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Time to Check In!

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 18, 2005

I’m flattered. Sincerely.

I had wondered where the moonbats had gone. Troll traffic here had slowed to a crawl. Meanwhile, I go over to Ol’ BC’s blog, and he’s writing about my posts a lot. All the Honorable Soldiers of the RWRmy are referencing my posts, as well as commenting here. Ol’ BC will now be counted among them. These are neither moonbats nor trolls, though, so I put up a counter, since overall comments seemed to be down. Said counter is set up not to count hits from my home base or from work, so I know people have been coming by. It’s also been making projections that I can expect LOTS of additional visits/visitors to come by. Average time spent is also logged, and people have definitely been sticking around to read.

So, this post, which was going to be a simple “check in so I know who’s coming here” post, has turned into a huge THANK YOU to everyone who comes by to see what I have to say about things. It’s amazing that I’ve got so many readers in less than three months of blogging.

I would appreciate, if you would, everyone dropping a comment in the comment area (especially those of you who have been quiet), just to let me know who comes by. No need to put much personal information – first name and home state will do. Make up a name if you want to. I’d love to know who’s reading and where everyone hails from. And one more time …




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