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Schiavo Wasn’t the End of It … No Surprise

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 8, 2005

Well, folks … It seems any living will legislation as I advocated last month would be voided by these assholes in the courts.

Seems a judge has ordered a woman’s feeding tube removed DESPITE the fact that she has a living will in place SPECIFYING that she is to be KEPT ALIVE BY A FEEDING TUBE! Even I was a bit surprised to learn of this, as the presence of a living will ought to bind every party involved, including the court, to the wishes of the patient. Still, shock must be tempered by reason. Let’s face it. Terri Schiavo was condemned to death by starvation under questionable circumstances. This really shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise.

There is more that we must, as a people and as a nation, come to grips with …

This is actually our own fault. We have elected executives and legislators who simply bend over and take it up the ass any time a judge says to. The Florida Constitution and Statutory Law explicitly gives the Governor the authority to intervene in situations like the Schiavo case. Jeb bowed to the courts. This has caused a constitutional crisis in Florida, and now Georgia faces the same. These crises are reflections of the constitutional crisis we are facing nationwide due to judges that refuse to follow the rule of law as outlined in the US Constitution. Even the Supreme Court has been involved in judicial tyranny, and it’s time Americans stood up and did something about it. There are two things we need to do:

1. Demand the impeachment, under the rules of the Constitution, of any judge that has disregarded the Constitution and/or the authority of the appropriate Executives and/or Legislatures. I am absolutely FLABBERGASTED that no one has brought up the idea of impeaching these judges, as if the Constitution didn’t provide for it.

2. Elect Executive officers (Governors, Presidents, etc.) and Legislators who will nominate and confirm judges who will follow their Constitutional obligations instead of just doing whatever they damn well please. We’ve even seen courts using the laws of OTHER COUNTRIES to form the basis for the decisions that they make. They are authorized to do no such thing.

It’s time America took a page out of the book our patriotic friends out there in Arizona are using and stood up for something. Under no circumstances should we, as a people, tolerate these encroachments upon our basic rights, such as life. If Terri Schiavo and Mae Magourik can be sentenced to death by the courts purely on the basis of someone else’s convenience, then so can you and I. If we don’t take a stand soon, we will lose the few freedoms we actually have left.


Update: More complete information including whom to contact if you want to get involved.

Another Update: Looks like for now she’s being fed. The granddaughter is still fighting to have her killed.

Update 4/10: Today’s Birmingham News.

Update 4/11: Judge Boyd weighs in (note my comment).

Update 4/12:Judge Boyd’s actual letter. Still lots of unanswered questions.


3 Responses to “Schiavo Wasn’t the End of It … No Surprise”

  1. Beth said

    Some people are questioning the particulars of this situation. And it looks like FoxNews has picked up on it, so we’ll get to the bottom of it. IF it’s a hoax, it’s not going to our side any favors, you know?

  2. Actually, it wouldn’t hurt.

    This judicial activism bullshit has gone way too far, and it’s time to call the courts on it. Never mind whether it’s a false alarm at this point … at this point, the question is this – Do you have any trouble believing it?

    My answer is yes, but not much. I visited LaGrange Daily News’s website. This is not a parody-type venue. Either they take this seriously, or they’re some rag trying to deliberately hoodwink the “Culture of Life” crowd. All this can do is force more discussion on living wills, in this case what exactly a living will means.

    And a more important question, too …

    Who will hold the judges accountable?


  3. Creepozoid said

    Guess the liberal line of “respecting their wishes” and “quality of life” was just a bunch of crap after all. They just like watching innocent people die.

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