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Communism’s Big Chance in the 21st Century

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 30, 2005

The MoonBlogs seem to be touting this guy Avakian as their new spiritual leader (sounds a little like Kevorkian to me). Looks like he’s putting out a new book.

Bob Avakian has devoted his life to the one ideology that he believes holds the promise of massively releasing human freedom and dignity. The ideology is communism.

Here we go again …

As if Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Chirac, the Clintons, Fonda, and Kerry weren’t enough …

… Avakian sounds a high, sustained cry for complete social transformation almost as if he were the trumpet of Lenin himself.

Thank God Rocker’s trumpet is louder, clearer, and more far-reaching. Thank God (and my Dad for the lessons).

It’s as if democratic capitalism’s triumph in the 20th century was history’s biggest mistake, a tragic wrong turn from the revolutionary road marked out by Lenin in the Russia of 1917 after the writings of Marx and by Mao in the China of the 1950s and 60s. Unswervingly, Avakian holds that road and is esteemed by fellow revolutionaries as the marathon man of the international anti-imperialist struggle.

Make that history’s biggest success story, during which millions lifted themselves out of poverty and brought unprecedented success to their families and unprecedented prosperity to their children. This was so much the case that the opponents of capitalism had to lie about it just to get people’s opinion in their favor. Thank God the majority didn’t go along. Thank God (and my Dad for the education).

No word on how advocating the same system as Soviet Russia, North VietNam, North Korea, Saddam Hussein, Nazi Germany and others would make this guy an “anti-imperialist”.

Avakian … makes an unqualified case for Marxism-Leninism as a fertile thought system that’s as alive now as it was when the two revolutionary masterminds created it to answer what they saw as capitalism’s fundamental inhumanity.

Fundamental inhumanity. Isn’t that a cute thought? Oppress people, impoverish people, and force them to live that way (if you let them live), and that is supposed to be better than the prosperity and freedom of a capitalist system. Thank God it never caught on in America on any larger scale than it has. Thank God (and the Founders for a Constitution that protects our freedom).

More evolutionary than revolutionary, his nondogmatic communism tolerates contradiction, welcomes dissent and demands the participation of artists and intellectuals in creating a classless society.

As if any of the aforementioned communist regimes would have welcomed dissent or a classless society. You can’t have successful communism if people are allowed to speak out against it. Then again, you can’t have successful communism … it’s been proven time and again.

Our American society is as classless as it gets. Everyone has the same opportunity to succeed. All you have to do is get off your sorry ass and make it happen. Thank God for upward mobility. Thank God (and President Reagan for bringing back a climate that maximizes it).

“Marxism is not a scripture, it’s not a religious dogma,” Avakian writes. “It’s a scientific approach to reality.”

Not a scripture or religious dogma. Thank God for THAT. Thank God (and Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI for standing tall against communism and in favor of Christianity).

The way these people seem to want to destroy Christianity, maybe he’s right about that, but a SCIENTIFIC approach to REALITY? Cut me a break. Communism is as scientific as taking a shit. Beyond the biology, there’s not much there but disgusting waste. And the reality of the world is that there is no perfect system anywhere, but so far no one has come up with anything better than pure unfettered CAPITALISM. Thank God for that. Thank God (and the pilgrims at Plymouth Colony for helping us discover this).

… his representatives say he wants the book to contribute to a renewed dialogue about Marxism and political theory in general.

OK … The book comes out May 6. Here is all the dialogue anyone needs:

Communism, fascism, socialism (all the same thing with different names) and whatever other name you want to sell this snake oil under has been tried again and again and again for the better part of 400 years or more. Just because a couple of 19th century angry white guys in what is now Germany come around and give it a name doesn’t change it one bit. Where it hasn’t already failed, it is failing dismally, and will rightly find its place on the scrap heap of history (a little Ronaldus Magnus lingo there).

Dialogue over. Thank God (and Bill Gates for the “X” button). No need to even bother reading the rest of the review at this point. I doubt there will be anything more compelling than that.

“If the bourgeoisie and its political representatives can uphold people like Madison and Jefferson,” he writes, “then the proletariat and its vanguard forces can and should uphold Stalin, in an overall sense and with historical perspective.”

OK OK … I stand corrected. If this isn’t the strongest statement burying this guy’s point of view, I don’t know what is.




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ClueBatting the Communists

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 30, 2005

This rules.

I couldn’t stop laughing through the entire thread. Make sure you read the comments section.

The cluebatting these commies take over the head without even realizing their hard-headed stupidity is priceless!!



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Teddy Kennedy has a Lot of Balls

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 27, 2005

Since Senator Kennedy (Donk-Massachusetts) has seen fit to mark the one-year anniversary of the Abu-Graib situation with a big speech, I suppose we should take a moment to reflect …

I wonder where the big speech was that Mr. Kennedy made celebrating the anniversary of the fall of Baghdad. How about the anniversary of the capture of Saddam Hussein? The Afghani elections? I’ll tell you where they were. He didn’t make them. All he did was come around and criticize the President for doing what he believed was the right thing to do. Not even a congratulatory word for having succeeded at even one of these very formidible tasks.

All this after the President let Sen. Kennedy have all sorts of (unconstitutional) increased government control over the US education system, a program doomed to failure because of its socialist nature. That’s gratitude for ya.

Quite frankly, I’m quite sick of Mr. Kennedy and his political bullshit games.

Maybe Sen. Kennedy should try this on for size …

I invite everyone to put the following date on your calendars: July 19. On that date, we will celebrate the 36th anniversary of Mr. Kennedy’s 1969 “accident” at Chappaquiddick, in which a beautiful young lady died, and a cover-up of mammoth proportions followed. After that fateful night, all we heard from Senator Kennedy was LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE.

Sorry, Mr. Kennedy, but the magic of the Internet prevents you from hiding the truth any longer. Technology has caught up with you. If you are going to throw questionable allegations of wrongdoing at the President, we have plenty of allegations for you which are much less questionable.

Here is a site with plenty of information and links, and stuff to know so that preparation for the celebration will be thorough and complete.

Let’s Roll!


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What Passes for Rights in the EU

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 27, 2005

While hopping around on the blogs this morning looking for something to post about, I found this post over at the Rott.

I know a home run when i see one, and this one was in the upper deck. You go, Emperor!


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BBC’s “Viewpoints” on Benedict XVI

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 25, 2005

Without getting too deeply into the sentiments expressed, you gotta love the BBC and their “fair and balanced” reporting (Fox News they are not)…

So they asked eight “theologians” for their views (my quote marks) on the new Pope. Some of the stuff they got was … well … wow … Here, judge for yourself (or be influenced by my remarks) …

Someone who went into the conclave a conservative can emerge as a progressive pope. – Father Hans Kung, dissident German theologian

Yeah, ok, pops. Don’t bank on it. The concept of the Church is not something that’s meant to be “progressive”. Whether you buy into the Church’s complete teachings (something in the word “dissident” says you don’t) or not, you can’t possibly tell me that by simply being elected pope, this man will somehow magically change into your ideal leader who will start changing everything to your personal specifications.

The Muslim community will have a number of concerns with this election.Tariq Ramadan, Muslim theologian

OK, Tariq, like ol’ Benny gives a flying fuck about your “concerns”. I honestly cannot understand why the BBC even asked your opinion, as you are NOT CATHOLIC. What you think is hardly relevant when it comes to a religious leader whose religion you do not espouse. Try this on for size, pal – The American community has a number of concerns with the jihadist attitude of many Muslims in the world. I’d say you have bigger problems than who just got elected pope, asshole.

I don’t think Africa or the Church was really ready for an African pope.Father Emile Blaser, South Africa

Huh? Do you somehow mean to tell me that if there were a more qualified candidate anywhere in the world, that somehow he would not have been elected on the simple basis that he was from Africa? Cut me a freaking break. Are you sure you want to call your own church racist? You make me sick. If you really felt that way, you would renounce the cloth and join the chorus of left-wing fucknozzles that are out there just decrying everything that makes sense in the world. Maybe you weren’t ready for an African pope, but I will proudly say that if the best candidate were African, I’d be standing and cheering just as I am now over another German-heritaged type getting the post. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

Cafeteria Catholicism, kumbaya Catholicism just doesn’t attract people.Dr. Sam Gregg, Acton Institute in Rome

Well, DUH! Shouldn’t that title “Doctor” have some kind of meaning?? Could the obvious not have been stated just as easily by a 14-year old? Cut me a Break, Dr. Gregg. Even if it did, would it make sense to give in to it? Even your “Kumbaya Catholic” occasionally takes his religion seriously, John Kerry notwithstanding. If you’re straying from the Lord a little bit, do you really want a spiritutal leader who will encourage you to stray even further? You should be stripped of your doctorate for that exercise in stupidity.

I think that one of the main focuses for Pope Benedict XVI will be Europe.John Wilkins, former editor of Catholic newspaper The Tablet

So here we get one stating the obvious. Europe is a spiritual mess right now, and it shows in the way they are handling just about everything you can imagine. From espousing socialism on a continental scale all the way to standing by and watching one of the most spiritual nations on the planet fight off Islamofascist nutweasels without so much as raising a voice in its defense, these people are in dire need of a strong spiritual leader who can enlighten them to the mistakes they have been making for the lion’s share of this century. Pope Benedict’s native Germany is one of the main culprits. Perhaps he can lead Europe back to its spiritual roots in the same way his predecessor led his own people out of oppression during the Cold War. Germany has incredible potential to be a catalyst for positive change in Europe, and this pope is quite capable of leading Germany and the rest of the world (with or without Europe) into the kind of spiritual peace the Church stands for.

Jews believe that despite his conservative nature, he has the ability to reach out. – Israel Singer, chairman, World Jewish Congress

Umm … Despite his conservative nature? Are you trying to insinuate that people like Jacques Chirac and John Kerry (who are NOT conservative) have any ability at all to “reach out” to anyone? Cut me a fucking break. Even the most liberal conservatives have more ability to reach out than any typical liberal. Pope John Paul was pretty conservative, and he reached out to the world in ways that no one had before, liberal or conservative. This pope has the ability to “reach out” BECAUSE of his conservative nature. Get with the program.

The new pope will have to address the issue of the place of women in the Church.Lavinia Byrne, ex nun and supporter of female ordination

Umm .. yeah, right. Tell that to the hoardes of (non ex-)nuns out there and my mother, who’s not complaining too much about the place of women in the Church. Instead of whining and complaining about not being able to become a priest, why not simply move on to another religion that is favorable to your views? Lord knows there are plenty of them. No one is forcing you to stay with the Catholic Church. You will not be condemned to eternal damnation in hell for moving on and becoming a minister of another faith. Sounds to me like you are a feminazi looking for an issue to complain about. Just go somewhere friendly to your views and you will be much happier … until, I imagine, you find something else to bitch about.

I really believe the church is much more than the pontificate in the Vatican.Leonardo Boff, Brazilian theologian and promoter of “liberation theology”

Yeah, dude, it is. It also happens to be much more than the concept of “liberation theology”, which is just another euphemism for socialism and/or communism. Thank God this pope and his predecessor have taken such a strong stand against it. If you were serious about being Catholic, you would forget all about “liberation theology” altogether because it has nothing to do with liberation or theology. It has to do with oppression (communism and socialism) and suppression of religion (atheism). Read anything written by Karl Marx, who put the ideas on paper, and you’ll get the idea.

So, out of eight people surveyed, only one had anything even remotely close to the truth to say? The BBC had better get its act together, or it will find itself hanging out with the folks over at CNN and MSNBC. Your inability to even catch a slight nuance of the real truth behind this pope’s election is an embarrassment to the concept of journalism. If you don’t have an anti-Church bias, your ability to demonstrate such is seriously lacking.

The election of Pope Benedict XVI is a triumph of faith over foolishness. The reaction of the Left to his election is all the evidence I need. Now, in the spirit of the Bavarian tradition …


Eins! Zwei! Drei! Sufe!


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RWR’s Prophecy

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 22, 2005

This post is back-dated to April 22, 2005, the approximate date of the actual prediction I made over at Rocker and Sage. Its actual date of publication is February 17,2006. The reason I am re-creating this post is to have an easy reference available here at the RWRepublic by direct link while some of these predictions appear to possibly be coming to fruition.

The post, written by The Old Sage, was about the old adage “he who governs best governs least”, and pretty accurately described the state of our country today (though it did turn out to be one of his many commercials for the Libertarian Party). I responded with the following. Read it and know it. Some of it is already coming true …

Sage and I have talked at length about these subjects, and with most of the post, I agree.

I do have more optimism, however, when it comes to the Republicans. With more conservative Republicans in the House and Senate, enough to create a “supermajority”, I believe we would see more and faster dismantling of socialist programs in the US.

In the meantime, we have to work with the same kind of incrementalism that the socialist systems with which we are dealing were created and built up. This isn’t the end of the world, as long as progress is in the direction of increased freedom and decreased socialism.

Rome (American socialism) wasn’t built in a day. Therefore it won’t come down in one, either. Look at the way the Left screams and moans and cries foul when one of their programs is put into the “growing only at the rate of inflation” category. There are still far too many Americans who are willing to accept their ideas and their rhetoric for us to succeed in dismantling their oppression that quickly. We must work to change hearts and minds and to bring Americans into the clear understanding that entitlements are not rights, and that, in fact, these kinds of things actually interfere with the basic rights with which we have been endowed.

Along with this, I believe that many of the less conservative Republicans may come around. Those that do not will be forced to move over.

There is clear evidence that this may happen sooner rather than later. The Donks (a little Mr. Minority lingo there) have crowned Howard Dean the leader of their party, and Her Highness Hillary is starting to play the “I’m not really a communist” game that her husband played so successfully. I do believe America knows Mrs. Clinton well enough to finish her off at the ballot box, and it is already clear that Mr. Dean is only going to succeed in getting more Republicans elected.

The demise of the Democratic Party is happening right before our very eyes (Baby What a Big Surprise). It will be very interesting, indeed, to see what the Republican Party does with the situation. One of two things will have to happen:

1. The party will do as I have enumerated above, speeding up the repeal of socialism, and placing preventive provisions into the Constitution through Amendment.

or 2. The party will miss the opportunity to empower the people, and a more conservative party will rise up as the conservative alternative. There are a few of these already out there, such as the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party. Both have the same (very limited) potential at this point in time. More likely, however, I see a coalition of such parties forming and coming together into a new party that will serve as the more conservative alternative if the Republicans choose this course of action. The new party would then be charged with speeding up the repeal of socialism, and placing preventive provisions into the Constitution through Amendment.

The way I see it today, the Republican Party is in a very unique situation. They are the ones writing the history books right now, as they are the only political party that is really relevant from a political standpoint. They are the ones who are going to be choosing which course of action to take, and it will be very interesting to see what they choose to do.

My hope is that they will choose option 1, and I think the leadership of the party will be wise enough to see the writing on the wall and do that. As of right now, though, there is still plenty of potential for the party to swing the other way.

The reason I believe they will choose the first of the two options I stated above is that the majority of Republicans in power today, at the very least, KNOW what the right thing to do is. What is holding them back is the anxiety of the implementation. The current opposition favors big government and making it bigger and more intrusive. If the opposition is weakened to the point of complete irrelevancy (which will be happening sooner rather than later), the Republicans will be in a better position to do the right thing, as it will become imperative for fiscal and constitutional reasons, and to be certain that a new opposition coming from the other side of the spectrum doesn’t create for them a similar fate that the Donks are facing now. I believe that when it comes down to brass tax (read that survival as the majority party), the Republicans will come through and do the right thing. The Libertarians and the other conservative parties are the insurance policy we have taken out.


Keep an eye on Mike Pence. If he’s for real, we may be in for some REALLY positive changes.


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Integrated?? MY ASS!!

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 21, 2005

Surfing the blogs of the RWRmy this morning I came upon this post by HS Mr. Minority. While the Honorable Soldier has, as always, done a marvelous job of telling it like it is, I just had to throw my two cents in…

Mexico’s foreign secretary says he expects Mexico and the U.S. will one day be “integrated,” and he blasted the Minuteman Project, calling for prosecution of the citizen border monitors.

“Integrated”? Yeah, right. What the fuck are you going to do? Send your little army into Arizona and take the place over with their pea-shooters? Dude, the Arizona National Guard could take you on all by themselves and completely decimate your military. They wouldn’t even need the Feds to get involved. Get over yourself.

And where do you get off calling for the “prosecution” of people exercising their God-given and constitutionally guaranteed rights? If you are lucky enough to find a court that will take it, you aren’t likely to find an attorney who will, as I doubt even the ACLU wold touch that one. So go ahead and represent yourself. Watch yourself get creamed in the US court system. If you find a lawyer through the ACLU or some other crackpot outfit, watch them get creamed with you. It would be very interesting to see what kind of charges you would bring up, as these guys have every right to sit at the borders and report the scumbags coming across with no respect for our laws.

After the speech, Baustista spoke to reporters about the Minuteman Project. Hundreds of American volunteers, many legally carrying guns and waving flags, are keeping watch around the clock until the end of the month along a 23-mile stretch of border between Arizona and Mexico. The volunteers reportedly are intimidating illegal aliens with their presence and alerting the Border Patrol via cell phones or radios when they see people crossing.

Ain’t America great? This is what you need to learn, jackass: If our government doesn’t want to stand up for our rights as a nation, guess what we do? We go out there and stand up for them ourselves. Don’t like it? Go whine to the UN. They seem to be open to listening to crybabies like you. We wouldn’t need to do this if people in your country would simply follow the rules and come here legally. Many of them wouldn’t bother coming at all if you didn’t have so many obstacles to prosperity. You want the US and Mexico to live together in harmony? Here’s what you do:

1. Start by reading your own constitution. Title One, Chapter One, Article 4 says:

No person can be prevented from engaging in the profession, industrial or commercial pursuit, or occupation of his choice, provided it is lawful. The exercise of this liberty shall only be forbidden by judicial order when the rights of third parties are infringed, or by administrative order, issued in the manner provided by law, when the rights of society are violated. No one may be deprived of the fruits of his labor except by judicial decision.

Once you illegally cross over into our country, your actions are no longer lawful. Americans in the United States are not beholden to any Mexican court (so much for “judicial order”), as your laws simply do not apply here. We have no treaty with Mexico that obligates us to allow any poor shitbag that wants in just to come over. If you want to try to negotiate something like that, go right ahead. You will likely have some problems at the ballot box, though.

Of course, you have this little ditty in there as well:

Article 11. Everyone has the right to enter and leave the Republic, to travel through its territory and to change his residence without necessity of a letter of security, passport, safe-conduct or any other similar requirement. The exercise of this right shall be subordinated to the powers of the judiciary, in cases of civil or criminal liability, and to those of the administrative authorities insofar as concerns the limitations imposed by the laws regarding emigration, immigration and public health of the country, or in regard to undesirable aliens resident in the country.

This basically means that the Mexican government can’t place restrictions on people entering or leaving Mexico, as long as Mexican laws are obeyed. It also makes clear that the limitations placed upon such people by the laws of the country in question are to be respected. Check my emphasis for proof. You are in violation of your own constitution by allowing these people to do what they do, fartknocker. You’re lucky we don’t send a few Tomahawks in to let you know how we REALLY feel.

2. There are other things in your constitution that you could do away with, and more easily keep these people form wanting to leave in the first place. Face it, your country has a much more livable climate, and your people wouldn’t have to start all over with a new language and culture just to get by. There is absolutely no excuse for chasing them out the way you do. This is what they are trying to escape:

(In article 27) The Nation shall at all times have the right to impose on private property such limitations as the public interest may demand, as well as the right to regulate the utilization of natural resources which are susceptible of appropriation, in order to conserve them and to ensure a more equitable distribution of public wealth. (The rampant socialism continues for several paragraphs)

We have a word for this in America: OPPRESSION. When you attempt to “ensure a more equitable distribution of public wealth”, all you wind up doing is making everyone poor. Sound familiar? Have a look around you. Come to the borders and see who’s coming over here. There are basically two kinds of people doing this: Career criminals (who seem to keep coming back after being deported for committing heinous crimes in the US), and desperate people with no hope of ever succeeding in Mexico. Have you noticed that there is no corresponding flow of immigrants from the US to Mexico? Hmm?? Well, go figure.

No. We do not want to “integrate”, thank you very much. We are quite happy as a free and relatively unoppressed nation. The simple fact that people from all over the world are willing to take the kinds of risks that your people do just to participate in our free (read that “capitalist”) economy is proof in itself. Get a capitalist system of your own, and then just sit back and enjoy the ride. You will still have poor people, but they will be better off. If you took a look at the poor in America, you would see how rich they are by your country’s standards. Of course, those bringing the increased prosperity to the poor through their talents and abilities will be able to enjoy the fruits of their successes too. This is why we have so many of yours trying to get over here. If anyone should be prosecuted, it should be you. Charges?? Human rights violations such as institutionalized poverty. Now go milk some goats.


More at previous posts:

March 29, 2005.

April 13, 2005.

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Long Live Pope Benedict XVI

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 19, 2005

After losing my bid for Pope (I really didn’t want the job, anyway), I have secured an exclusive interview with his holiness, the newly-elected Pope Benedict XVI. As a proud German-American, I was ecstatic to see that we now have a German Pope. I’m sure you will find his words quite insightful!

RWR: Pope Benedict, It is great to meet you.

The Pope: Danke schoen. Ihnen derselbe.

RWR: Let’s get right to it. There are those who are already calling you “too conservative” to lead the Church into the 21st century. What do you have to say to these people?

The Pope: Das Erbarmen des Christus is eine minderwertige Rettung nicht. Es nimmt eine Uebelstrivialisierung nicht an. Besonders sind wir schon an dem 21sten Jahrhundert. Mein Vorgaenger hat uns hier gebracht.

RWR: Yes, you are definitely right about that. What can you tell me about the tone of the Cardinals during the election process in the Sistine Chapel?

The Pope: An dieser Verantwortungsstunde, hoeren wir mit ausserordentlichen Beachtung, was sagt uns der Gott in seinen eigenen Worten.

RWR: What do you have to say about defeating evil in the world?

The Pope: Christus traegt im Leib und der Seele alle das Gewicht des Uebels, und alle seine zerstoerende Gewalt. Er brennt und setzt das Uebel durch Leiden um, in dem Feuer seiner Leidensliebe.

RWR: And your ministry?

The Pope: Unser geistliches Amt ist ein Geschenk fuer die Menschheit von Christus , um sein Leib aufzubauen – das neue Welt.

RWR: Well, your holiness, I know you have a lot of things to do. Please do keep all of us in your prayers.

The Pope: Die Tatsache, dass Der Gott arbeiten und sich benehmen kann, trotz ungenuegendem Vermoegen, mich troestet, und for allem vertraue ich mich deinen Gebeten an.

RWR: And the same to you.

I wish I had time to ask him what he thought about changing the Eucharist from bread and wine to sauerbraten and beer … Oh well!


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Time to Check In!

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 18, 2005

I’m flattered. Sincerely.

I had wondered where the moonbats had gone. Troll traffic here had slowed to a crawl. Meanwhile, I go over to Ol’ BC’s blog, and he’s writing about my posts a lot. All the Honorable Soldiers of the RWRmy are referencing my posts, as well as commenting here. Ol’ BC will now be counted among them. These are neither moonbats nor trolls, though, so I put up a counter, since overall comments seemed to be down. Said counter is set up not to count hits from my home base or from work, so I know people have been coming by. It’s also been making projections that I can expect LOTS of additional visits/visitors to come by. Average time spent is also logged, and people have definitely been sticking around to read.

So, this post, which was going to be a simple “check in so I know who’s coming here” post, has turned into a huge THANK YOU to everyone who comes by to see what I have to say about things. It’s amazing that I’ve got so many readers in less than three months of blogging.

I would appreciate, if you would, everyone dropping a comment in the comment area (especially those of you who have been quiet), just to let me know who comes by. No need to put much personal information – first name and home state will do. Make up a name if you want to. I’d love to know who’s reading and where everyone hails from. And one more time …



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This is Supposed to be a GOOD Thing?

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 15, 2005

Just so you know what YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS are up to:

April 13, 2005

Help Protect Online Freedom of Speech

Dear Colleague:

When Congress passed campaign finance reform in 2002, the legislation did not identify the Internet as a target of regulation, and rightly so. The explosion of new technology has done much to democratize our politics, encourage grassroots political involvement, and act as a tremendous catalyst for civic engagement across our country. With the emergence of blogs, the Internet truly puts the power in the hands of the people.

Unfortunately, a federal judge has ruled that the FEC’s previous broad exemption of the Internet was impermissible, absent clear direction from Congress. Within the next sixty days, the FEC is expected to finalize rules and regulations that could squash not only free speech and political activism, but could well impede innovation and technology – unless Congress acts now.

Today, I introduced the Online Freedom of Speech Act in order to prevent federal regulation of political speech over the Internet. This bill would amend federal election law to specifically exclude communications over the Internet from the definition of “public communication.” It will allow the growth and expansion of new voices and new ideas in our political process free from interference by the federal government. An identical bill (S.678) has been introduced in the Senate by the distinguished Minority Leader, signifying that this effort is by no means a partisan issue.

We ought to embrace these newcomers to our political process instead of applying complex and stifling regulatory burdens. Please cosponsor this important legislation and help me protect bloggers and online activists from the heavy hand of federal regulation.

For more information, please call Gerry O’Shea at 5-3484.

Member of Congress

Let’s see here. Someone in Congress has to actually propose legislation that allows free speech? What the fuck is wrong with THIS picture?

Bipartisan? Yeah, right. If you fartknockers really cared about free speech, you’d be putting the moves out there to repeal McCain-Feingold outright. The whole fucking thing an insult to the First Amendment and those who sought to protect Americans’ right to speak freely.

A step in the right direction? Kiss my ass. If Congress hadn’t gotten into the business of trampling on Americans’ freedom in the first place, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. BOHICA! From punitive income taxes to erosion of the First and Second Amendments, these shitweasels can’t just leave well enough alone.

They scream “TAX THE RICH” so that they can further impoverish the poor.

They tell you they want to stop gun violence, then take your gun away so you can’t defend yourself against the criminal who stole the gun he’s pointing at you.

They force you to pay into their sorry excuse for a “retirement system”, then spend the money on pork projects instead of putting it into an investment that could actually give you a return on your investment. Want to opt out and save for your own retirement? Well, yes, you can save for your retirement, but they’ll tax the shit out of your earnings and you can forget opting out. Oh yeah, you will be taxed on the pittance they give you as well.

They trample on States’ rights by proposing and passing legislation involving a shitload of things they have no business getting involved in. Education, welfare, and socialist security are just the tip of the iceberg. McCain-Feingold is a blatant repeal of the First Amendment.

…the Internet truly puts the power in the hands of the people.

No it doesn’t you turd. God did that, and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights affirmed it.

If these people were serious about securing the rights of the governed (a little Declaration of Independence lingo there), they would start working on repealing these oppressive programs and laws. Maybe a few hours studying the Bill of Rights would be a good start.


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Mark Alexander on Taxes, Socialism, and Fiscal Responsibility

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 15, 2005

Not to take anything away from my excellent posts of the last day or so, but boy did Mark Alexander get this right.


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RightWingRocker on Abortion

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 13, 2005

Earlier today, I came across this comment on a post over at blogsforterri.com from “Vanessa”:

This is relatively unrelated, but since abortion was mentioned it triggered something that’s puzzled me for good while in understanding anti-abortion sentiment and usually not too many people comment on posts like this anyway.

I think I understand why someone would be opposed to it after conception takes place. It’s a potential life and it’s sacred and hence shouldn’t be ended. What I have more problems in understanding is where and also how you draw the line.

I don’t mean to offend anyone but I have a hard time understanding. If abortion is wrong, then so is any form of birth control? If it is then why, and if it isn’t why not?

I also have problems with the enigma of artificial conception. It’s meant to help a couple create life but since only one cell cluster eventually qualifies and the others are destroyed, it’s wrong?

I don’t mean to rattle any cages but I’m having a really hard time wrapping my mind around the objections. Preferably, if anyone wants to share their thoughts, I’d like to hear from other women, because no objection to men, but pregnancy isn’t about your bodies.

I responded, despite Vanessa’s request for only women to respond. I find it incredibly inappropriate that men should be left out of a discussion such as this, especially when my own mother was once a young pregnant girl who was seriously considering an abortion. If she had gone through with it, there would be no me, so I have as much authority as anyone else to enter a discussion on the matter.

Here is my response:

Well, no offense to you, either, Vanessa, but pregnancy isn’t about any woman’s body, either. It’s about the body that is growing inside her. Ask any woman who’s had a baby. It is undeniable that that is not the same person.

As a human being, I have the same right to speak on the matter as you do, as I suffered the same opportunity to be a victim of this barbaric practice as you and everyone else on this earth who has and has not fallen victim to it.

The line I draw in my discussions of the matter of abortion is this: Once conception has occurred, we are talking about a human child whose right to life should be protected.

Cases of rape and incest may be a different matter. I will make a concession on the following basis: If you have consented to the act which created the life, you have consented to the pregnancy and the responsibility of protecting the life and health of the child as long as he/she is your responsibility.

I believe that forms of birth control that prevent above-mentioned conception from occurring are fine. Let the church piss on me for saying it, but if you prevent conception, you have prevented the life from being created. Of course, no birth control method is foolproof, and if it fails and a human life is created, there is an obligation to protect it.

I have been mulling over the “artificial conception” concept for several years now. On one hand, you are going out of your way to create life, but other lives do wind up being destroyed in the process. Friends and relatives of mine have conceived (or tried to conceive) this way. Fortuantely, for the time being, none of the children have been destroyed.

Cases in fact:

* D., a friend from college, and his wife B., had problems conceiving. No attempts at “arificial conception” were successful. This is very sad because they are wonderful people, and passing on those genes would have been a benefit to the world. Last I heard, they were working on adopting.

* B. and A., both friends from college (who met there, of course), had problems conceiving and used “artificial conception” to have their first child, a son. He is healthy and doing very well. They will be using the remaining embryos, which have been frozen, to attempt another pregnancy in the near future.

* J., my wife’s cousin, and his wife T., had problems conceiving and used “artificial conception” to have their first child, a daughter who is also healthy and doing well. A second attempt to become pregnant in this fashion was unsuccessful, and all the remaining embryos were used in the process.

We must make a distinction, of course, between the intentional destruction of the embryos, and the occurrence of an unsuccessful implantation or a miscarriage, as these are not intentional occurrences. Like I said before, I have not formed a complete opinion on this part of the discussion because of the dilemma which exists. Should a couple who is willing to go out of their way to bring a life into the world be forced to choose between having no biological children at all, or being treated as murderers? This is the dilemma with regard to this. Perhaps a viable opportunity to donate embryos to couples who have problems creating them could be a good solution. And let’s not forget adoption. That is always a good choice.

This position is pretty much the same as my wife’s and other pro-life women that I know, just so you know.


I felt that this response was probably the most clear-cut version of the typical pro-life position. I also thought it was pretty well-written (patting myself on the back). I don’t understand what could possibly be so difficult to understand about this.


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Down on the Border: The Minuteman Project

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 13, 2005

The Minuteman Project continues in Arizona. These guys are awesome. They follow illegal aliens sneaking into the country and report them to the INS/Border Patrol. President Bush has called them “vigilantes”. The Mexican government has sent troops (for what?). California communists have sent protesters (yes, and?). The ACLU has sent lawyers (like that’s any kind of surprise).

I just wish they would continue this beyond this month. You know you have it right when the left protests and the ACLU threatens to sue. It’s the best litmus test anywhere. Why stop?

You guys are doing the Lord’s work. These illegals give legal immigrants a bad name, particularly those who have come here legally from Mexico. Allowing criminals to come back after being deported for committing crimes like murder encourages these criminals to continue their crimes.

To the President and the INS/Border Patrol:

You should be embracing the work these people are doing, and encouraging more people to do it. Our armed forces are fighting the terrorists abroad. What the hell is wrong with having our armed (and in these guys’ cases unarmed) citizenry per the Second Amendment participate in defending our borders against those who would disrespect our laws and/or harm us? I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it: NOTHING! Stand and commend them on their huge accomplishments. They should be encouraged to carry arms, however, to protect themselves from the more dangerous illegals coming in. You need to see that the borders are secure and that a good program for bringing in new legal immigrants (not just granting amnesty to those who have broken our laws in the way they came here) is put into place. Shorten the waiting period. Streamline the process. These people aren’t unwelcome, they just haven’t followed the process.

To the illegals:

You are not unwelcome in our country. However, your presence here without respecting our sovereignty and our laws and our priocedures for coming here legally is NOT welcome. The fact that you continue to do this makes your situation more difficult to correct. It also makes our country more prone to terrorist attacks. If you cannot respect this, then you do not belong here, plain and simple.

To the Mexican government:

Your actions that encourage these people to come to America against our laws is completely and totally inappropriate. If your soldiers fire one shot – just one – President Bush has no choice but to consider you a military threat and begin to completely decimate your military the very next day. Do you want this? What in the world do you seek to accomplish by sending troops? Your purpose would be much better served by bringing more freedom to your country and let the people succeed without your intervention. Why do you think things are so much better here in the first place? Hmm? Maybe there wouldn’t be this mass exodus of people trying to find a better life here in the United States. If this keeps up for too long, especially if we make legal immigration more accessible to your people, the new bumper sticker in Mexico will read, “Will the last person to leave Mexico please turn out the lights?”

To the California protesters:

Protest all you want. Our Constitution guarantees you free speech, even though you don’t want me to practice it, so have your protest. My advice to you is to keep your distance, though. If any of those Mexican soldiers, or more likely, criminal gangsters starts shooting, you are just as American as the rest of us, and you will be a target, just as you are in the cities they terrorize when they’re here. Take that to the bank. You’d better hope some of the Minutemen are exercising their right to keep and bear arms (which you don’t want them to have), as they may be your only line of defense.

To the ACLU:

You have no business there. Go home, and take your lawyers with you. No one’s rights are being violated, except maybe the Minutemen, and we all know you’re not there to protect them. If the illegals want their God-given rights enforced, let them go back to the country that guarantees them constitutionally. Your lawyers cannot do anything to protect foreign nationals who are in the US illegally. I have more forceful words for your organization in general, but for now I’ll just suggest you go away.

Most importantly, to the Minutemen:

You are doing the Lord’s work. I wish you would continue this beyond the month that you planned. You are an inspiration to us all. Show your success, and flaunt it. Other states should follow your lead. The Canadian border could use a few guys like you as well. To hell with the Mexican government, the protesters, the ACLU, and anyone else that gets in your way. Hold your heads high and be proud of what you have done. Above all, consider making it an ongoing project. Those immigrants who are here legally applaud what you do. Their voices are being heard all over America. Once again, Thanks!

(More at my previous post)


Update 4/14:Larry Elder gets it right.

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Saving Mae – Thanks Judge Boyd (for now)

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 12, 2005

The judge in the case of Mae Magouirk has been in the hot seat for a few days now. I think he has handled himself admirably. I do have some issues with a decision or two he has made in the process, such as why no one was punished for violating his orders to see that the patient receive nourishment after her feeding tube was removed. On the whole, though. He’s outperforming one Judge Greer by more than just a little.

Some excellent discussions have taken place over at BlogsForTerri.com, and the judge has actually participated in the discussion by allowng a letter be published there for all to see. I have been very critical of Judge Boyd in my comments over there, but do believe he has acted within his authority to do what is right to the best of his ability.

At the same time, I feel that he may have misjudged a few things. His judgment of Beth Gaddy’s competence to act as guardian, for example. His words with regard to Ken Mullinax seem prejudiced towards the negative. Why was Beth allowed to keep guardianship after violating his orders? Why is she being allowed to block other family members from visiting?

Once again, Judge Boyd, despite these misjudgments, had the wisdom to do the right thing. In fact, this is much closer to what Judge Greer should have done. Keep the patient alive while you have her evaluated by neutral parties, then make whatever decision you must. Since no doctor has deemed this patient “terminal”, I doubt there will be much problem justifying keeping her alive. Since she has a living will spelling out how this sort of situation should be handled, his job is all the more simple. If Terri Schiavo had spelled everything out in a living will, Judge Greer may have come to a different conclusion. Still, living will law is far too flexible, as this case is showing us now.

I’m still wondering what Ms. Gaddy’s position is on these matters. As far as I can tell, there has been no information coming from her at all, even in a simple email or blog comment. Not even a hearsay statement from a friend or lawyer. As I posted in a comment over at BlogsForTerri, now that Mr. Mullinax and Judge Boyd have given statements, so should she. We need the answers to several questions, the most important of which are:

1. How did you come to decide that your grandmother should die?

2. Were you aware of your grandmother’s living will situation?

3. Why did you deny your family access to your grandmother in the hospital?

These questions are much less confrontational than the ones Judge Boyd has answered, and having answers to them would go a long way in helping everyone piece together what really happened here. Whether she does or not, it sure looks a lot like Ms. Gaddy has something to hide here.

Americans have the right to question judges about their decisions. Participants in the cases should also speak out where possible so that the information is complete. Mr. Mullinax has spoken, and so has the judge. How about it Ms. Gaddy?


Update: Mullinax family to appeal for visitation. Also a pretty thorough analysis by Angela in the comments.

Update 4/13:WorldNetDaily‘s very complete coverage of the case.

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Schiavo Wasn’t the End of It … No Surprise

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 8, 2005

Well, folks … It seems any living will legislation as I advocated last month would be voided by these assholes in the courts.

Seems a judge has ordered a woman’s feeding tube removed DESPITE the fact that she has a living will in place SPECIFYING that she is to be KEPT ALIVE BY A FEEDING TUBE! Even I was a bit surprised to learn of this, as the presence of a living will ought to bind every party involved, including the court, to the wishes of the patient. Still, shock must be tempered by reason. Let’s face it. Terri Schiavo was condemned to death by starvation under questionable circumstances. This really shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise.

There is more that we must, as a people and as a nation, come to grips with …

This is actually our own fault. We have elected executives and legislators who simply bend over and take it up the ass any time a judge says to. The Florida Constitution and Statutory Law explicitly gives the Governor the authority to intervene in situations like the Schiavo case. Jeb bowed to the courts. This has caused a constitutional crisis in Florida, and now Georgia faces the same. These crises are reflections of the constitutional crisis we are facing nationwide due to judges that refuse to follow the rule of law as outlined in the US Constitution. Even the Supreme Court has been involved in judicial tyranny, and it’s time Americans stood up and did something about it. There are two things we need to do:

1. Demand the impeachment, under the rules of the Constitution, of any judge that has disregarded the Constitution and/or the authority of the appropriate Executives and/or Legislatures. I am absolutely FLABBERGASTED that no one has brought up the idea of impeaching these judges, as if the Constitution didn’t provide for it.

2. Elect Executive officers (Governors, Presidents, etc.) and Legislators who will nominate and confirm judges who will follow their Constitutional obligations instead of just doing whatever they damn well please. We’ve even seen courts using the laws of OTHER COUNTRIES to form the basis for the decisions that they make. They are authorized to do no such thing.

It’s time America took a page out of the book our patriotic friends out there in Arizona are using and stood up for something. Under no circumstances should we, as a people, tolerate these encroachments upon our basic rights, such as life. If Terri Schiavo and Mae Magourik can be sentenced to death by the courts purely on the basis of someone else’s convenience, then so can you and I. If we don’t take a stand soon, we will lose the few freedoms we actually have left.


Update: More complete information including whom to contact if you want to get involved.

Another Update: Looks like for now she’s being fed. The granddaughter is still fighting to have her killed.

Update 4/10: Today’s Birmingham News.

Update 4/11: Judge Boyd weighs in (note my comment).

Update 4/12:Judge Boyd’s actual letter. Still lots of unanswered questions.

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I’ve Been Very Busy

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 6, 2005


Here’s why I haven’t posted anything in so long …

What is there out there to comment on?

Terri Schiavo? She’s dead, and along with her any hope we ever had of reining in these judicial fartnozzles who don’t enforce congressional subpoenas or the laws writted by our legislators. If this is news to you, you are a raving lunatic. This has been going on for 30 years.

Pope John Paul? He’s dead, too. I pray that his vision for the world lives on in whomever is chosen to succeed him. He was 84 years old and had been dealing with illness after illness for several months, not to mention Parkinson’s Disease for several years. Love him as many of us did, his passing is, at this point, NOT news.

Carter not invited to go to the funeral? Well go figure. Jimmy Carter’s contribution to world peace, especially with regard to the Soviet Union, was simple: Live and let kill. I wouldn’t invite him, either. At least Clinton pulled the trigger on Milosevic. Carter? NOT NEWS.

A member of the Clinton Administration busted for shredding documents? Come on. Be serious here. The Clinton shredder must have had to have its blades replaced almost as frequently as Da Schlickness would drop his pants for the latest intern (or Yasser Arafat, whichever the case may have been). Once again, NOT NEWS.

So anyway, today I see a new Iraqi president has been chosen. Folks, it’s 8PM and its still over 75 degrees out … My porch is calling my name. Drop me a line in the comments if you feel like it. I’ll be watching the game (whichever one is on).


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No Basic Protection for Bloggers?? FUCK THAT!

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 2, 2005

David Shaw, you should be ashamed of your sorry self.

Bloggers ARE journalists. My blog (and every other one for that matter) is as accurate as the opinion page of your communist rag of a newspaper – in most cases even more accurate, I’d be willing to wager.

BLOGGERS require no journalistic experience. All they need is computer access and the desire to blog. There are other, even important differences between bloggers and mainstream journalists, perhaps the most significant being that bloggers pride themselves on being part of an unmediated medium, giving their readers unfiltered information. And therein lies the problem.

And I suppose you had a shitload of experience on your first job? Many bloggers do a better job than you do. Perhaps it bothers you that many conservative bloggers have a more intelligent audience than your newspaper?? Oh, and can it really be said that the LA Times is a “mediated medium?

If I’m careless – if I am guilty of what the courts call a “reckless disregard for the truth” – The Times could be sued for libel … and could lose a lot of money. With that thought – as well as our own personal and professional commitments to accuracy and fairness – very much in mind, I and my editors all try hard to be sure that what appears in the paper is just that, accurate and fair.

It’s a wonder they haven’t been sued already. When was the last time your paper actually reported on the positive things going on in Iraq or Afghanistan? Something of real substance instead of this piddly little “insurgency” you fartknockers keep obsessing about. Why not some positive coverage of the elections held in Iraq? Since I don’t read your paper, I searched your site on “Iraq” and “Elections” … One article. The obsession with the “insurgency” started in the second sentence. I doubt there are many Iraqis that would call that kind of reporting “fair” and “accurate”. That, coupled with your paper’s nationwide reputation as a left-wing rag, shows a clear bias toward the moonbat position. Bend over, here it comes.

The First Amendment protects my free speech and press rights here on my blog, just like it does your communist propaganda machine. Shield laws? Not necessary. The true difference is that my viewpoint isn’t filtered out in the name of grammar and taste. Of course, my grammar is usually better than that of the dumbasses who proofread most newspapers. It’s fucking annoying to read them.

BUT bloggers also took the lead in circulating speculation that what appeared to be a bulge beneath Bush’s jacket during his first debate with Sen. John Kerry might have been some kind of transmission device to enable his advisors to feed him answers.

No credible evidence has emerged to support that charge.

OK, but the above-mentioned article clearly implied that the “insurgency” in Iraq was a bigger and more important story than the election. No credible evidence has emerged to support that charge, either you fuckwad. Real nice that you turn to pro-Bush stories being true (Rathergate) and debunking anti-Bush propaganda in an effort to hoodwink the President’s supporters into buying your bag of shit-goods.

Also kind of neat that you call Matt Drudge “a tipster and a gossip” and “part of the same solipsistic, self-aggrandizing journalist-wannabe genre” when the guy is head and shoulders above your sorry ass. Get over yourself you fucking loser.

I strongly favor such a (Federal “shield”) law, and in this climate we have to be careful about when and under what circumstances we apply and assert the journalist’s privilege. If the courts allow every Tom, Dick and Matt who wants to call himself a journalist to invoke the privilege to protect confidential sources, the public will become even less trusting than it already is of all journalists.

That would ultimately damage society as much as it would the media.

The public less trusting of the media? You are missing the point completely. The public’s already total distrust of the media is not a result of anything to do with protecting sources, you imbecile. It’s a direct result of a bias with which the public doesn’t agree and which you morons won’t even admit to. Why do you think there are so many bloggers in the first place?? This is what you get when you do things the way you’ve been doing them. Society has already been damaged by the media, particularly media like your left-biased paper that won’t admit its bias. Most bloggers do not work under that false pretense. Read any of my posts (OK … yesterday was April Fool’s … Can’t you take a joke?). Shit, look at the name of this blog. Any question in your mind as to the bias I have? Seems to me “the media” could use some damaging, and we bloggers are just the people to provide it. Thank God for the First Amendment. It’s the only shield we need.


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Pray for Pope John Paul II

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 2, 2005

With Pope John Paul’s condition reported as “very grave” and the world waiting with baited breath for the latest update on his health, let all in the Hall of RWRock offer our prayers for the man who, alongside President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher, played a major role in bringing the Evil Empire to its knees. This man was one of the greatest influences in bringing down the biggest communist threat of all time. Thanks largely to Pope John Paul, the evils of communism and socialism are no longer the news of the day, and the “Iron Curtain” has fallen.

Many have suggested that he may be known to history as “Pope John Paul the Great”. If this holds true, it will be well-deserved. His support of religion in the world – ALL religions, not just Catholicism – has brought peace and personal tranquility to many more in the world than any person or philosophy could have. In the words of President Bush, he has clearly been a “champion of human dignity”.

Pope John Paul, may your suffering be minimal, and when you have gone, may you rest in peace, and watch over us all with the love you showed us in life.


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Welcoming The Old Sage to the Blogosphere

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 2, 2005

The RWRepublic is victorious!

We have successfully convinced The Old Sage to join the blogosphere!

For now we have a team blog with comments only from us allowed. I set it up this way so that the Sage can get his feet wet without having to defend himself too much at first. Hopefully, he will consider branching out on his own by starting his own blog.

This will be an awesome addition to the blogosphere. you can bet on that!


(Actual post date 4/19)

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My Plan to Save America

Posted by RightWingRocker on April 1, 2005

OK, folks. It’s time i sat down and took a few minutes to explain exactly how I would save America…

First, I would see to it that no one in any job or investment ever made more than $40,000 a year by taxing all income above that level at 100%. The money collected from that point would fund various programs to clothe and feed the poor, that is, everyone who makes less than $40,000 a year.

All military spending would cease, and new equipment would only be purchased in accordance with UN resolutions authorizing such expenditures. Under no circumstances would US troops ever be put into harm’s way without a UN commander authorizing US military activity.

All religious references in public places would be taken down. This includes all references to the Ten Commandments posted at the US Supreme Court, paintings displayed in public places, crosses at the top of chruch steeples, and any reference to any deity displayed on clothing or jewelry. All religious art would be placed in privately-owned museums with daily admission prices of $40,000 per person. Due to the dangerous nature of religion, no person under the age of 90 would be allowed to purchase a ticket to visit these museums.

Free speech would be allowed, but only non-political speech. No reference to the Founding Fathers or their philosophy wold ever be allowed in any public or private discussion. Of course, readings from the works of Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler would be required reading in all public schools. All private schools would be shut down, starting with those emphasizing religion.

The press would not need to be regulated, since that is currently the only place you can really get a conservative bias these days. As much as I disagree with ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and others’ blind support of President Bush, this is really the only place a reasonable debate of the issues ever takes place. For being a bully-pulpit for right-wing extremism, Fox News Channel would be shut down.

All guns would be illegal. It would further be illegal to teach any kind of self-defense course to any adult or child, as these are as dangerous as guns. Of course, the police would have guns and be able to shoot to kill anyone seen with a gun or any other weapon, since only criminals would have guns at that point.

In order to be sure that all criminals are properly jailed, all Americans would be required to serve at least five years in prison over every twenty-year period of life. This practice would increase sensitivity to the plight of prisoners nationwide, and perhaps calm some of the call for more use of the death penalty for convicted murderers.

All boys and girls would be required to be sexually active by age 12. Condoms would be distributed daily in their classrooms at school. If the child were absent from school any given day, they would then get their condoms delivered to their homes. Everyone would be required to have at least tried a homosexual relationship prior to marriage, so that homosexual marriages would meet with less resistance.

Every woman would be required to have at least one abortion prior to reaching age 30. And no, there would be no consent required from the father in making the decision as to which pregnancy would be aborted. If a way to abort a pregnancy retroactively were discovered, all children born with birth defects would be aborted, as would anyone caught voting Republican or Libertarian, since only people in a persisitent vegitative state would even consider doing so.

The federal government would have the final say in all matters, regardless of their nature. All decisions would be made by the courts, with the legislatures’ only responsibility being approval of the judges appointed by the executive. Appointing judges would be the only responsibility of the executive.

This would only be a start, but if we could achieve this much, America would be a much better place.


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