of Ramsey Clark on that charge.

By voluntarily defending Saddam Hussein, an avowed enemy of the United States, in court, Mr. Clark has committed, and continues to commit, a serious act of treason.

Mr. Clark, your constitutional right to hate the country in which you were born and raised ends when you openly defend its enemies, especially in court. If this action isn’t adhering to and giving this enemy Aid and Comfort, I don’t know what is. Your constitutional free speech right is a right to speak out against that with which you disagree, not a right to protect in court those who would destroy this great nation, which guarantees your rights.

Has it occurred to you that had you even exercised these same free speech rights under the regime of the very man you are defending, you would have been tortured and killed? Has it occurred to you that the man you are defending would have disposed of you in an instant just for being an American?

What Cindy Sheehag has been doing is free speech. Actually volunteering to defend a sworn enemy of the United States is treason.


h/t – Stop the ACLU

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Interesting Weekend Ahead

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 25, 2005

Long road trip tomorrow, but tonight’s gig is early.

I have no idea how that will play out with posting, so do feel free to swing back as often as you want. The hit count for November actually has a chance to break the 1,000 mark for the first time, so hopefully I can put something up there before the weekend is out so that there’s actually something WORTHWHILE to READ when you come around, so that I will actually EARN the milestone. It so pisses me off when people get things they haven’t earned.

I hope all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Mine was nice. Nothing super, nothing dull. Spent it with relatives other than my nutty cousin, so we didn’t have to deal with moonbat extremism. Of course, that fact made things less super. Let’s face it. It’s fun to piss her off!!


Update: Thanksgiving post updated.

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Interview with the Rottweiler

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 23, 2005

Jay at Stop the ACLU has done the impossible. He has interviewed Emperor Darth Misha I, one of my main inspirations and reasons for getting involved in blogging.

This interview was absolutely incredible. I give you one of Jay’s questions, and the Emperor’s response as a sample:


Please take a moment and expand upon what you think America needs to hear the most in today’s times.


We need to hear that yes, Virginia, our chosen way of life is better than what the rest of the world has chosen, for the simple reason that we chose it and we’re the only ones that we have to answer to. We, the people. If we’re to change our ways, it’ll be because we Americans want them to change, not because some intellectual claiming to know better says that we should.

We also need to hear that we’re a peaceful nation of fiercely individualist warriors, and that there is no contradiction in that. No better friends, no worse enemies. We need to be reminded constantly that we didn’t ask for this war, that it was forced upon us, and that we are faced with the choice of winning it unconditionally or surrendering all that our Founding Fathers sacrificed their lives for. There is no middle ground.

Most of all, we need to learn to be proud of our American heritage and all that we’ve achieved. We need to relearn the pride and gratitude that comes from living in the only superpower in the history of the world that didn’t use its power to force itself on others or steal what was theirs, we need to learn to not apologize for being the richest, strongest nation on Earth because we worked very hard for everything we’ve got, and we need to be constantly reminded that all of this, this blessing that is our homeland, was built on individualism and courage and not on collectivism and fear.

Excellent job, Jay.

As for you, Misha – Thanks for all you do, as a blogger, a patriot, and as an inspiration to bloggers everywhere. I do hope someday to have earned the respect and admiration that you have.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 23, 2005

I present a link today to a post I put up back in my blogger infancy. Please place any comments in the comments section of this post.

The post was in response to a comment I received from a moonbat regarding my assertion that the pilgrims’ discovery of the shortcomings of socialism was the very reason we celebrate Thanksgiving. The ‘bat basically said that there was no such thing as socialism back then.

I proved him wrong.

Please do take some time to go over the post, as it is very enlightening, and reading the comments section is even more illustrative of the idiocy of the Left.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Update:Mike Franc backs it up.

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The Crumb has Returned!

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 21, 2005

Back in May, I lamented the loss of Philadelphia’s finest radio sports reporter, Vinnie the Crumb. He had been let go by 93.3FM WMMR, and a huge void was created, with no more “Sports Crumbs” or “Friday Rants”.

Well, as I had hoped and prayed, The Crumb is back. I first learned of this a couple of weeks ago, when one of my bowling buddies told me that he had been picked up by 94.1FM WYSP in their new “FREE FM” format, but since the show was on later in the day, it really wasn’t enough to me to investigate for proof. There’s nothing on Vinnie’s website about it, and WYSP didn’t have anything on theirs, either.

I did a search on the matter last week and found that Barsky was following Howard Stern in the mornings, and that Vinnie was part of the program. Of course, as a teacher, I just can’t listen to that stuff when there are kids around, which is just about the whole day. Again, I didn’t really pursue the matter any further.

This weekend, I had FREE 94.1 on just as I was driving home from the local home improvement warehouse, and, lo and behold, the voice of Vinnie the Crumb came booming through the car stereo. There was no sports report or rant or other commentary, just Vinnie telling us he’s back on the air, and you can catch him on the Barsky show after Howard Stern.

What a breath of fresh air! My hope, of course, is that Barsky and Vinnie, et. al., will take over Stern’s morning slot when he moves on to satellite only, and I will again be able to laugh with Vinnie on my way to work as he presents the day’s sports reports, from his very personal and uniquely “Philly” perspective.

Welcome back, Vinnie! Your rants are an inspiration and your love and enthusiasm for your hometown and its sports teams are the example every Philadelphian should admire and follow. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Philly sports, ya just gotta love the Crumb!

I’ll be listening when I can! You go, Vinnie!


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Posted by RightWingRocker on November 20, 2005

Several websites and bloggers, including Iraq the Model, are reporting the possible death of al-Zarqawi.

Word on the street is he blew himself up in a suicide bombing.

Well, at least he practices what he preaches. Too bad he didn’t do it sooner.

Of course, we shouldn’t jump the gun and accept this before it has been confirmed, but if it turns out to be true, it can only be a good thing.

Then we get to find out who the next “savior” of the terrorists is, seeing as Osama’s been so quiet lately. I don’t mind a new terrorist leader rising to the occasion, as long as his sorry ass gets killed, too. And the next. And the next.

As far as I’m concerned, all the terrorists can go to hell. Let them be judged by their creator, and let the free people of the world arrange the meeting.

Go Bryan!


Update 11/21 9AM: Radio reports this morning say that sources close to the investigation are saying that it’s unlikely we got Zarqawi in this confrontation. Don’t sweat it, of course. If our guys get anywhere near him, he’s a dead man! haha – RWR

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The Dems’ New Mascot

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 19, 2005

Well, it’s been interesting this year, becoming RightWingRocker and sharing the light of truth, justice, and the good old-fashioned American rant.

No. This isn’t a farewell address (sorry libs, I’m not going away). But you just have to admit, it has been interesting. We’ve had all kinds come around here, calling my readers and me everything from racists to xenophobic rednecks, just for being politically in line with those who gave us this great nation of free people. What a horrible thing, huh? For agreeing with Franklin, Madison, Adams, Jefferson, and their ilk, we are all a bunch of evildoers worthy of extinction from the world. And all in less than ten short months.

I have often predicted the demise of the Democratic Party, and have been repeatedly told, by people on both sides of the aisle, that will never happen, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The Donks are, for all intents and purposes, finished.

Yesterday, I linked over to Lord Spatula’s post about the leader of the NAACP in Florida going Republican (read that “less socialist than the Donks”). This trend will continue, for various reasons, but after a few dominoes fall, you can expect the effect to “snowball”.

The reason, of course, is the long string of stupid things the Democrats are doing in order to try to win votes. They are somehow convinced that Americans really want the socialism they are trying to sell us every day, depsite losing election after election after election. What is funniest about their demise is the long string of lies they tell about Republicans … from “lying about intelligence” to “budget cuts”, their agenda is nothing more than a smear campaign against a party that is becoming more and more like their own. Why continue to smear? No one really knows. So what if the Republicans don’t want to increase socialist spending by as much as the Donks next year? They are still increasing it. So what if the intelligence coming out of Iraq may have been flawed (it wasn’t, but that’s another story). The Dems saw the same reports and came to the same conclusion. Does anyone really think Americans are buying all this crap?

These stupid things remind me of one of my favorite cartoons growing up. Wyle E. Coyote, in his determination to “get” the road runner, consistently failed to do so because his “gadgets”, all bought from the “Acme” Company, were all just a bunch of silly contraptions that would never work anyway. What a perfect parallel to socialism – a bunch of programs doomed to fail because of their inherent flaws. Yet, just like Wyle E. Coyote, the Donks don’t come up with anything different. They just keep chasing the same dream with the same failed results day after day, month after month, year after year, just as our villain keeps buying his gadgets from “Acme”.

Of course, the coyote could chase a different bird, and perhaps earn some success that way, or try a different company’s “gadgets”, but, as a party, the Donks have no intention of making real changes to their agenda. They simply change the “message”, or how they package that agenda. It’s the same old “Acme”-brand socialism they’ve been cramming down our throats since the Raw Deal. When one of their pet programs fails, do they swallow their pride and discontinue it? No – that would be admitting failure. Instead, they just come up with another program designed to “correct” the “imperfections” of the other. When that fails, another program, or worse, stealing more of people’s money and spending more on what is already proven to fail. When you try to build a house on a flawed foundation, eventually it’s going to come crashing down.

So, now that the defections from the Democrat Party have begun to extend beyond individual politicians and people (and into the leadership of the very organizations the Donks have been counting on), you can expect more and more, until the Democrats fade into abscurity. Once that process is complete, look for one of two things to happen. Either (1.) the Republicans will see the opportunity to reclaim the Constitution as the supreme law of the land and reinstate it and its concepts as America’s true calling, forcing the Left to join obscure wacko parties like the Greens, or (2.) the Republicans will stay put on current policy and become the liberal party in America, with the remaining Democrats joining them, and conservatives within the party teaming up with Libertarian and Constitution Party members to form a new party of true conservatives (“Federalists”??) who are willing to stand up for the Constitution.

Either way, the Donks lose – they might as well change their mascot to the coyote. Their socialist agenda will either be completely discredited, or be slowed by their incorporation into the Republican Party, which will then be discredited by the Federalist factions with the real message of the Founders. That message is far too powerful to even stand a chance of losing. It is a great day to be a conservative!


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OK Then … Now Can We Just Fight The War?

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 19, 2005

The House voted yesterday on a measure that would require the immediate withdrawal of all American troops from Iraq. It passed 403-3. All representatives in the House voted against withdrawal with the following exceptions:

Voting for Withdrawal:
Jose Serrano (D-NY)
Robert Wexler (D-FL)
Cynthia McKinney (D-GA)

Jim McDermott (D-WA)
Jerrold Nadler (D-NY)
Maurice Hinchey (D-NY)
Major Owens (D-NY)
Michael Capuano (D-MA)
William Lacy Clay (D-MO)

Of course, many Democrats protested by crying that this resolution and vote were politically motivated. Of course they were. So was the politically motivated bullshit we were forced to listen to from the likes of you and Murtha and Company, not to mention Michael Moore and the Sheehag. Wasn’t it just a matter of time before you were forced to put your money where your mouth is? The vote has been taken. Now shut up and let us get on with the business of winning this war.

Go Bryan!


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Don’t Count The Donks Out Yet, but …

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 18, 2005

Lord Spatula has chronicled yet another step in the demise of the Democrat Party. Just one step, for sure, but an important one.

If the Donks can’t hold on to organizations like the NAACP (and they can’t), more organizations will follow in the sequence. This is not to say that they will all go to the Republicans, since only time will tell whether the Republicans really have what it takes to govern as a truly conservative party, which is what attracts most American voters. However, this will start up as a “domino effect”, and will eventually grow into a “snowball effect”, and the Donks will be rolled up in the snowball just like Wyle E. Coyote.

Hmm … Wyle E. Coyote. An interesting analogy. Maybe I’ll explore that in a future post …

Have a great weekend. The tour schedule is light this week so check back to see if I come up with anything!


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Two Days in a Row?

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 17, 2005

It’s about 8AM on Thursday right now. I’ll be leaving this post at the top of today’s work …

Scroll down for today’s posts …

I’m going out on a limb today in a couple of ways . . .

I generally post every other day, but have come across a number of items today that could make today a two- or even three- poster.

This will be tough, as Thursday work obligations are typically more intense than earlier in the week, but I will try to get it done, as there are unusual openings in te schedule today that could give me more than enough time.

Something new will definitely be up early afternoon-ish.


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Fencing Out the Illegals

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 17, 2005

This morning, there was some discussion on the radio about illegal immigration, particularly from Mexico. Anyone who has been reading this blog knows exactly where i stand on the issue. I favor legal immigration, and oppose illegal immigration. I believe that Americans must use their rights to defend our country against this scourge, especially when our government drops the ball. This position has been expressed repeatedly in posts supporting the Minuteman Project:

The Minuteman Project: Vigilantes? Well Go Figure – March 29, 2005

Down on the Border: The Minuteman Project – April 13, 2005

Integrated?? MY ASS!! – April 21, 2005

That last post was a message to the Mexicans as to how to turn their country around so that people would want to stay there (not to take anything away from the excellence of the other posts), including this little ditty, which included an excerpt from Mexico’s Constitution:

Article 11. Everyone has the right to enter and leave the Republic, to travel through its territory and to change his residence without necessity of a letter of security, passport, safe-conduct or any other similar requirement. The exercise of this right shall be subordinated to the powers of the judiciary, in cases of civil or criminal liability, and to those of the administrative authorities insofar as concerns the limitations imposed by the laws regarding emigration, immigration and public health of the country, or in regard to undesirable aliens resident in the country.

This basically means that the Mexican government can’t place restrictions on people entering or leaving Mexico, as long as Mexican laws are obeyed. It also makes clear that the limitations placed upon such people by the laws of the country in question are to be respected. Check my emphasis for proof. You are in violation of your own constitution by allowing these people to do what they do, fartknocker. You’re lucky we don’t send a few Tomahawks in to let you know how we REALLY feel.

Yes. You read that right. Accoding to Mexico’s constitution, Mexicans have a GUARANTEED RIGHT to go wherever they want without documentation. Because of this, Mexico’s government is NEVER going to do anything to help us or any other country that seeks to limit immigration from Mexico, even though there is a clause in the same article that requires that our laws be respected. Vicente Farks will instead try to bully us into changing our laws to accomodate his sorry-ass little whim. That’s why I wouldn’t mind sending a few missiles into Mexico City to make the point.

Of course, today’s discussion on the radio had no direct connection to the Minuteman project or to Farks. It was about the idea of building a fence, or a wall, along the US-Mexican border to keep these people at bay. I would also advocate something similar along the Canadian border.

One of the biggest problems we have with regard to illegal immigration and securing our borders so that terrorists can be better kept at bay, is that no one, save for the Minutemen, is really willing to do anything to send a real message to these people. The Minuteman Project sent the message, and the “fence” will too … If you want in, follow the laws and get in LEGALLY. If you’re not willing to obey our laws, we don’t want you here.

A wall is not a new idea, and I wouldn’t say it would have to be something patrolled in the same way as, say the Berlin Wall (which was built to keep people IN East Germany). Walls have been used for millennia to keep undesirables away from those being protected. Hadrian’s Wall, the Great Wall of China, the many walled cities in Germany and Central Europe. In ancient times, virtually EVERY MAJOR CITY had a wall around it to keep invaders out. Read the comments on my recent post about border security, and you will see what “Jesus Sanchez” thinks. Granted, this nutjob could just be a simple troll or even an satirist, but I’m certain, given the amout of crime committed in this country by illegals, that a significant number of them must subscribe to this philosophy.

Once built, such a fence would decrease the amount of manpower required to patrol the region efficiently, since those coming over it would be more easily trackable due to their first having to clilmb and descend. The cost of the fence would easily be made up in the decrease in the number of border patrol agents that we currently need to hire to efficiently patrol the same area.

I believe this is the right way to go. For more information, go to WeNeedAFence.com.


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Cindy Sheehan – NOT GUILTY

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 17, 2005

Though I have not been able to confirm this via the web, it was reported this morning on a local radio station that communist activist (using her war-hero son’s death as a bully-pulpit) Cindy Sheehan has pleaded not guilty to charges of demonstrating without a permit.

OF COURSE she’s not guilty. Any law that places restrictions on peaceful free speech is a clear violation of the First Amendment right thereto. Look. This woman has proven herself, time and again, to be a left-wing extremist nutjob who has done more to hurt her cause than to help it. The more she spouts, the more annoying she gets. She isn’t changing any minds. No one has embraced socialism because of her, and she has won very few, if any, converts to her anti-war cause. Nonetheless, she has every right to say what she says, however loony she is, and any person or law that stands in the way of her nonviolent and constitutional (though clearly idiotic) protests and/or speeches must be struck down.

Quite frankly, Mrs. Sheehan’s such a lunatic that she actually helps the very president she is trying to bring down with every word of protest. The sad thing is that she has dishonored her son’s memory in ways that take supporters of HIS cause to rebuild.

I say, let her protest. Let her be seen in public with established losers and whackjobs like Michael Moore and Hanoi Jane. I can think of no better way of making the point that the anti-war movement is nothing more than a bunch of insane freaks with too much free time.

Anyone who gets in her way is breaking the law.


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Liberal Kooks, Hurricane Katrina, and Fixing the Real Problem

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 16, 2005

I’ve seen this post a few times, and laughed at it repeatedly, along with the comments coming from both sides of the aisle. The general (mis)understanding seems to be that President Bush took too long to respond to the disastrous effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Frankly, I wish the President would have just done the right thing and sit in his cushy office in Washington, DC, and tended to legitimate matters, such as defending the people from terrorists. Instead, he responded to the liberal whiner-Nazis who demanded that he do something in his capacity as President to help the relief efforts by launching a huge unconstitutional spending program just to shut them up.

When he did some really good things to help the relief efforts, such as rolling back unconstitutional restrictions on personal and economic freedom in the area, he’s crucified by the Left. It’s the old “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scheme. Do the right thing and stay out of it, you get bitched at for that. Do the wrong thing and start spending money you have no authority to spend, and you get bitched at for trying to ease the negative effects of your evil deed by reinstating some of the people’s legitimate freedoms.

Here – read it for yourself:

Republicans See Opportunity in Katrina Disaster

Are you surprised?

“Congressional Republicans, backed by the White House, say they are using relief measures for the hurricane-ravaged Gulf coast to achieve a broad range of conservative economic and social policies, both in the storm zone and beyond.” (WSJ)

I’m not. Bush suspended wage protections for reconstruction workers, meaning companies can pay low wages for any construction jobs funded by the federal government. He’s considering suspending wage protections for the service industry too. He’s put Karl Rove in charge of the reconstruction effort. Didn’t he learn anything about appointing people with no experience to critical jobs when FEMA failed so miserably to respond to the disaster Katrina wrought? Apparently not.

So how do the Republicans plan to take advantage of the greatest natural disaster in our history and the terrible human tragedy that followed it? Well, besides suspending the prevailing wage laws – something the Republicans have been trying to get rid of for decades, Bush is also waiving some affirmative action requirements for reconstruction contractors. The Republicans in Congress are reportedly planning to pass legislation to limit victim’s rights to sue, introduce vouchers for schools, eliminate environmental protection laws, and give tax breaks to companies working in the reconstruction areas.

I particularly like the sly way they’ve included expanded off-shore drilling and new refineries in the legislation – those are things that didn’t survive the energy bill. So why not slide them in here? Well, the oil lobby is already knocking on doors and this is the least the Republicans can do to thank them for being so prompt.

What I want – desperately – is for Congress to exercise its oversight responsibilities. Instead, what I’m getting is Congress using the devastation in the Gulf Coast as a real-world petri dish for trying out Republican ideologies. I just hope that 2006 changes the balance in Washington. We won’t get accountability any other way.

Posted by Kathy at 12:27 AM

All of these so-called “conservative economic and social policies” are simple rollbacks of clear violations and/or usurpations of the Constitution. So the Republicans are being maligned here for standing up for the Constitution for once. Well good for them. It’s about time someone did. I have my doubts as to how long it will last, but let’s give credit where it’s due, shall we?

Anyway, I did post a response to the post – not to any of the other comments that were there. Here it is:

Bush suspended wage protections for reconstruction workers, meaning companies can pay low wages for any construction jobs funded by the federal government. He’s considering suspending wage protections for the service industry too.

Good. These things will help get the work done more quickly at a fair cost, using real market factors rather than by artificially inflating the per-worker wage, which keeps people out of the workforce.

… FEMA failed so miserably to respond to the disaster Katrina wrought?

FEMA is an unconstitutional, illegitimate big-government agency doomed to fail at everything it attempts.

Bush is also waiving some affirmative action requirements for reconstruction contractors.

Affirmative action is a violation of the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, and is, as such, unconstitutional as well. Waiving “some affirmative action requirements” will likewise have the effect of filling the necessary jobs in a more timely fashion.

The Republicans in Congress are reportedly planning to pass legislation to limit victim’s rights to sue, introduce vouchers for schools, eliminate environmental protection laws, and give tax breaks to companies working in the reconstruction areas.

All very useful and productive ways to speed up the process of getting the work done and respecting the rights of those coming to do it.

I particularly like the sly way they’ve included expanded off-shore drilling and new refineries in the legislation – those are things that didn’t survive the energy bill.

Both things that have a genuine effect on the price of gasoline, which is essential both to the relief efforts and to the overall economy of the United States. Again, good move. However, it shouldn’t take government legislation to get oil companies to increase drilling and refining capacity. The government has no business getting involved in the first place.

What I want – desperately – is for Congress to exercise its oversight responsibilities.

Congress has no authority under the Constitution to oversee anything of the sort. All of the government actions in the case of the relief effort are outside of the government’s authority under the Constitution and are properly left to the States and the people, per the Tenth Amendment.

Why is it that you guys (Democrats and Republicans alike) can’t accept the idea of someone besides the federal government trying to solve problems? It’s as if you thought the fed were somehow more intelligent than you or I.


Posted by: RightWingRocker

It’s too soon for anyone to have responded to this, and it’s not a particularly busy blog, so I wouldn’t expect anything soon.

I do remain cautious with regard to the Republican Party, even though they did take this stand. It will take a lot more than a hurricane or two to bring them around to a true conservative perspective. We Federalists will have to play a key role in persuading those within our party to recognize and defend the Constitution, and it is becoming increasingly clear that the Libertarian and Constitution Parties will also have to play a key role.

It is true that the Federalists have the most pull of the three conservative factions, since most are registered as Republicans, but there is one thing the Libertarians and Constitutionites can do – offer endorsements and other support to Republican candidates who support key aspects of their respective agendas. First and foremost on any conservative agenda should be the reinstatement of the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, and an insistence that its provisions be followed. Can the Libertarians and Constitutionites agree with us on that?

Federalists have even greater power. As Republicans, we have the ability to approach those within our party directly. We have the power to change the Republican Party from within. We have the power to encourage those within the party to suport candidates who will place the Constitution above all other interests when it comes to our country and our government. We are the ones who must bring forth the candidates that will gain the support of the Libertarians and Constitutionites who will stand with us in this endeavor. We have he power to educate our fellow Republicans as to their responsibility as citizens of this great country and as servants of the Constitution.

If liberals are going to fight us every step of the way, especially when someone actually does some semblance of the right thing, then let that be their demise.


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Enough Political Correctness, Already!

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 14, 2005

The effects of political correctness in my life have been little more than an annoyance – something to be noticed with humor and laughed at, like my nutty cousin eating tofu at Thanksgiving dinner while everyone else is pigging out on turkey and stuffing. This weekend, however, I did have a few experiences that were just a little more than that.

While in a waiting area this weekend, I was engaged in a conversation with a gentleman who, during the course of our conversation, made a (derogatory) comment about people driving SUVs. Real nice thing to say to a guy who drove here in a 2003 Blazer, I told him. He tried making the case that there just wasn’t enough oil in the world for people to have such things, and that I was somehow “destroying the environment” by the choice I had made.

First of all, there is more than enough oil in the earth to sustain America’s need for oil indefinitely. There just isn’t enough human need for oil to consume all of it. This argument was just sooo ’70s. The problem is that the politically correct crowd is so hell-bent on telling people what to do that anyone who disagrees with them is faced with character assassination. Well go ahead and assassinate my character, you fucking losers. I have a blog and First Amendment rights. You can go fuck yourselves.

As for the environment – if a volcanic eruption can’t significantly destroy the ozone layer, what makes you think my little Blazer can even put a dent in it? If Saddam Hussein couldn’t cause enviromental armageddon by torching every oil well in Iraq, what makes you think my little Blazer can? Each of these kinds of events is more damaging in its singular occurrence than all of the cars, factories, etc. ever built COMBINED, and we still have a healthy ozone layer. Stop bitching about my car, asshole.

Does this mean that people shouldn’t do what they can to conserve energy and/or resources? Of course not. But interfering with the basic freedom we have as Americans to make choices based on our own situation and within the law is not going to be tolerated by those of us who cherish those freedoms. They are just as important as your right to say what you said to me. If I want to drive an SUV, my reasons are none of your fucking business.

That incident was nothing compared to the bullshit I encountered at a local restaurant. There isn’t much variety I enjoy with regard to Italian dishes. For me, it’s basically veal parm or pizza, and when I’m going to a “nice” place, pizza isn’t an option.

So, I was quite PISSED OFF to find that The Olive Garden had taken veal parm off of the menu, apparently because some bunch of “animal rights” nutjobs didn’t like it. Look. If you have a problem with frying up a veal calf and serving it under red sauce, DON’T FUCKING ORDER IT. These calves are bred and raised for two purposes: 1. Making more veal calves, and 2. MAKING MEALS OUT OF THEM. If I want to eat veal, it’s none of your fucking business.

If you succeed in bullying a restaurant into taking veal off of its menu, you can bet someone else will be more than happy to put it on theirs. In fact, what you have really done is lowered the price of veal by decreasing the demand for it without a corresponding decrease in supply. I will be eating at those restaurants from now on, of course, that serve veal, and I’ll be quite appreciative of the lower prices. Veal calves will still be eaten every day as part of a healthy and enjoyable diet. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to order it. Go have your little pity party somewhere else. What are you going to do next, bully them into taking steak and chicken off of the menu, too? When will it end? When everyone’s eating tofu for every meal like my nutty cousin? Kiss my ass. Thanks to you, my enjoyment of life was reduced to spaghetti with meat sauce, when all I wanted was a little veal parm. I oughta pull my Blazer into your driveway and gun the engine a few times. Let you “enjoy” a little local carbon monoxide in your air. The reduction in your enjoyment of life will pale in comparison to what I experienced this weekend, but I’m sure it will piss you off nonetheless.


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THIS is Why We Have the Second Amendment

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 11, 2005

or at least one reason (video)

Let’s set up a hypothetical here.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that there were no Second Amendment protecting Mr. Morgenstern’s right to arm and defend himself with his weapon…

The same two thugs show up at Mr. Morgenstern’s house, armed, of course, since criminals don’t give a flying fuck what the law is, and shoot him dead, take his property, and either kill anyone who gets in their way or, if no one gets in their way, simply escape, getting off scott-free. The police investigative forces may or may not have anything to go on in solving the crime. Mr. Morgenstern’s family must now bury him and grieve, and the thugs most likely get away with murder and theft.

As it turned out, Mr. Morgenstern was not robbed or even injured, and his would-be assassins were both either killed or injured. This case is not the exception, but the rule. The fact that a homeowner MIGHT be armed is a MAJOR deterrent to those who would violate that homeowner’s rights. So much for only criminals having guns.


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Get Your Barf Bags Ready

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 7, 2005

Get your barf bags ready. We’ve got to get together and say something completely awful this week. There is a bright side, however.

We will be electing a new governor for New Jersey tomorrow to replace “Backdoor Jim” McGreevey. The polls are close, and I am definitely not casting a vote for him, but Senator Jon Corzine has this thing won, much to the detriment of the people of New Jersey.

One … two … three … Governor Jon Corzine …………. BAARRRFFFFF!

It will take a lot more than education to show our fellow New Jerseyans that socialism is a guaranteed failure, and that the capitalist conservative agenda is the real salvation from these problems we face.

However, there is a bright side – it is clearly better to have this big-spending Marxist in Trenton only wasting New Jerseyans’ money than it is to have him in Washington wasting everyone else’s money as well.

Now let’s get us a Constitutionalist into our newly-vacated Senate seat!


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Legalizing Marijuana in Colorado

Posted by RightWingRocker on November 7, 2005

Colorado voters have passed a measure legalizing the posession of marijuana by citizens over 21 years of age.

While my position on the matter is evolving, largely through the influence of one Old Sage, I still am unsure as to whether this was a wise decision by the Colorado electorate. However, there are three things I would say about this here and now:

First, while I am not sure about the wisdom of the decision the voters of Colorado made, I am sure that they had the full authority to make that decision, and that if the voters of Colorado want weed to be legal, they should have it. Never mind the “up to one ounce” limit their law calls for. If they want it legal, it should be so.

Second, Colorado businesses, particularly restaurants and bars, would be wise to segregate those who smoke this substance in their establishments, as it is a serious health hazard even to those who are exposed to it “second hand”. I am NOT advocating that any government require them to do this, but rather that these businesses make good decisions so as to not alienate those who do not want to be exposed to these dangers.

Third, the new law, though completely legitimate, has already been usurped by the US Supreme Court. No big surprise there.

The measure would not affect the medical marijuana law voters approved in 2000. In June, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that medical marijuana laws in Colorado and nine other states would not protect licensed users from federal prosecution.CNN.com 11/2/2005

As to this third point …

Colorado, you go! Don’t let those assholes in Washington tell you what to do. There’s nothing in the Constitution that overrides your Tenth Amendment right to make and have this law. I don’t give a rat’s ass what the Supreme Court says. They are as beholden to the Constitution as you and I. Fight them tooth and nail if you must, and win. This is a States’ Rights issue at its base, and you have and deserve the right to determine your own destiny. No one in Washington has the right to take that away from you.


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