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This is Supposed to be a GOOD Thing?

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 15, 2005

Just so you know what YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS are up to:

April 13, 2005

Help Protect Online Freedom of Speech

Dear Colleague:

When Congress passed campaign finance reform in 2002, the legislation did not identify the Internet as a target of regulation, and rightly so. The explosion of new technology has done much to democratize our politics, encourage grassroots political involvement, and act as a tremendous catalyst for civic engagement across our country. With the emergence of blogs, the Internet truly puts the power in the hands of the people.

Unfortunately, a federal judge has ruled that the FEC’s previous broad exemption of the Internet was impermissible, absent clear direction from Congress. Within the next sixty days, the FEC is expected to finalize rules and regulations that could squash not only free speech and political activism, but could well impede innovation and technology – unless Congress acts now.

Today, I introduced the Online Freedom of Speech Act in order to prevent federal regulation of political speech over the Internet. This bill would amend federal election law to specifically exclude communications over the Internet from the definition of “public communication.” It will allow the growth and expansion of new voices and new ideas in our political process free from interference by the federal government. An identical bill (S.678) has been introduced in the Senate by the distinguished Minority Leader, signifying that this effort is by no means a partisan issue.

We ought to embrace these newcomers to our political process instead of applying complex and stifling regulatory burdens. Please cosponsor this important legislation and help me protect bloggers and online activists from the heavy hand of federal regulation.

For more information, please call Gerry O’Shea at 5-3484.

Member of Congress

Let’s see here. Someone in Congress has to actually propose legislation that allows free speech? What the fuck is wrong with THIS picture?

Bipartisan? Yeah, right. If you fartknockers really cared about free speech, you’d be putting the moves out there to repeal McCain-Feingold outright. The whole fucking thing an insult to the First Amendment and those who sought to protect Americans’ right to speak freely.

A step in the right direction? Kiss my ass. If Congress hadn’t gotten into the business of trampling on Americans’ freedom in the first place, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. BOHICA! From punitive income taxes to erosion of the First and Second Amendments, these shitweasels can’t just leave well enough alone.

They scream “TAX THE RICH” so that they can further impoverish the poor.

They tell you they want to stop gun violence, then take your gun away so you can’t defend yourself against the criminal who stole the gun he’s pointing at you.

They force you to pay into their sorry excuse for a “retirement system”, then spend the money on pork projects instead of putting it into an investment that could actually give you a return on your investment. Want to opt out and save for your own retirement? Well, yes, you can save for your retirement, but they’ll tax the shit out of your earnings and you can forget opting out. Oh yeah, you will be taxed on the pittance they give you as well.

They trample on States’ rights by proposing and passing legislation involving a shitload of things they have no business getting involved in. Education, welfare, and socialist security are just the tip of the iceberg. McCain-Feingold is a blatant repeal of the First Amendment.

…the Internet truly puts the power in the hands of the people.

No it doesn’t you turd. God did that, and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights affirmed it.

If these people were serious about securing the rights of the governed (a little Declaration of Independence lingo there), they would start working on repealing these oppressive programs and laws. Maybe a few hours studying the Bill of Rights would be a good start.



3 Responses to “This is Supposed to be a GOOD Thing?”

  1. Everybody assumed the Supremes would strike down McCain-Feingold; otherwise, Bush never would have signed it. People wanted to be able to say to the media, “Hey, I tried to support campaign finance reform, but the courts wouldn’t let me.” That’s what happens when the legislative and executive branches turn over responsibility for governing the country to the judiciary. Any idiot could see that the act violates the First Amendment. But then, any idiot could see that there’s no constitutional right to abortion.

  2. Yo van Helsing …

    Where did you come from?? Dude you hit it pretty hard and right out of the park. The bullshit of it all is that LESS regulation of campaigns was appropriate, not more.

    Frankly, I’m pretty weary of people in the other two branches kissing up to the judiciary the way they have.

    Keep posting comments like that, and you may wind up on the BlogRWRoll


  3. Fuck it … I went to your blog … welcome home!


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