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My Apologies …

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 31, 2005

I’m sorry … I’m TRYING not to post about Ms. Sheehag …
This woman is too funny, and when WuzzaDem gets a hold of her … OH MY GOD …

I’m a rocker – I don’t do ballads!

A “rocker” haha .. I damn near shit my pants! John, you’re too much!

Keep talking Cindy. We’ll just sit here and laugh just like we do when Weird Howard spews his stuff.



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Dateline: 2010 – Don’t Be Surprised When We See This

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 30, 2005

ANALYSIS – Behind constitution talks, North Korea’s troubles loom
16 Aug 2010 15:30:46 GMT

Source: Reuters
By Alastairvo Macdonawitz

PYONGYANG, Aug 16 (Reuters) – Washington’s envoy in Pyongyang says North Korean negotiators need just a few more days to “fine-tune the language” that will clinch a deal on a draft constitution.

Beyond the grandstand finish that the United States hopes will produce agreement, however, lie difficulties aplenty for North Koreans and for the American project in North Korea.

Predicting whether disputes that withstood U.S. pressure to meet a Monday midnight deadline can be resolved by Aug. 22 is not easy; nor is forecasting what might happen if they are not.

“There are so many aspects to this. I wouldn’t trust what anyone says publicly,” said Jin Lo Chuck of Pyongyang think tank the North Korea Democracy Development Organization.

Scenarios ranged, he said, from a deal already having been struck and the one-week extension being a “smokescreen” to enhance the impression that North Koreans had reached it independently of U.S. pressure, to the possibility the entire process will break down and have to resume from scratch with new elections.

Though talks have focused on wrangling among three main groups, majority Buddhists, Christians and the Communist minority that dominated North Korea before the U.S. invasion, there are divisions within those camps, some potentially violent, and it is unclear how far negotiators represent voters.

Even if a constitution is forthcoming which can be voted on in a planned October referendum, securing its popular acceptance and putting it into practice are not foregone conclusions in the poisonous atmosphere of sectarian and ethnic division that the talks on the draft charter have highlighted.

“The timetable has been extremely theatrically staged from Washington and has very little to do with Pyongyang,” said Tobin Ford of London’s Institute for International Strategic Studies.

It was a view echoed in several North Korean newspapers on Tuesday; the best-selling Korea Times’s front-page headline was “Energy Crisis Steals Limelight from Constitutional Crisis”.


Though limited in terms of the space they occupy in the draft text, the bones of contention are huge, concerning nothing less than control of North Korea’s vast potential copper wealth by rival groups and the survival of the nation itself as a viable state.

The Buddhist-led interim government elected in January faces not just armed revolt by tens of thousands of Communists and vocal demands for territory from the already virtually independent Christians but also mounting criticism from rival groups in its own Buddhist heartlands, some of them armed.

Opponents accuse it of tolerating corruption and sectarian oppression and of failing to tackle the poverty of most North Koreans.

“I don’t think that progress on the constitution will have one iota of impact, and even if they come up with a compromise agreement, implementing it is another story,” Jack Black of the Washington Institute for Far East Policy said.

One driving consideration for those negotiating the text in Pyongyang’s Safe Zone government compound may be that a further failure after the week-long extension granted by the interim parliament could fuel further uncertainty and instability.

U.S. President Michael Reagan has made it clear he sets great store by a timetable for a fully-fledged North Korean state set down in an interim constitution, the Transitional Korean Law, drawn up under U.S. supervision last year.


Under pressure in opinion polls at home over his handling of an occupation that is costing dozens of American lives a month, Reagan is clearly anxious to show progress toward his stated goal of a popularly-backed North Korean government that can defend itself against rebellion and let U.S. troops start going home.

U.S. ambassador Mark Chen, ubiquitous around the negotiations, has made clear “failure is not an option”.

John Halderman from the Crisis Group International think tank, who urged in a report earlier this year for North Koreans to be given more time to discuss and draw up a constitution, said that now the timetable was set further delay would be unhelpful.

“Having gone this route, it should be completed,” he said.

“It’s not our preferred route. But not to do so could be extremely damaging. Expectations have been raised.”

Under the TKL, a failure to produce a constitution on time would provoke the dissolution of the present interim National Assembly and the election of another by December to begin the drafting process over again. But having granted one extension, it seems possible parliament could push the deadline back again.

Given U.S. preferences, going back to square one seems unlikely. The present parliament, dominated by Buddhists and Christians following Commusnists’ failure to vote in January, also seems disinclined to bring forward a crisis.

Muddling through according to the U.S.-backed schedule seems the most likely outcome for North Korea politics to end the year.

Chuck said, however, that he would not rule out deadlock leading to a complete rethink. And Ford in London raised the prospect that, even if the mostly unelected Communist negotiators agreed to a deal, Communist voters could scupper it in October.

If a majority of voters in three of Iraq’s provinces reject the charter, it would be vetoed — “That could be a watershed moment for the U.S. to reassess the whole project,” Ford said.

This has been brought to you as “food for thought”.

These exact same things were said about Afghanistan, and today they’re being said about Iraq. Is it therefore in any way far-fetched to suggest the above article could be published five years from now?


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The Castle Coalition – More Positive Outrage against Kelo

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 30, 2005

It is about time Americans started standing up for the rights granted them by God and guaranteed by the Constitution. Kelo v. New London is one of the biggest power-grabs the US government has been guilty of in all the years of judicial activism.

The Institute for Justice has begun building “The Castle Coalition“, which has announced a $3 million “Hands Off My Home” campaign. The focus of this effort is to concentrate the public outrage against Kelo into the courts and legislatures.

I’ve posted about the Kelo case already. It is clear to anyone who has read the Bill of Rights that there is no provision for taking people’s property in the fashion that occurred here. It was such a blatant violation of guaranteed constitutional rights that even judicial activism-favoring liberals are pissed about it.

Unfortuantely, we have this case before us courtesy of the American Left. The liberals set the stage for these judicial shenanigans. See my post from June 29 regarding Alan Colmes’s reaction to the Kelo case. The usurpation of the Constitution and the violation by the government of constitutional rights has been a recurring theme on this blog.

The Constitution is the law. Therefore, these judicial activists need to face the appropriate consequences. I challenge any liberal to demonstrate how the courts can legally engage in this sort of behavior.

Thank God there are Americans willing to stand up to it.


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Mark Tapscott Asks for Suggestions

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 29, 2005

The rebirth of limited government will remain a conservative pipedream as long as the people in charge of the GOP refuse to sober up.

Quite frankly, prior to my last post about a piece by Mark Tapscott (quoted above), I had never heard of him. I am now a regular reader of his material. Count him right up there with Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Paul Jacob, and Mike Adams. In his piece yesterday, he asks if anyone has any suggestions about how to get the Republicans to get back to the conservative agenda they so effectively championed ten years ago.

Truth be told, there is no party that is viable enough to more effectively move the conservative agenda than the Republicans. Unfortunately, as Tapscott points out, Evans’ Law has shown itself to be true yet again, “When one of our people gets elected, sooner or later he [or she] stops being one of our people.”

Tapscott correctly cites, through the example of the very effective ways addicts are dealt with, what really has to happen in order for the Republicans to straighten up:

Put another way, it’s time for an intervention. That’s when the family and closest friends and professional associates of an addict confront the abuser with an ultimatum – get sober and get help now … or else. The presence of the spouse with suitcases packed and the boss with pink slip in-hand helps the abuser realize the consequences of not getting help will be immediate and unpleasant. More than a few lives and careers have been saved over the years by such interventions.

Of course, he also acknowledges that these interventions are not effective 100% of the time, and there will need to be an alternative means of bringing things back under control. The Republicans are in complete control of their destiny, as I said back in April in a comment on Rocker and Sage. Take the time to read the comment. My suggestions are there, at least with regard to how I think all this will go down. Here’s an excerpt:

The way I see it today, the Republican Party is in a very unique situation. They are the ones writing the history books right now, as they are the only political party that is really relevant from a political standpoint. They are the ones who are going to be choosing which course of action to take, and it will be very interesting to see what they choose to do.

I would also suggest that it’s very important that the Federalists among us consider forming a party within the party, and fully prepare to withdraw, although that may mean the wake-up call will have to wait until more of the more fringe conservatives (such as Libertarian and Constitution Party members) have signed on, or, more likely, until the Democrats’ “sui-spiral” has had more time to progress. One way or the other, The Constitution must be re-affirmed.


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It’s Not Goint to Happen, Cliff

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 29, 2005

I’ve been trying to lay off the Cindy Sheehag posts, but this woman just can’t stand being out of the spotlight, so I’ll give it to her one more time. Why not? Every time she stpe out into public view, she makes an ass out herself in ways Weird Howard would envy.

Clifford May, President of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies has invited Cindy Sheehan to meet with him, along with Iraqi freedom fighters, victims of Saddam’s torture chambers and Middle-Eastern democracy activists, since the President is not interested in meeting with her. He has taken out a full page ad in the Waco Tribune-Herald to do it. This is a great idea, as it cuts to the chase in the entire Iraq situation, while at the same time exposes Cindy Sheehag for what she is: an anti-America activist supported by known hate organizations. A few important points that show the genius of this letter and its author:

1. In the letter, May reminds us of Cindy Sheehag’s affiliation with fringe anti-America hate groups such as MoveOn.org and other hateful souls like David Duke. If I were President Bush, I would’t meet with anyone involved with those loonies, either. May reminds us of the President’s wisdom in avoiding her.

2. May reminds us of the brutality of the Saddam regime, and the torture (including the rape of women and girls) that took place at the Saddam’s whim and that of his cronies. May has invited Sheehag to meet with the victims and/or their relatives.

3. May acknowledges that there were no major finds with regard to WMDs in Iraq. He also reminds us that to say there were no such major finds is not to say they never existed. It was no secret what Saddam’s intentions were. In May’s letter, we are reminded that Saddam used such weapons on his own people on several occasions. Again, he has invited her to met in person with survivors and/or their relatives.

4. May reminds us that Saddam was harboring known terrorists, specifically Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The fact that he was doing this was a direct violation of the Bush Doctrine, outlined by President Bush on September 20, 2001: “From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime. ”

5. May reminds us of the disastrous consequences of the “cut and run” strategies employed by the US in places like Somalia, Iraq, and Iran in the past.

Of course, Cindy isn’t really interested in meeting with the President for legitimate reasons. She has already met with him once, a privilege many mothers of fallen soldiers never enjoy. She knew from the beginning that he would not meet with her. This entire scene is nothing more than political posturing by those who support her for the time being. She is to the left what Vladimir Lenin might have called a “useful idiot”. Once her usefulness has run its course, she’ll just be thrown away with the dishwater.

There is also little or no chance Sheehag will meet with May and the victims of the Saddam regime. I have already posted with regard to her situation. For her, this has never been about the war in the first place. She is simply a throw-back from the November elections of 2000 and 2004 sore loser mentality who simply won’t concede these elections. It’s the loss of the elections she is mourning, not the loss of her son.

For this reason, Mr. May, your letter, as well-conceived and relevant it is with regard to the issue of the War on Terror, specifically with regard to its relevance in Iraq, is completely irrelevant to the Cindy Sheehag situation. The only thing she will accept is a complete hand recount of all votes cast in Florida’s Democratic-dominated counties, with all uncertainty resolved in favor of Al Gore.

I hope the Pro-America protesters that are going to Crawford have those cool “Sore-Loserman” signs and stickers. The Left really needs to get over this. Mr. May, Cindy’s imminent refusal to meet with you and the victims of the Saddam regime may have one positive outcome: It may provide more proof to Americans that the President is doing the right thing, thus exposing these wackos for what they are – loony fringe America haters.

Cindy Sheehag is nothing more than a Weird Howard wannabe. Good. The more nutty weirdos the Left throws out there, the easier it will be to keep them out of power.


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TripleNeck’s Challenge Unanswered … Big Surprise (NOT)

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 28, 2005

One month ago today, I posted a challenge to the ‘Bats.

This was in support of a challenge TripleNeckSteel posted on a liberal blog that went unanswered there.

It has also gone unanswered here. Not that I’m surprised in any way. These guys have nothing left but those things TripleNeck challenged them to argue without doing.

Oh well.


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Let’s Roll!

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 26, 2005

Freder_Frederson has taken me up on my challenge.

Of course, he did it in the usual barking moonbat fashion …

So I’m here and willing to take you up on your wager. Just tell me where and when. Looking at my statement though I may have been a little rash on one of my contentions. I am sure there is some way you will find a way to blame the failure in Iraq on the MSM and the liberals. With that caveat, I will take you up on your wager.

Freder Frederson 08.26.05 – 12:31 pm #

Something to consider about freder. People who operate from the emotional tend to project onto those who disagree.

I do not operate from the emotional. I am operating from the cold hard facts. You are the ones operating from emotion, seeing things as you want them to be rather than how they really are.

Freder Frederson 08.26.05 – 12:33 pm #

A few things regarding this …

First of all, conservatives are right to blame the premature withdrawal from Vietnam on the MSM and the liberals. It was the political pressure (which the press and liberals have every right to inflict) that ultimately caused the enslavement and/or oppression of the people of Vietnam. They don’t even try to hide this fact. They proudly wear it like a badge of honor. Hanoi Jane Fonda is the perfect example of what I’m talking about. Therefore, if the press and liberals are at fault, they WILL BE BLAMED on this blog, and you lose, Freder, caveat notwithstanding.

I don’t know exactly how you can say you operate from cold hard facts when you argue with the very people who are watching those cold hard facts happen, and their information doesn’t match yours. The way you disrespected Armybryan over at RWN is the perfect example of this. Armybryan is now a reader of this blog, and more of his stripe will follow, no doubt, as his army buddies may begin to come around. Friends of freinds are always welcome here.

Freder, I welcome you to my readership. The where and when is very simple. Right here on my blog, about every other day. In a year (I’ve marked the date), we’ll see what’s going on. Please do read my comment rules so that you know what I will allow from a comment standpoint, and have fun here. Even though we do like to break out the ClueBat, we always do it in what ultimately works out to be good fun (just try not to piss off TripleNeck … the last time someone did it took WAY too long and the entire Philadelphia police force, complete with SWAT team, to get him back into his cage, and we couldn’t find a lock that was any stronger than the one he broke 😉 ).

You will find that this is NOT by ANY means a war blog, but a conservative blog brought to you by a teacher and musician who comes from a “New Federalist” point of view. Perhaps you will agree with me sometimes, perhaps not. In the end, what matters most is that Americans are free and self-governing in the image envisioned by the Founding Fathers. Hopefully we can at least agree on that.


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Still No Response to the Challenge

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 26, 2005

HSs Delftsman and TripleNeckSteel, myself, and new readers RepublicanVet, Doncos, and the all-important armybryan are STILL WAITING

Still waiting for Freder_Frederson, that CHICKENSHIT LITTLE PUSSY, to come over from John Hawkins’ blog and leave a comment on THIS POST accepting the challenge.

Something tells me it’s not going to happen.


Update 12:15PM:

I’ve been over at RWN looking for Freder again today. Either he’s the chickenshit little pussy I have called him, or his lunch hour ended or something. I posted right behind him and its been a good half hour with no response from Freder at all … to anything. Here’s how it went, starting with Freder’s last post (in response to a comment that stated that unless all of the murders in Baghdad were innocent bystanders – which is HIGHLY UNLIKELY – the high number of murders may not be a bad thing, especially as compared to the murder rate in Detroit):

Unless you have some evidence to suggest that ALL of those 1754 people were innocent bystanders, I think we can count this as a good thing.

In what twisted worldview is this a “good thing”? Shouldn’t our goal be to end the violence not merely slaughter people?

by Freder_Frederson on 2005-08-26 11:42:06

Freder,Until you take up my challenge, which is already five days old and has been posted and reposted on this blog, then you need to shut up about body counts and your unfounded pessimism regarding the war.


by RightWingRocker on 2005-08-26 11:47:37

In what twisted worldview is this a “good thing”?

In the twisted worldview that it is possible that many of these murders were NOT innocent bystanders, but the very terrorists we’re trying to kill anyway.

A dead terrorist is a good terrorist.


by RightWingRocker on 2005-08-26 11:49:20

Bring it on, Freder. Come on. I grow weary of your evasion.


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A Soldier Puts his Money where his Mouth Is

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 24, 2005

I am proud to have “armybryan” as one of my new readers.

He comes to the RWRepublic by way of John Hawkins’ rightwingnews.com. The story of his arrival is quite a touching one …

I was reading that blog, as noted in the last post. He was participating in a mass cluebatting of a couple of neo-antiwar Woodstock-relic pinko-commie Bush-hating liberidiots, and boy was he good. Again, see the links in the last post.

Of course, these idiots were telling all of us that he was WRONG about what was going on in Iraq. Can you imagine the absolute unmitigated gall of these people? This man is IN IRAQ. He is most likely in the line of fire, or close to it, EVERY DAY. I doubt there are many people who would know better than he exactly what is going on there. In fact, I KNOW there aren’t. If Bryan has confidence in the success of the operation, then I have the same.

I am looking forward to Bryan’s continued readership, and more importantly, his comments. Not just on Iraq issues, but any comment he feels he needs to make.

Bryan has already posted some very important comments, some of which are included in the last post, where I challenge one of the aforementioned morons to a bet of sorts. HS Delftsman Upped the ante and threw a steak dinner into the mix if “Freder” would bet him, too. I, of course declined for financial reasons, but Bryan stepped up:

If nothing else, you can point out that you are more balanced that those on the left, and that you can actually see benefits to both sides. OK, just kidding. The page looks good. Oh yeah, about the bet with Freder, I will treat for the steak dinner if you lose.

5 months left until I get back to the US, until then, keep the faith and keep up the good work.


armybryan 08.24.05 – 8:15 am #

If this soldier, stationed in Iraq, is this confident in the US’s imminent success in Iraq, then I will share that confidence. It’s a safe bet. Bryan won’t have to buy anyone a steak dinner, nor will Delfts. Of course, there’s still no word on whether Freder plans to accept my challenge anyway. Either he hasn’t seen my challenge, which is a possibility, or he’s just a total PUSSY, which is a given.


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A Liberal Prediction

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 21, 2005

Right Wing News – August 19, 2005. Comment string.

Some Bush-hating liberidiot using the name Freder_Frederson posted this comment on an excellent post by John Hawkins over at Right Wing News. The post was adamant that the real quagmire in Iraq was faced by the terrorists. The links to the post and the comment string are set above.

So far, I have been tragically right about this war and the administration’s incompetent handling of it. And I will make this prediction now and you can rub it in my face. One year from now Iraq will either be in a full scale civil war or have an Iranian friendly Shiite dominated theocracy. Our troops will be withdrawing or thrown out of the country and there will be no way for the administration to either claim that we have won, or you, as much as you may try, to blame the loss on the liberals and the MSM.

by Freder_Frederson on 2005-08-19 11:31:12

Of course, I was willing to comment on this and call him on it (what the heck … no consequences for being wrong):

I’m surprised no one called you on this, Freder. I will therefore take it upon myself to do so.

You’re on; and my confidence comes from those who have returned from the war zones and have reported much the same as matterson and armybryan.

Since there are no consequences for being wrong for either of us, bookmark my blog and stop in next year. Matterson and Bryan – don’t let me down.

I’ll be waiting.


by RightWingRocker on 2005-08-21 22:05:01

So my challenge is on. There really is no reason in the world to believe that Iraq will be that out of control in as little as a year. The Sunnis are no longer shying from the process, and everyone’s at the table. The security forces are training, and they are improving every day.

Furthermore, such a situation may not be the end of the world, nor should it be considered a failure on the US’s part if it does happen. Remember that the whole idea of freedom is for people to govern themselves. We fought a civil war here in the United States for that very reason. If there is a civil war, those yearning for freedom will win in the end. If there is an Iran-sympathizing terrorist government in Iraq, there will be a clear mission with a clear target and a clear enemy. Militarily, that may be an advantage over dealing with the non-Iraqi “insurgents” whom we are dealing with now. At worst, the situation Freder describes would be little more than a setback in the War on Terror.

Therefore, all I am calling Freder on is whether he will be right about there being an Iraqi civil war or terrorist government that sympathizes with Iran, our troops withdrawing in shame or being kicked out, and no way America can claim victory or blame liberals or the liberal media, one year from the day he posted his comment.


Update: I’ve transferred the comments to this post just to make sure they don’t get lost in the Haloscan archive. It’s true that Haloscan’s premium package is reasonably priced, but I just can’t afford it at this point. Here’s the thread:

Freder, I’ll join RWR in that wager, bookmark me HERE and we’ll just see who’s correct in 365 short days.Let’s raise the stakes, loser treats winner to a steak dinner.

LC/IB delftsman3 Homepage 08.22.05 – 3:59 am #

I’d go with the steak thing if i weren’t all mired in debt … ya know this Bush economy hahaahha


RightWingRocker Homepage 08.22.05 – 4:02 am #

Hey RWR, thanks for the backup. I and every other soldier over here thank you and those like you for defending us from attacks at home while we defend against attacks from abroad. Much appreciated, man.


armybryan 08.23.05 – 8:02 am #

Thanks, Bryan.

Please keep coming around and dropping in a comment, especially to keep me posted on the situation.

Thanks again for all you do, and please pass the same on to everyone out there. You are doing the Lord’s work.


RightWingRocker Homepage 08.23.05 – 1:57 pm #

RWR, he’s just going to do the leftie “move the goalposts” on you. He’ll define whatever the situation is a year from now as a civil war.

Liberals are pathological liars. But you knew that already. Nice blog.

Long time, first time.

Dave 08.23.05 – 9:35 pm #

Let him try.Don’t forget, Freder’s comment was in the context of a discussion with actual soldiers on the ground, one of which has already commented on this post.

Bryan will be able to back up whatever the real case is.


RightWingRocker Homepage 08.23.05 – 10:08 pm #

Actually,I’m going to go out on a limb and say I hope Freder is right at least in one regard-

There are some- and I am beginning to believe this myself– that feel we should encourage as much fractiousness among the various sects of Islam as we can manage.

There’s going to have to be a war within Islam itself if what we so dreamily insist is this difficult-to-observe-in-it’s-natural-habitat “moderate Islam” is to prevail. We should encourage it, just as we should encourage the so-called “Palestinians” to fight it out amongst themselves- with any luck, they will cease to be regarded as a nationality.

As for Iraq, the hope is that the Federalists will prevail over the Chauvinists, and the issue of religious fundamentalism and Sharia will recede in importance.

LC TripleNeckSteel Homepage 08.23.05 – 10:59 pm #

Federalism is always the best way to go. Of course, I seriously doubt Freder would understand your logic, Triple. He’s too wrapped up in hating war and the President.


RightWingRocker Homepage 08.23.05 – 11:00 pm #

Hey Rocker, just wanted to let you know that yet another power generation station has been completed and almost all the transmission lines to individual houses are done. Don’t tell Freder though, he will just deny it and say I’m lying again. F*ck it, tell him, then gloat some. It is good for the soul.

armybryan 08.24.05 – 11:16 am #

Keep it up, Bryan.

You know, with all these failures, just imagine how awesome it’s going to be when we see some SUCCESS over there!!



RightWingRocker Homepage 08.24.05 – 11:45 am #

Something to consider about freder. People who operate from the emotional tend to project onto those who disagree. Thus others are always at fault. So it doesn’t really matter. Any outcome whatsoever will be twisted by Freder into something he “predicted” and it will be all our faults. This is the kind of BS that moved me to the right.

Doncos 08.25.05 – 12:05 pm #

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Omar on the Sunni Change of Heart

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 21, 2005

By far the best blog coming out of Iraq is Iraq the Model, put out by two brothers, Omar and Mohammed. Today, Omar writes of his experience with a young boy near a Sunni Mosque:

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Yesterday in the afternoon I picked up some clothes to get them to the laundry; by the way, in Iraq we do most of our laundry at home except for suits, jackets or clothes that have a stubborn spot of oil or juice or … whatever! That’s not what I should be talking about right now.

So, the place I was going to to do the laundry is very close to a mosque (a Sunni mosque to be more specific), now once I parked the car and made the first two steps to my destination I was attacked by a kid holding a parcel of flyers in one hand and handing out flyers to pedestrians and people in cars with the other hand. The parcel was heavy for him that he barely kept balance while moving and it looked funny.

“Uncle, here, take these, read them and then go register your name in the office” said the kid while he snatched a couple of flyers from the parcel (which you can see in the image below) and handed them over to me.The word “uncle” or “aunt” is used so often when talking to anyone relatively older in age … well, again that’s not our topic today!

That kid was not alone there; there were other kids doing the same, all wearing the same kind of screen printed t-shirts and caps carrying the name and sign of the Islamic Party. Those flyers are different from the ones that were distributed prior to the January elections by this party and other Sunni entities; this time they’re encouraging their fellow Sunnis to take part in the referendum and the next elections describing the people’s commitment to the constitutional process as a “must do” social and patriotic duty and describing the party’s campaign to encourage joining the process as a “must do” religious duty.

It’s interesting that this time they were digging for proofs in the Quran and Hadith (sayings of the prophet) to support and justify their calls for taking part in the referendum and elections. They even chose a Hadith where the prophet is supposed to have legalized having a social contract with “nonbelievers” if that contract is going to serve the interests of the community and that’s in my opinion is a huge change.

It seems that everyone is getting ready to say their word the on constitution and all that is missing now is, er…the constitution!
– posted by Omar @

I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you’re on – this is truly a very special moment for the Iraqis. If a scene depicting people coming together and embracing freedom doesn’t make you feel all squishy inside, then you aren’t an American. If people who have lived under violent oppression for decades throwing away their shackles and standing tall as free people doesn’t bring tears of joy to your eyes, then you are nothing more than a hateful pile of human debris no better than the criminal who enslaved them for so long.

Omar, you and Mohammed are doing a great job. Keep hanging in there. Remember that freedom is not free. With it comes responsibility and hard work. Of course, the rewards are also great.


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A Non-Political Question

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 19, 2005


I was in no way unhappy with the red-white-and-blue template I was using for the last few months, however …

I was surfing around the templates over at Bravenet and found one that I thought would be cool to play with.

I kind of like the color scheme, but the side content being on the left has me thinking … ummm … well ya know, I’ve always had my side stuff on the RIGHT (no pun intended).

Anyway, I’d like to have everyone’s input. Even if you haven’t commented much, please weigh in on this. Do you like the new design or don’t you … if you don’t care, please tell me that, too. If you think the side content would look better on the right side, let me know.

Or have I, perhaps, spent too much time tonight in the company of Adolph Coors?



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“There is no War that Solves Anything”

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 18, 2005

I just saw some lady involved in the Cindy Sheehan situation go on TV and say, “There is no war that solves anything.”

Yeah, ok lady. No war solves anything, huh? Your ignorance frosts me. You are an embarrassment to the free world. Any American who says something like that has forgotten to learn the lessons of the last 250 years.

In 1776, our Founding Fathers gathered in Philadelphia to set forth the problems they had with the British crown. They listed these problems, and signed their names at serious risk to their own lives and the lives of their families. They fought a war. They won the war. All problems listed either ceased or became their own to solve. That war clearly solved a lot.

In 1860, President Lincoln was elected to office. His platform was adamant: slavery would be ended. A war was fought among Americans. Brother fought brother. Father fought son. It was one of the bloodiest conflicts in the history of warfare. Lincoln won the war. Slavery was ended. Problem solved. Can you seriously tell me that war didn’t solve anything?

In 1941, the world went to war to stop the advancement of Adolph Hitler. Another of history’s bloodiest wars, both sides suffered casualties the likes of which could never have been imagined. You wanna bitch about 1800 soldiers losing their lives in the current conflict? The United States lost SEVERAL TIMES that during the Normandy invasion alone. The Allies won the war. Hitler committed suicide, and all of his awful deeds were exposed. Millions of suffering Jews were saved. That war was quite successful in solving some problems.

Remember, you stupid ignorant bitch – “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”


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Israel Pulls out of Gaza

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 18, 2005

OK. Israel is pulling out of Gaza. Naturally, there is some resistance from the Israelis who live there. I’ve been thinking about this situation today, and I’ve come to two conclusions:


It cannot be overemphasized how important an event this is in the War on Terror. When trying to seem reasonable, the terrorists say they want a homeland for the Palestinians. Here’s their chance to make good on that – Here’s your homeland, guys; it’s even largely the area that you wanted. Although the fate of Jerusalem may yet be unresolved, this puts a huge damper on any terrorist claims that they are fighting to establish a Palestinian homeland. This development will allow the terrorists who have been honest with us to make good on their word.


The overwhelming majority of terrorists who have been saying this have NOT been honest with us. Their true objective is the elimination of Israel altogether. This situation will have no effect whatsoever on the peace process in the Middle East. The war will continue, and terrorists will continue to try to bring down the free people of the world. Remember, these people aren’t about peace. They are about imposing their religion and way of life on everyone else. As long as there are free people and non-fanatic muslims, these barbarians will continue their shenanigans.

The strategic importance of this development in the war, again, cannot be overemphasized. The fact that the enemy has been given the opportunity to “put its money where its mouth is” may bring more nations to the cause if that opportunity is not taken. It won’t be. Like I said before, these people really couldn’t care less if the Palestinians had their own country. Their real reason for being is to bring everyone to their way of thinking or kill them.


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RightWingRocker’s Humor Style

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 18, 2005

the Comic

(19% dark, 38% spontaneous, 57% vulgar)

your humor style:VULGAR COMPLEX LIGHT

Yours is the most versatile and also the most popular kind of humor. You’ll crack a joke about just about anything, but you’re not mean-spirited or intimidating, so you can get away with it–even when, for example, you bust on Mexicans.

You appreciate a good dirty joke as much as next person, but, over all, you’ve got a brainier approach to humor than most. Now just go out there and write up a routine; it’s likely you’d be good at it.

PEOPLE LIKE YOU: Dave Chappelle – Rodney Dangerfield

Rodney Dangerfield?? Geez, no wonder I get NO RESPECT!


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Lord Spatula Posts a Comeback

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 17, 2005

Not his own, but right on the mark nonetheless.

Go read it (and his other posts, he’s up there with the best).

Whoever this guy was, he had a true appreciation for what our soldiers go through.


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Posted by RightWingRocker on August 16, 2005

I got involved in a comment thread today over at RightWingNews, in which the discussion of the Left’s current loony-on-a-pedestal, Cindy Sheehan was being discussed.

Of course, at some point, I correctly made the assertion that Cindy Sheehan’s problems with the President predate the death of her son, and she is merely using his death in an attempt to further her own agenda. I used her own letter to the President as evidence, in which she railed about an “illegal war” and “careless domestic policy”, rather then present a proper eulogy for her fallen son. I further presented one supporter of Mrs. Sheehan (MrTom) the following:

I wonder what you would have to say about her calling the minority vote against President Bush in the last election a “mandate” for her, or the assertion that it was President Bush who killed soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq instead of the terrorists who are really responsible, or her assertion that the
President’s domestic policies are “careless”.

Particularly on that last point, I have found that most people who are on your side of the war issue are, like Mrs. Sheehan apparently is, also against the dismantling of the large number of illegal socialist programs we have in
this country, and the installation of judges who will read and apply the Constitution as intended by the Founding Fathers.

MrTom did not attempt to refute my assertion that socialist programs in America are illegal, but did try to assert that constitutionalist judges such as Justices Rehnquist, Scalia, and Thomas have engaged in “interpreting the Constitution according to their own views”. Since no one is perfect, including the nearly-perfect me, and especially people who serve in government, I asked for a link – some case law in which these judges engaged in political activism from the bench. He had to be asked a total of four times, with him first ignoring my challenge, then dancing around the issue. When he did present me an actual Supreme Court case in which he felt Scalia, et. al. were “making a law”. All he came up with was a case where they had voted and written dissenting arguments against a majority that had ruled with regard to limits on punitive damages. The case in question was State Farm v. Campbell.

Reading the court documents, the majority position was that excessive damages had been awarded by a court and had violated the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. I pesonally see this as more of an Eighth Amendment issue, but Justice Kennedy, writing for the majority, cited and defended constitutional references in his decision.

Likewise, both Justice Scalia and Justice Thomas referred to the Constitution in their dissent. While I believe that someone should have looked to the Eighth Amendment, I cannot see reason to argue that any judge in this matter acted in a spirit of judicial activism, since every statement the Justices made with regard to the case specifically referenced the constitutionality of the ruling in question. The real question with regard to this case is this: What laws were in place in Utah to govern this sort of thing, and did the Utah court rule in the absence of law? It seems this case was a ruling on the degree of the award, in which case, it would be the court’s reasoning that would come into question.

Again, I’m wondering why the Eighth Amendment issues weren’t brought to the fore by the Supreme Court, as they are considerably more applicable and substantive with regard to this case. An award is, after all, nothing more than a fine that is paid to the victim rather than to the government.


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RWR’s Email to Mohammed

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 14, 2005

It’s not often I post twice in the same day, and I have avoided Cindy Sheehan as an issue here (largely for the reasons I give in the following letter), but my daily blog run yielded some interesting stuff about Mrs. Sheehan, which made me think about her real motivations for what she is doing and how they relate to the comments made by Mohammed over at IraqTheModel.

I sent Mohammed the following email today, since there is a problem getting into the comments area. I have pasted it in its entirety. It includes links to Mrs. Sheehan’s letter to President Bush as well as to the Rottie, where I found the link to her letter. You will get an interesting perspective if you follow these links. Of course, there are plenty of words of encouragement for Mohammed, Omar, and their people.


I am always inspired by the words you guys post on your blog. Unfortunately, I cannot get into the comments section to read or post comments.

The reason I am sending you this email is to give you a real perspective on Cindy Sheehan. This woman is exploiting her son’s death in the interests of those who align themselves with her politically. These people are staunchly anti-war and quite frankly, couldn’t care less about your freedom. They care very little about our own freedom here in America.

In her letter to President Bush, she says very little about her son and her anti-war efforts. She says nothing about why she is opposed to the war or anything of the sort. Her words are not those of a grieving mother, but those of an angry activist whose cause is lost.

Here is the full text of her letter:


Just as an example, I’ll analyze the last paragraph of her letter:

“The 56,000,000 plus citizens who voted against you and your agenda have given me a mandate to move forward with my agenda.”

56 million people is a lot of people, but 62 million is more. President Bush has the bigger mandate, Mohammad. Stand by him as you have. You are doing the right thing.

“Also, thanks to you and your careless domestic policies, I am unemployed, so this will be my full-time job.”

I think it says a lot about a person when they say that complaining will be a full-time job. In her letter that is supposed to be about her son, she brings up domestic policy. Do you see where this is going?

“Being your political downfall will be the most noble accomplishment of my life and it will bring justice for my son and 1125 (so far) other brave Americans and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis your lies have killed.”

Mrs. Sheehan will fail at this and she knows it. If she doesn’t, those who are using her to make political hay do. As for her assertion that President Bush has deliberately killed tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis, I would personally like to see her proof, and as much as I grieve for every fallen soldier, 1125 dead in the war effort is actually really good. We lost many times that in a single day in the Second World War. Her position is motivated exclusively by her anti-war (and consequently anti-free Iraq) sentiments.

“How many more of their cities are you going to level before you consider that they are liberated?”

Mohammad, you could answer her better than I on this one. Clearly, Iraq is much closer to being free and liberated than ever before. Wouldn’t you agree? And how many Iraqi cities have actually been “leveled” in this effort? Again, you would know better than I.

“If you really had any moral values, or if you were an honorable man at all you would resign.”

Can you see where she’s going here? I, for one, and completely in disagreement with Mrs. Sheehan on this. Apparently, she figures that people with moral values and honor cannot rightfully wage war and liberate people who are, for all intents and purposes, enslaved. Again, Mohammed, these are not the words of a grieving mother, but those of an activist whose cause has failed.

“My son was a man who had high moral values and true courage. Humanity lost a bright light on April 04, 2004.”

Finally she gets something right! I disagree, however with the implication that President Bush does not have the same high moral values and true courage.

“I will live the rest of my life missing Casey desperately.”

And so will everyone else who knew and loved him, INCLUDING those who fought beside him, and INCLUDING those Iraqis whose lives he saved, and INCLUDING those who now have a free future because of what he did (and did on this President’s orders, I might add).

“Thank you for that, George. Have a nice day.”

Mrs Sheehan’s sarcasm is not appreciated by the majority of Americans, Mohammed. We are behind you all the way.

For an interesting response to Mrs. Sheehan that includes the same kind of sarcasm that she seems to enjoy using, check this out:


Mohammed and Omar, keep fighting the good fight. Freedom always wins in the end. Unfortunately, blood must be spilled to get there. The red and white stripes on our flag are supposed to remind Americans of this, as they symbolize the blood and bandages of those wounded and/or killed in battle. Blood is the price of freedom. There cannot be freedom without sacrifice. Casey Sheehan’s honor and memory are being perverted by his own mother, and I personally find that shameful.

I hope you were able to find the time to read this email in its entirety, and I wish you and all your fellow Iraqis all of the very best in building the free nation you deserve. God/Allah/Yahweh knows it’s been a long time coming.



I didn’t want to bog these guys down with a full fisking of the letter, as it was already going to be a long email. Click the link and read it for yourself. This woman’s a real piece of work (among other things).


Update: John Hawkins blogs about Cindy Sheehan.

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Tapscott and Big Government

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 14, 2005

Mark Tapscott‘s current article on townhall.com brings forth a major problem … out-of-control government spending.

Now, before I go and tear into the Republican majority, I must acknowledge that anything the Donks would have done of this nature would have been considerably worse, and substantially more damaging to the financial standing of the United States. It is completely and utterly disingenuous for Democrats to complain about Republican deficit spending when they themselves are even more prone to it. Let them try to take credit for the balanced budgets brought to us by Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America if they like, but the facts will always bear out that the Democrat Party and its overly socialist nature have been the larger source of unconstitutional government spending when compared to the Republicans.

That having been said, of the Republicans, I must ask: What the fuck are you guys thinking? Critics of the “energy bill” complain that it is “packed” with “pork”. They are right. When you guys go and act like Democrats, you jeopardize everything we Americans have worked to protect. At least the Democrats are honest when they tell us they’ll tax the shit out of us so they can spend more money on unconstitutional programs like Socialist Security. Republicans run on fiscal responsibility/smaller government and protecting the Constitution, then trample all over those same problems and worse, that same Constitution.

Bullshit like this gives credence to the Libertarian argument that there really is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. Let’s face this one simple fact: Democrats and Republicans are BOTH parties of big spending. The only real differences are the degree and the focus of the spending. When will our representatives stop and read the document they are sworn to uphold and defend?

Now I’m not saying we should all run out today and start voting Libertarian (sorry, Sage). What I am saying is that IF there is going to be a successful re-focusing on the Constitution and a reining in of big government, a few things are going to have to happen:

1. Write off the Donks. They are getting loonier every day, and the Constitution hasn’t been involved in their decision-making process for close to a century.

2. AMERICANS must read the Constitution and its related texts (i.e. the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist, and the Anti-Federalist), not just our elected officials. AMERICANS must re-affirm a commitment to the ideals set forth by our Founding Fathers, and be proactive in reestablishing the basic fundamental principles thereof.

3. Since the Republican Party has the money and power to implement a constitutional agenda, and seems to be the only major party willing to pay lip service to the Constitution, constitutionalists must unite behind this party AND simultaneously put pressure on them to use the Constitution as the basic guide in all decision-making processes.

The contingent of Federalists (Constitutionalists) within the Republican Party is growing very rapidly. All parties who wish to succeed in American “government” must follow the example set by the greatest president of the Twentieth Century, Ronald Reagan, who insisted that all government agencies and officials follow their constitutional duty. This is another reason to write off the Donks. They hate Reagan and his success, not to mention the fact that he was right when it came to the Constitution and its proper place in American discourse.

If they want to stay in office, Republicans need to stop acting like Democrats and start acting like the Federalists who are most active in getting them elected. Enough is enough.


Update:Today’s article by Paul Jacob reaffirms my position. Interestingly enough, I read this AFTER writing this post. Great minds think alike, don’t they?

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Some Weekday Touring

Posted by RightWingRocker on August 14, 2005

Hey! RWR here on Wednesday …

There’s a bit of touring to do between now and Sunday. I’ll be in and out, I’m sure. Posting and commenting will be light during this time, but there should be some posting. I’ll keep this post on top until Sunday and update when I do post.

In the meantime, do scroll down and check out other recent posts, particularly the most recent involving the constitutionality of Roe v. Wade. Also, make sure you check out the sites of the Honorable soldiers of the RWRmy and everyone on the BlogRWRoll. If you have time after doing all that, the links section is very good, too, especially Paul Jacob’s Common Sense and FamousIdiot.com, if they have anything new there.

Have a great week, everyone!


Update: David Limbaugh posts another article on Constitutionalist judges. See Friday’s post.

Another Update: Mohammed’s Message to Cindy Sheehan. See Saturday’s post.

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