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RightWingRocker on Abortion

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 13, 2005

Earlier today, I came across this comment on a post over at blogsforterri.com from “Vanessa”:

This is relatively unrelated, but since abortion was mentioned it triggered something that’s puzzled me for good while in understanding anti-abortion sentiment and usually not too many people comment on posts like this anyway.

I think I understand why someone would be opposed to it after conception takes place. It’s a potential life and it’s sacred and hence shouldn’t be ended. What I have more problems in understanding is where and also how you draw the line.

I don’t mean to offend anyone but I have a hard time understanding. If abortion is wrong, then so is any form of birth control? If it is then why, and if it isn’t why not?

I also have problems with the enigma of artificial conception. It’s meant to help a couple create life but since only one cell cluster eventually qualifies and the others are destroyed, it’s wrong?

I don’t mean to rattle any cages but I’m having a really hard time wrapping my mind around the objections. Preferably, if anyone wants to share their thoughts, I’d like to hear from other women, because no objection to men, but pregnancy isn’t about your bodies.

I responded, despite Vanessa’s request for only women to respond. I find it incredibly inappropriate that men should be left out of a discussion such as this, especially when my own mother was once a young pregnant girl who was seriously considering an abortion. If she had gone through with it, there would be no me, so I have as much authority as anyone else to enter a discussion on the matter.

Here is my response:

Well, no offense to you, either, Vanessa, but pregnancy isn’t about any woman’s body, either. It’s about the body that is growing inside her. Ask any woman who’s had a baby. It is undeniable that that is not the same person.

As a human being, I have the same right to speak on the matter as you do, as I suffered the same opportunity to be a victim of this barbaric practice as you and everyone else on this earth who has and has not fallen victim to it.

The line I draw in my discussions of the matter of abortion is this: Once conception has occurred, we are talking about a human child whose right to life should be protected.

Cases of rape and incest may be a different matter. I will make a concession on the following basis: If you have consented to the act which created the life, you have consented to the pregnancy and the responsibility of protecting the life and health of the child as long as he/she is your responsibility.

I believe that forms of birth control that prevent above-mentioned conception from occurring are fine. Let the church piss on me for saying it, but if you prevent conception, you have prevented the life from being created. Of course, no birth control method is foolproof, and if it fails and a human life is created, there is an obligation to protect it.

I have been mulling over the “artificial conception” concept for several years now. On one hand, you are going out of your way to create life, but other lives do wind up being destroyed in the process. Friends and relatives of mine have conceived (or tried to conceive) this way. Fortuantely, for the time being, none of the children have been destroyed.

Cases in fact:

* D., a friend from college, and his wife B., had problems conceiving. No attempts at “arificial conception” were successful. This is very sad because they are wonderful people, and passing on those genes would have been a benefit to the world. Last I heard, they were working on adopting.

* B. and A., both friends from college (who met there, of course), had problems conceiving and used “artificial conception” to have their first child, a son. He is healthy and doing very well. They will be using the remaining embryos, which have been frozen, to attempt another pregnancy in the near future.

* J., my wife’s cousin, and his wife T., had problems conceiving and used “artificial conception” to have their first child, a daughter who is also healthy and doing well. A second attempt to become pregnant in this fashion was unsuccessful, and all the remaining embryos were used in the process.

We must make a distinction, of course, between the intentional destruction of the embryos, and the occurrence of an unsuccessful implantation or a miscarriage, as these are not intentional occurrences. Like I said before, I have not formed a complete opinion on this part of the discussion because of the dilemma which exists. Should a couple who is willing to go out of their way to bring a life into the world be forced to choose between having no biological children at all, or being treated as murderers? This is the dilemma with regard to this. Perhaps a viable opportunity to donate embryos to couples who have problems creating them could be a good solution. And let’s not forget adoption. That is always a good choice.

This position is pretty much the same as my wife’s and other pro-life women that I know, just so you know.


I felt that this response was probably the most clear-cut version of the typical pro-life position. I also thought it was pretty well-written (patting myself on the back). I don’t understand what could possibly be so difficult to understand about this.



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Down on the Border: The Minuteman Project

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 13, 2005

The Minuteman Project continues in Arizona. These guys are awesome. They follow illegal aliens sneaking into the country and report them to the INS/Border Patrol. President Bush has called them “vigilantes”. The Mexican government has sent troops (for what?). California communists have sent protesters (yes, and?). The ACLU has sent lawyers (like that’s any kind of surprise).

I just wish they would continue this beyond this month. You know you have it right when the left protests and the ACLU threatens to sue. It’s the best litmus test anywhere. Why stop?

You guys are doing the Lord’s work. These illegals give legal immigrants a bad name, particularly those who have come here legally from Mexico. Allowing criminals to come back after being deported for committing crimes like murder encourages these criminals to continue their crimes.

To the President and the INS/Border Patrol:

You should be embracing the work these people are doing, and encouraging more people to do it. Our armed forces are fighting the terrorists abroad. What the hell is wrong with having our armed (and in these guys’ cases unarmed) citizenry per the Second Amendment participate in defending our borders against those who would disrespect our laws and/or harm us? I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it: NOTHING! Stand and commend them on their huge accomplishments. They should be encouraged to carry arms, however, to protect themselves from the more dangerous illegals coming in. You need to see that the borders are secure and that a good program for bringing in new legal immigrants (not just granting amnesty to those who have broken our laws in the way they came here) is put into place. Shorten the waiting period. Streamline the process. These people aren’t unwelcome, they just haven’t followed the process.

To the illegals:

You are not unwelcome in our country. However, your presence here without respecting our sovereignty and our laws and our priocedures for coming here legally is NOT welcome. The fact that you continue to do this makes your situation more difficult to correct. It also makes our country more prone to terrorist attacks. If you cannot respect this, then you do not belong here, plain and simple.

To the Mexican government:

Your actions that encourage these people to come to America against our laws is completely and totally inappropriate. If your soldiers fire one shot – just one – President Bush has no choice but to consider you a military threat and begin to completely decimate your military the very next day. Do you want this? What in the world do you seek to accomplish by sending troops? Your purpose would be much better served by bringing more freedom to your country and let the people succeed without your intervention. Why do you think things are so much better here in the first place? Hmm? Maybe there wouldn’t be this mass exodus of people trying to find a better life here in the United States. If this keeps up for too long, especially if we make legal immigration more accessible to your people, the new bumper sticker in Mexico will read, “Will the last person to leave Mexico please turn out the lights?”

To the California protesters:

Protest all you want. Our Constitution guarantees you free speech, even though you don’t want me to practice it, so have your protest. My advice to you is to keep your distance, though. If any of those Mexican soldiers, or more likely, criminal gangsters starts shooting, you are just as American as the rest of us, and you will be a target, just as you are in the cities they terrorize when they’re here. Take that to the bank. You’d better hope some of the Minutemen are exercising their right to keep and bear arms (which you don’t want them to have), as they may be your only line of defense.

To the ACLU:

You have no business there. Go home, and take your lawyers with you. No one’s rights are being violated, except maybe the Minutemen, and we all know you’re not there to protect them. If the illegals want their God-given rights enforced, let them go back to the country that guarantees them constitutionally. Your lawyers cannot do anything to protect foreign nationals who are in the US illegally. I have more forceful words for your organization in general, but for now I’ll just suggest you go away.

Most importantly, to the Minutemen:

You are doing the Lord’s work. I wish you would continue this beyond the month that you planned. You are an inspiration to us all. Show your success, and flaunt it. Other states should follow your lead. The Canadian border could use a few guys like you as well. To hell with the Mexican government, the protesters, the ACLU, and anyone else that gets in your way. Hold your heads high and be proud of what you have done. Above all, consider making it an ongoing project. Those immigrants who are here legally applaud what you do. Their voices are being heard all over America. Once again, Thanks!

(More at my previous post)


Update 4/14:Larry Elder gets it right.

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