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Teddy Kennedy has a Lot of Balls

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 27, 2005

Since Senator Kennedy (Donk-Massachusetts) has seen fit to mark the one-year anniversary of the Abu-Graib situation with a big speech, I suppose we should take a moment to reflect …

I wonder where the big speech was that Mr. Kennedy made celebrating the anniversary of the fall of Baghdad. How about the anniversary of the capture of Saddam Hussein? The Afghani elections? I’ll tell you where they were. He didn’t make them. All he did was come around and criticize the President for doing what he believed was the right thing to do. Not even a congratulatory word for having succeeded at even one of these very formidible tasks.

All this after the President let Sen. Kennedy have all sorts of (unconstitutional) increased government control over the US education system, a program doomed to failure because of its socialist nature. That’s gratitude for ya.

Quite frankly, I’m quite sick of Mr. Kennedy and his political bullshit games.

Maybe Sen. Kennedy should try this on for size …

I invite everyone to put the following date on your calendars: July 19. On that date, we will celebrate the 36th anniversary of Mr. Kennedy’s 1969 “accident” at Chappaquiddick, in which a beautiful young lady died, and a cover-up of mammoth proportions followed. After that fateful night, all we heard from Senator Kennedy was LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE.

Sorry, Mr. Kennedy, but the magic of the Internet prevents you from hiding the truth any longer. Technology has caught up with you. If you are going to throw questionable allegations of wrongdoing at the President, we have plenty of allegations for you which are much less questionable.

Here is a site with plenty of information and links, and stuff to know so that preparation for the celebration will be thorough and complete.

Let’s Roll!



15 Responses to “Teddy Kennedy has a Lot of Balls”

  1. CJ said

    It makes you wonder how much hatred fat Ted has for this country to celebrate Abu Ghraib. What a piece of shit!

  2. Well, CJ. There’s quite a bit of that, I’m sure.

    More likely, I would say that he has a hatred for non-liberals who succeed in the world.

    If this had happened on Clinton’s watch, you couldn’t possibly tell me he’d be celebrating.

    Of course, Clinton was too much of a pussy to take on the terrorists in the first place …

    Interesting point, CJ …


  3. Dean said

    Ted wants to mourn Abu Ghraib? WTF is he thinking?

    That fat fuck ought to be mourning the following:

    1. Nick Berg- beheaded a year ago.
    2. Paul Johnson- also decapitated in Iraq, last year.
    3. The 4 contractors who were shot, burned alive, butchered, and had their body parts strung up in Fallujah.
    4. The 1500+ servicemen dead due to his fat ass helping the terrorists.

    FUCK TED KENNEDY! How the hell did the snipers miss him?

  4. Well Dean join the crowd … We will do something special for ol Teddy in July. Maybe a National day of Chappaquiddick blogging … Sound like fun?


  5. Ol' BC said

    I’ve been to Chappaquiddick and the infamous bridge. There is no way any drunk could make a wrong turn and end up there. It’s a dirt path off a paved blacktop road that leads to that bridge. Once you get to the bridge, Jeff Gordon would be hard pressed to drive across it. I’m marking my calendar, RWR! This a**hole has completely lost touch with reality.

  6. Get the word out guys … something big that day … either some kind of National Chappaquiddick blogging or something bigger! Who knows?!


  7. Beck said

    And there isnt a whole bunch of things good ol’ W isnt lying and hiding and covering?!! Im not saying its right, but the president YOU elected has been nothing but a liar. Im sure there are TONS of things about his drinking and partying days that got covered up -DUIs, possession charges, etc. Pot calling the kettle black.

  8. Well, Beck. Everyone has something in the old closet. I’m sure even you do. Do you really think something along the lines of manslaughter is lurking in W’s closet?

    Believe any of the lies and/or distortions you want about President Bush. We know he partied in college. So did I. So did you, most likely if, you’ve even been to college. We did NOT get into a drunk driving accident (or what is most likely something a lot worse) and leave the scene of the accident with someone in the car to drown to death.

    I’ve been involved in accidents before. Under no circumstances did I leave the scene of an accident without filing the appropriate reports with the police. Where there were other people involved, I personally made the 911 call to get help for them. Kennedy is a snake the likes of which W could never compare to.


  9. Care to illustrate any of these lies, Beck?

    And I don’t mean in some Michael Moore, Bush-Lied-People-Died kind of way– I mean in a way that conforms to some dictionary definition of lies…

  10. *chirp*



  11. Ya see, Beck, it’s like this…

    To assume W lied is to assume that:

    A) The innumerable DemonRats that to the one (even your presumed heroes Hanoi Jen and Empress Shrillary) mouthed the exact same “lies”, and advocated the exact same policy of “regime change” for years before W was even “(s)elected” (like how I can use your vernacular? ) were also, to the one, lying.

    B) That the intelligence agencies of the world, some of which weren’t even our friends, also “lied”. Surely if this were the case, someone in that vast community would’ve blown the whistle…

    C) That Saddam was telling the truth. You don’t think he was do you?

    Sorry, Beck– we’ve got a few packages of Legg’s pantyhose and the board-game version so you can play along at home…


  12. Ted Chappiquinnedyâ„¢

    I can’t wait to deluge his bloated, cirrhotic ass with e-mails inquiring about his commemoration of those events 35 years ago.

    Mary Jo Kopechne, as usual, declined comment.

  13. It’s OUR commemoration Triple … in response to HIS commemoration of Abu Graib.

    And I hope it will be SWEET!


  14. Yeah I know…

    I just assumed he’d be commemorating that too…or his he being selective about what he calls attention to?

  15. Ben Rider said

    I can’t wait, 13 days left!

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